WTF! #Review ~ The White Queen by Addison Cain

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I am pretty sure you may have had no intention of reading this book so I am going to spoil the crap out of it because trust me you don’t want to read this book. The only reason why I am even reviewing it, is to get it out of my head and I am not posting on Goodreads or Amazon, just here.

WTF did I just spend an hour reading. I’m not sure I could ever wash away the nasty feeling I have from reading this. I am pretty sure Addison wanted to write the most disturbing book ever and as much as she is an amazing writer this is not a good book. Sexual Abuse runs through this entire book, all 78 pages of it and because now actually time line is given, I could assume she is about 18 or 19 by the end but it never really says and at some point it says that it was a few years older but it seems like she was maybe about 10 or 14 instead which made this even more disturbing. I just wasn’t very clear on her age which made it very uncomfortable but yet I read on because I honestly didn’t realize this would turn into Erotica.

The book starts off with Alice as a young child, she is visited by 3 horribly scary ghost creatures that lurk in her room and prevent her from sleeping. A 4th ghost shows up and it’s the Hatter, not a sexy hatter or a gentleman looking Hatter but a scary, skinny, ash colored weird hatter. He is the only one that will let you sleep, if she allows him little favors. Like ripping out her tooth “she describes him as tasking like ash and gritty” GAG! or Kissing her on the cheek, at this point I think she is under 8 years old. A bunch a crazy shit happens and her parents think her not sleeping and making up stories about ghosts in her room means she must be insane. A few night before that she has a fight with the Hatter and he wants to her to commit herself to him, fully. (like SEX) but she refuses and he promised her she will beg for him to help her. Welp she is committed in an insane asylum, the ghost follow her there so they are in her room every night being all creepy and scary, this place is nasty, they assume she is sexually frustrated so they stimulate her with vibrating objects and when she shows no emotion they do it manually, like the orderly does it. Is this disturbing you? Because I am not sure why I kept reading, at this point I was still assuming she was like 18 but if this was going on for a long time it started when she was probably 10. The Hatter returns (unfortunately) and they have all crazy sex in the padded room and since the doctor doesn’t want to get out what happened they release her. She is quickly married off to a guy because they fear she could be pregnant. Not sure how they assumed that but whatever. So she marries this guy, the hatter still stops by regularly to have sex and then she kills her husband….LIKE WHAT THE FUCK! Then the Hatter comes that night and they have sex next to his dead body and it then goes to the epilogue which is a young boy with the same 3 horrible ghost but instead of the hatter showing up, it’s Alice and she is the White Queen.

That is the book, I feel so unclean and just can’t get this book out of my head and not in a fun, yay kind of way but a this was a nightmare! HELP ME GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!! I love Alice retelling but I DID NOT LOVE THIS ALICE RETELLING! If you do decided to read this book (god help you), come back and tell me what you thought, maybe, but I doubt it, I just interpreted it the wrong way, but I doubt it.

P.S. if this review doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, the book fucking didn’t make sense either!

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3 responses to “WTF! #Review ~ The White Queen by Addison Cain

  1. Um, yeah… there is dark erotica and then there is that. They need to sell bleach for our brains when this sort of book comes along. Poor Michelle!