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I am honored to have on my blog today

P.I. Barrington

and her book The Brede Chronicles

About the Author

100_4119After an extended detour through the entertainment industry, P.I. Barrington has returned to fiction author. Among her experience are journalism, radio air talent and the music industry. She lives in Southern California

Her work includes:

Future Imperfect Trilogy (Crucifying Angel, Miraculous Deception, Final Deceit) Desert Breeze Publishing

Inamorata Crossing/Borealis 1: A Space Opera, Desert Breeze Publishing

Isadora DayStar (self-published)

The Button Hollow Chronicles: The Leaf Peeper Murders, Mainly Murder Press

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The Brede Chronicles
Book 1
P. I. Barrington

Genre: Science Fiction Romance/Adventure

Publisher: First Realm Publishing
Date of Publication: June 18, 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1497340831

Number of pages: 144
Word Count: 83,000

Cover Artist: Jared from Off the Wall Creations

Book Description:

Half-human Alekzander Brede is a law unto himself…or so he thinks. Elektra Tate, the street orphan who loves him has other ideas. When she betrays him for no apparent reason, he vows to punish her one way or another.

Taking the one thing she treasures most—their son—begins a cat and mouse relationship spanning two planets and costing possibly his life.

Elektra will stop at nothing to save her son but can she overcome Brede’s twisted idea of vengeance?

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1. So Tell Me: What’s something that amazes you?
Life amazes me! There are so many twists and turns in it that you can never predict or sometimes even imagine! Where you begin with your choices is not necessarily where you end up, lol!

2. When do you find yourself singing?
Everywhere! Music is such a huge part of my life; I sing when I’m happy, I sing when I’m sad. I really sing when I’m cooking dinner! I can’t imagine not singing or having music around. It’s my life.

3. What movie deserves a sequel?
They’re already making it but Sin City. I never knew I could love noir as much as I do with this film! It is a bit violent though!

4. If you could travel in time where would you go?
Easy. Ancient Egypt and then ancient Rome! I write futuristic/sci-fi but I adore ancient history! I’d just love to go back and experience those civilizations as they were before modern life and time reduced them to ruins (literal ruins, lol). I’d love to see them in their original glory! (That’s why I set The Brede Chronicles in 2107 Egypt…I had to have something Egyptian in that story!)

5. It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon. What movie would you want to see?
Wow, so many. Gone With the Wind is always a favorite; The Ten Commandments; pretty much any old black and white classic: The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (the original with Jean Tierney and Rex Harrison—so romantic), I love comedies too. Rain is very emotional to me. I’d probably be painting or doing something creative like that.

6. If you went to a Psychiatrist what would he/she say you suffer from?
Been there, done that! Name a mental illness—I’ve got it.

7. What was your favorite childhood game?
Clue! It not only made you think and reason but it had the coolest game pieces (Mrs. Peacock in the Library with the Candlestick) and board locations (the Conservatory, the Kitchen, the Library). Plus the characters had great names! Is it any wonder I ended up an author?

8. Who is the most famous person you’ve met?
Paul and Linda McCartney; it was my dream from a child to meet him. They were some of the most gracious people I have ever met.

9. What is your favorite kind of cereal?
Crispix. The combination of rice and corn is unbeatable!

10. How do you like to relax?
Listening to music and or gardening. There is such joy in both!

11. What is the scariest scene you remember from a movie as a kid?
There were quite a few: the scene where the Lion Tamer puts his head into the animal’s mouth and then his head is gone (Thirteen Ghosts—the original); the final scene of Dementia (the original) where the insane brother tries to “fish” his dead little sister from the pond; the horrible scene from The Bad Seed (the original with Patty McCormick) where she takes matches and burns the janitor alive; and finally Tarantula, the horrifying (to me) scene where the giant, radiated spider climbs over the hill for the first time and you see how huge he really is—I’m terrified of spiders to this day!

