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This has been a VERY productive reading week for me. I’m not a very fast reader and with two little ones it’s hard to really sit an enjoy reading without being interrupted a MILLION times. So when I do get to sit and enjoy a book I tend to take my time and drink it all in. Which is also why I usually give a book about 3 or 4 chapters before I will bail on it if I don’t like it. It usually doesn’t happen (it just did this week) but when it does with the limited time I have to read I have to just put it down. I will also on occasion put it down and read something else then pick it up again, maybe I wasn’t in the mood or maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention to it either way I will give it another go if I think it was me. I had hoped to read more during the challenge and I am now on my two read/reviews for blog tours I have the first week in December. Bad planning on my part, I should have read them in September and left November free but it just didn’t work out that way.

Books and Blogging

So last week I was reading Freak of Nature by Julia Crane
I will have the review for it this week but it just wasn’t what I expected I was a little disappointed

I also HAD to squeeze in No Place Like Oz by Danielle Paige I got it on Amazon for $1.99
This one was FANTASTIC!!! You can find the review HERE

The book I am reading now is a
Review tour book. 
Rewriting Redemption by
This one like interesting it’s a Time Travel book so I have my fingers crossed its not to complex.

Then after that is another review tour book but I haven’t received it yet so I am hoping to get it soon this one is a short book so I should be able to read it before it’s tour date no problem as long as I like it LOL

Please keep in mind all these book will be available for the giveaway at the end of the challenge, I will have a list of all the books for you soon, You can keep an eye on the books on my goodreads shelf under COYER you can find it HERE.

This week on the blog

Monday ~ Author Spotlight Missy Fleming

Tuesday ~ Freak of Nature by Julia Crane Review #coyer

Wednesday ~ Author Spotlight Krista Holle

Thursday ~ Reap by Christina Channelle Blitz

Saturday ~ My TBR List Feature

Sunday ~ Week in READ-View – Coyer Twitter party is this day also!

What else is going on?

I have mentioned before that ever since my days changed at work I thought things would be easier but I am finding that leaving work early by working an extra day isn’t give me more time but actually making me more stressed. I can’t change it back since it does help in a way get the kids homework done and dinner started earlier but when things settle down it seems to be the same time as if I worked my old schedule leaving at 4. I think once school is done I will be better and things will get better, just a couple more weeks and I’m done till Jan when I will have my last class then be finished completely in Feb YAY!!!

I have been thinking, I will finish out the year and be making some major changes in my life in Jan. My blog is a solid structure and I will not be backing out of it, I have meet amazing people and love doing this so much. I thought maybe I could start offering my Graphics Services to some of my blogger friends. I recently did a logo design for Berls and her Free Book Friday feature and I would love to offer that to anyone else that would be interested maybe even a header for your blogger account? I am still trying to figure out how to design blog site I can do a website but I am such a newbie I’m not ready to jump into designing a full website or blogger design just yet, I’m having newbie anxiety LOL. I will also be offering to do cover designs for authors (still doing some research). I know there is a lot of cover design companies but I have been wanting to do this for a while and I honestly was to scared to offer it but I friend suggested I should at least give it a try so I will I will be next year 🙂 So if you need a new cover maybe give me a try I promise to do my very best to give you exactly what you want for a great price 🙂

Did you know we only had 37 days till XMAS? OMG I know it’s almost here. Yes we must get through Thanksgiving and that awesome parade. My kids get so excited to see Santa because they know he was really at the parade to drop off our elf on the shelf that is waiting to jump into our tree (which I put up the day after xmas). I make such a big deal about it and I love they way the house loos. No we don’t use a real tree I enjoy it being up all month so a fake one will die and it’s really no fun to open xmas gifts in front of a dead tree LOL. I am totally a Christmas crazy person. I will be spending the evening tonight going over the menu for Xmas day and what cookies I plan to make. My family thinks I’m nuts but I am the happiest at the end of the year or if I am in Disney because you have to be happy at the Happiest Place on EARTH!!!

I do hope you all have a great week!!!
Tell me what did you read this week
Let’s Chat….
Happy Reading

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2 responses to “Week in READ-view 11/17

  1. Great set of books! I've never heard much about any of these but looking forward to reading your thoughts. Ugh. 37 days away. I have not started. Kinda freaking out here.

    • I just started going over the kids xmas lists. I just realized I have to start ordering this stuff if I want it by christmas. I can't believe how quickly it will be here. As stressful at it does get I can't help but love it so much. It's really my favorite time of year. 🙂