3 Star #Review ~ Hollow Blood: The Hunt for the Foul Murderer of Ichabod Crane by Austin Dragon

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Where do I start…I had high expectations for this books. I am a big fan of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I love the headless horseman. I find the movie and book retellings of it interesting and I like to read different points of view. I thought this was going to be very interesting because it wasn’t really about what happened to Ichabod while he was in Sleepy Hollow but instead it was about 10 years later after he disappeared. Why 10 years, I have no idea and now thinking about it, it seems like a really long time to finally look into it. Ok let’s go back.

The book started with a man looking for find who killed Ichabod Crane. He had heard the legend but didn’t believe in the horseman and felt it was a real person that killed him. He was off to sleepy hollow to find clues. It was interesting to see life in Sleepy Hollow after the events and what the characters were doing. The mystery of finding out who killed him as the clues pile up and of course everyone thinks it Brom Bones. Halfway through the book I was waiting on the Horseman to make an appearance and had to read the synopsis again because I kept thinking I was missing something. The guy who came to town was going to cause great chaos, that he did, but his reasons weren’t very clear and it was all based on what he assumed to be true. That made no sense than it sort of gets resolved and something else happens and things just take a strange turn…wait…what happened to the horseman and where is the guy who was so determined to find the killer going? He leaves town? Now it’s a strange journey and I’m confused and the book ends. You have to read book two to find out what happens. I am not sure I want to. The story had such great potential but I am not sure what happened. At the half way point the focus changed and then the story didn’t seem to make sense. Like the first half really wasn’t important or the middle wasn’t needed just the beginning and end? I don’t know I got kind of confused. This entire review is confusing now…

Overall it wasn’t bad, I actually liked the first half. Will I read book two? Maybe…If I want to see what happens but I am in no rush and don’t think I will be doing that any time soon. This is one of those boos you need to try out yourself. Maybe it just wasn’t my type of retelling. Considering it wasn’t really a retelling more of what happened next.

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One response to “3 Star #Review ~ Hollow Blood: The Hunt for the Foul Murderer of Ichabod Crane by Austin Dragon

  1. I have this one and I was hoping it was going to be a great one, but oh well that happens. At least you liked it enough to maybe read book two….lol. 🙂