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This will be a quick post since I am a little behind on a few reviews and posts that I wanted to get done. With the kids home from school they have taken over my computer which is only making me want to get a laptop for myself even more. Would be so much easier to write reviews and posts without two kids staring at you from doorways or standing behind you breathing down your next and whispering are you done yet.
 Yes it’s very creepy, my kids are creepy kids 🙂
My son goes to summer school starting Monday for the special needs program. Which helps him out a lot. Plus it will get him off the computer since his new thing is Minecraft. I love video games I have played them for as long as I can remember. As an adult I still play but I mainly play the Sims. I understand there is really no point to the game other then building a house, getting a job, finding a husband/wife, having kids then dying plus you can spend a day finding all they ways to kill your Sim….my favorite is the meteor just takes a little long 🙂 (don’t judge you know you killed yours too by taking the ladder out of the pool) Minecraft however has no purpose I really have no idea what the point is. I have played it once, maybe just playing one time doesn’t really tell you anything but watching my son play it all the time still don’t see the point but at least he is having fun like I do when I play the pointless Sims 🙂
I also have tried to get him into Hidden Object games since they are also my favorite. I own a Mac so it’s hard to find them for this platform, I came across a website that I LOVE!!!!. Big Fish Games they have so many and they are great  with everything even customer service. I have a membership and really enjoy playing all the games they have. If you haven’t checked them out you must they have games for both platforms Mac and PC.
With all this gaming you must be trying to figure if I read anything this week, Well I did.
I started my summer reading list books. I have already finished PODs by Michelle Pickett and will be working on the review I am hoping either today or tomorrow. 
I am currently reading: 
Triangles by Kimberly Ann Miller
I might have a change in order. (I knew it would happen)
I also purchases
 Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas
I seriously can’t wait to read this one and I was excited to get the second one in the series on Netgalley so I think I am going to read that one next after I finish this one. 
Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Mass
I do have a few more that are on my list that I am waiting for but I haven’t gotten any yet which is fine. I have a lot to keep me reading until I get them.
On Monday July 1st is the start of the Summer Blogger Circus. 
I do hope you will stop by and enter my giveaway
and hop on to the other awesome bloggers to enter the giveaway they have
there is a lot of really awesome stuff being given away
My game is really easy and I am using rafflecopter 
to make it easier to keep track of who enters. 
I can’t wait till you can play it will be so much fun!!!!
I have a couple posts going up this week but after Wednesday I will be on vacation until Sunday so there will be no posts.
I will however be on Twitter and Facebook with updates and other stuff so make sure you follow so you wont miss out on anything
So until next time…
Have a great week 
Happy Reading

Oh wait…..
Have a wonderful and Safe Holiday
Enjoy the fireworks!!!

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