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reviewing AppsWhen I am not reading you can usually find me playing games on my iPad. The App Store has so many games to choose from and you kind of have to rely on the reviews to see if you should really spend the money on it, sometimes I even hesitate to download the free ones just because I’m not sure, but are the review honest?  Why waste your time and room on your ipad/smart phone if the game is no good.

App Reviews is a feature that reviews app that we get from the App Store. We will download them, whether free or paid and play, then either just Me and/or Ryan (9) and/or Julia (7) will tell you what we thought. Sometimes reviews just don’t tell you what you really want to know and the pictures just don’t give enough info. So the three of us (or only me) have played the game, taken screen shots  and will tell you what we honestly think. So before you download that game, check out what we thought of it first.

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House_DragonVale_Website_1200x480Reviewed by: Michelle

DragonVale_Icon_150x150Seller: Backflip Studios
Developer: Backflip Studios
Category: Games
Updated: Aug 4, 2014
Version: 2.4.2 when review was posted
Size: 74.9 mb
Rating: 4+
Compatiblity: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Price: FREE

In-game Purchases: Yes


Hatched a dragon lately? Play DragonVale and raise, feed and breed your own lovable dragons.

DragonVale is an enticing social experience from Backflip Studios that is sure to keep you entertained. You get:
– Dozens of adorable dragons to raise
– A magical island you build in the sky
– Custom habitats where dragons graze
– Dragon races where you win great prizes
– Paths and decorations to delight your visitors
– Farms to grow dragon treats
– Full-color visuals and sparkling animations
– An original Renaissance music soundtrack
– Support for Game Center and Facebook to visit other parks and trade gifts

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By far my FAVORITE game on the App Store. I think I have been playing this game for about 2 years now. If I lost my game progress I would cry…seriously cry it would take me weeks to get over it. I love my dragons.

The game is rather simple. You buy a few dragons and breed them to get more dragons. I know what you are thinking, how is that your favorite game? Once you breed your first dragon you will want them all. It almost like you need to have them all. You will check your park every day and the graphics are clean and crisp the dragons are adorable even the sort of ugly ones (I’m looking at you Ooze Dragon)

You start off with one Island, you get a plant habitat and get yourself a plant dragon then you move on to a fire and get farms to grow food to feed your dragons and a breeding place to let them make new rare dragons. They have at the moment 199 dragons to get and they come out with new ones often but to get the dragons isn’t easy. You really have to keep trying and sometimes it can be frustrating but when you do get it, you are screaming from the roof tops jumping up and down. You can send dragons to the colosseum  to win gems it takes about 24 hours but you can race your dragons to win food, coins and experience points. Oh and you can’t forget Kairos, he’s huge and AWESOME! When you get the Perch of Kairos you send your dragons on missions to find pieces to fix the Kairos structure. Every 3 days when you call his power he speeds up some stuff in your dragon park. So make sure you collect all your coins and get your breeding areas started with dragons so you can take advantage of the push it gives you.

At the moment my total stands at 163 dragons and I am still missing quite a few but I just keep trying. I also have 9 Islands but remember I have been playing for about 2 years. I did stop playing for a little bit but since I got my iPad I can’t seem to stop playing. I love decorating the islands and the little visitors that visit the islands are really cute little wizards and fairy folk.
I love the sounds each dragon makes and I have so much fun playing it (I have it open as I am typing this collecting my coins)

This game has in store purchase of gems in 2 years I have never spent a dime on this game. The gems are easy to obtain and during certain holidays or season they have these really cute events to win gems and get hard to get dragons and it’s not hard to get the stuff either. Recently they added themes to the islands and I’m not a fan but you don’t have to have them if you don’t want too. The price is 200 gems for new themes and it be honest it’s just not worth it. It makes the islands look to cluttered.

The game play is so much fun and it’s not something you will check in on every day. You can play the same game on multiple devises as long as you have a Game Center account.

Breeding dragons isn’t easy and without the right mix you can spend hours not getting the dragons you want. So if you do pick up this game make sure to also download Dragoncal+ and DragonBreed, both of these apps will help you get the dragons you want. It still might take a lot of tries but it’s better odds if you use the right combination of dragons.

I can’t even express how much I love this game and my dragons are my babies. I even named them all, yes I know I need to get out more but I bet you will be naming them too.

Recommended: 150% this game is great for all ages, little ones will need help. You need to read a few things so kids who can’t read yet might have a hard time but it’s fun to play together as a family also but even more fun to play as an adult 😉

Hope you enjoyed this review

Have a great day and Happy Gaming!


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8 responses to “Dragonvale by Backflip Studios ~ APP #Reviews

  1. This looks like a blast, I just showed my kids the video and they want to play it too. So we’ll be all over this soon I’m sure! Great review- I didn’t know anything about this game, glad I stopped by to check it out.

    Greg recently posted: Teaser Tuesday #37
    • I hope you LOVE it 🙂 It is so cute and it takes a bit to start it up but once you get going and can start breeding dragons its so much fun and then the obsession to get them all is born lol

  2. I think I’ve seen this game a few times, but haven’t played it. I might give it a try! HayDay is starting to get a bit boring as my breakfast game. I love it whe games do something special with the holidays and the dragons sound so cute. The screenshots look good as well! Great review michelle!

    • Thanks i love that they come out with new dragons to try and get all the time and they do have fun events for the holidays. Im hoping they have one for christmas the halloween one was fun. I check them everyday and still have a few to breed and sometimes its frustrating but so much fun lol a good game to play during breakfast…I do 🙂

  3. This sounds like the sort of game I would love! I don’t have any apple devices to play it on and that’s probably a good thing, since I seriously don’t have the time – I already suck at keeping up with everything I’m supposed to! Awesome review though – I just love this feature!

    Berls recently posted: The Bride Says No by Cathy Maxwell