12. What animal scares you most? Why?
I used to be afraid of all animals. But once I stared down a rattlesnake on my property and backed away then ran in and called animal control. When a woman showed up she caught him and held him by the back of his head and he was huge at least four feet long! She squeezed his head a little and she said “Look at the size of those poison sacs!” Needless to say I was petrified until something unexpected happened. A yellow liquid began dribbling out of the center of the snake’s body. I asked what it was. “Oh, that’s urine. He’s so scared he’s peeing on himself.” Suddenly he looked different to me; he wasn’t evil and trying to get me, he was more afraid of me than I was of him. I felt so bad hating him so much that when she left I actually cried because he was so scared. Now I respect animals but I don’t have that paralyzing fear of them.

13. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?
I used to love the name Melanie. I thought it was so pretty and it meant dark or black which I loved as well. I think I still love it.

14. What is your all-time favorite place to go?
Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I love the ocean and I love forests. Maine has both. I go off-season when the city and beach are deserted. It’s like having your own private beach…or it used to be. I haven’t been back since the late 1990s. From what I’ve seen there’s been a lot of development.

15. Where is your favorite place to eat? What do you like to order?
My all time favorite place to eat is Chan Dara off Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. They     make the best Thai Spicy Fried Rice anywhere! In fact Chan Dara inspired and taught me to learn to cook Thai food!

16. What season do you prefer? Why?
I love spring and fall! I love it when everything bursts into bloom and life and everything smells heavenly! I love the colors of spring too. Yet I also love fall with its amazing colors and that indefinable scent of loamy earth and chilly air. Another reason I love Maine.

17. You are a Super Hero. What’s your superpower and who is your Super Villain?
Gee…I think my superpower would be…flying even though I have acrophobia. I think if I was in   control of flying I wouldn’t be afraid.My Super Villain? Mystique. She’s seductive, something I can only wish for, lol.

18.  Name 1 book you suggest that everyone should read? (Not including yours.)
Stephen Kings’ Night Shift is the one I’d suggest. Regardless what genre’ you write (or read),   Night Shift can teach you everything from POV to dialogue to endings. If you don’t really like horror, read King’s The Stand. It’s still a bit creepy but engrossing all the same. Personally, for me, King is the master of modern fiction writing.

Dream cast:

When I write any character I pretty much already have an actor cast in that role in my head. Here’s my “Dream Cast” of characters for The Brede Chronicles, Book One:

Vin_Diesel_2_Alekzander_BredeAlekzander Brede: Vin Diesel with box braids. Alekzander is half human/half Amphidian and he’s constantly fighting off that human side, the side with emotions. I think Vin could easily handle this role, even though Brede isn’t anybody’s hero at times. (Imagine Vinny with box braids)

Radha_Mitchell-Elektra_Tate_BestElektra Tate: When I created Elektra, I had a completely different picture of her in my head. Then by chance I watched Pitch Black; I’d never seen it before and I sat there watching Radha Mitchell thinking “Who does Radha Mitchell remind me of? What character am I watching?” By the end of the movie I knew she was the young adult Elektra Tate even though I hated and truly struggled to give up my picture of Elektra! Plus I think Radha Mitchell needs to play a character who stretches her acting muscles and I think Elektra might be the one. Radha always seems to play serious characters but I think she can handle a scampy character like Elektra. I found one picture of a little girl who is the epitome of the child Elektra but have no idea who she is though she’s probably older by now.

Jason_Momoa_Colin_FactorColin Factor: Jason Momoa is my pick for Colin Factor in The Brede Chronicles. He’s got that rascally humorous sparkle in his eye. But Colin also has a common sense attitude and at times can be very generous and forgiving at times, though it isn’t apparent initially. He’s also prettier than Alekzander and has no real internal struggle with his human side; he accepts both genetic sides as part of himself, his personality, his make-up.

Waheeda_Rehman_Narita_SabbadNarita Sabbad: The nearest I can come to casting this character is Gina Lollobrigida in 1959’s Solomon & Sheba. Narita is a bit older and chubbier than Gina but the golden gown shot gives it away. She’s also pretty ruthless when it comes to what or who she wants.

The closest I can come to Narita Sabbad is actress Waheeda Rehman.These actors/models make-up the main characters of my “dream cast” for The Brede Chronicles, Book One. As for your dream cast readers? I’ll let you cast your own!


Thank you for stopping by my blog today to check out this amazing author and her book!

Hope you all have a great day and Happy Reading Name2014

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