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Behind the Blog

I changed this up a little still the same idea but a little different. I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about me. Each week will be a theme of fun facts. Some will be lists and others will be a paragraph or two and some might be just pictures. Thought this would be something fun to share so you can find out a little more about the person behind the blog.


The theme: a Story

By the time this story is over you will think the same thing we think now. What the heck were we thinking?

It was about 12 years ago before my children and my husband and I just got married. My husband and I get in bed and said good night, ready for a nice full night of sleep. At about 3:30 am the phone rings, I grab the phone and it’s my parents alarm company telling us that the alarm in their house is going off and they will need us to go over and meet with the police they sent. My parents were not home, they were down at the shore house for the weekend, so I told the lady on the phone we would get right over. I woke my husband up and we scrambled to get out of our PJs. I grab my purse and the keys and we jump in the car. I am a little nervous since I am worried someone might have tried to break in. Halfway down our street my husband says “I am so tired I can’t see anything” I turn to look at him and say “That’s because you forgot your glasses.” We stop the car jump out and switch places. We head on over to my parents house and pull into the driveway. The police are already there and are walking around the house.

Police: “We walked around but didn’t notice anything broken and the doors are still locked, can you open the door so we can look inside?”

Me: “Of course”

I open the door and the cop tells me to go in first…Wait, What? What if a murder is in there, I have to go first? So I made my husband go first even if he couldn’t seem. The house was dark with only a few lights on. I walked in very slow turned off the alarm but didn’t hear anything. I looked at the alarm and realized it was sensor in the basement. I walked into the rooms to just make sure and my husband opened the basement door.

My Husband: “It’s a moth”

Me: “What?”

My Husband: “I just saw it, it’s a huge moth”

Me: “How can you see?” Lets go down and look.

So My husband and I walk down the stairs, it’s really dark, I walk into the basement and flip on the light.

Ok let me explain the layout of the basement, many years before I moved I fixed up the basement to make it a place for myself and friends to go, when you come down the stairs you can make a right to go through a door into the garage or down a little hallway that is next to the stairs that leads into a storage room with a bunch of junk and a clothes line. If you go left you go into the big part of the basement that has a bar and an open area with a couch, rocking chair and a TV. If you go to the back and through the open arch it has the washer, dryer, fridge and freeze plus a small bathroom. There is another arch that leads into the storage room. It’s a big open area. It’s also decorated with paneling on the walls and my Dad has all his baseball autographs on it and a bunch of old stuff. Ok back to the story.

I flip on the light next to the bar to light up the entire basement, my husband, the cop (who just came down stairs) and myself stand in the open area and look for this giant moth. My husband really does need his glasses because what comes out of the back room and flies right at us is not a Moth but a Bat. The cop turns and goes

The Cop: “Oh it’s a bad”

Me in my head: NO SHIT!

The Cop: “Well this is out of our hands”

and RUNS I mean RUNS up the stairs and is gone before I even notice he left leaving us downstairs with the bat making this high pitched noise,

Thanks for your help guys!

We both duck and run up the stairs and close the door.

Holy Crap! What do we do? I call my mom and dad, it’s now 4:00. My dad suggests we call an animal control place to have them come get it. So I give them a call and they want 200 to just come and get him at that time because it was an emergency removal. Seriously? $200? So I call my parents back and say it’s a lot of money maybe we can just leave it and I can call someone in the morning since I was off of work anyway because we were having carpets put in at our house. We hang up.

This conversation that happens next is the stupidest conversation we could have had and should have just went home.

Me: “Lets do down and look again”

Scot: “Ok”

We go back down stairs and that is when I have the STUPIDEST IDEA I could have ever had…EVER.

Me: “We could just catch it”

Scot: “How are we going to do that”

Me: (get ready here comes my brilliant idea) “If we stand in the basement and we take *looks around* the cover of the fan..that will work. *pulls cover off fan because it’s a shield now* and one of us stands in the main basement and the other stands in the little hall and opens the garage door we can direct him to go in the garage, hit the door opener and he will fly out”

Super easy right? It’s never easy.

So Scot takes his position with the “shield” and crouches down by the door way and I open the door and position myself behind it. He flips on the light and then exclaims “I don’t have my glasses on and can’t see a thing” Damn it! We switch places, now I am in a bit of a panic behind the “Shield” because what if it’s on my back so I yell to scot is it on my back he says no but he can’t see so that didn’t make me feel better. The little Bat comes flying around making the weird noise and never goes were we want him too. Why can’t he just follow direction. Then he disappears, praying not on my back.

Ok this wasn’t working (obviously) We run up the stairs because the genius that I am had another idea. I call my mom and dad back.

Me: “How in love are you with the birds carrier, we think we might be able to catch it with it”

Mom: “If you want to use it go ahead, I will just get another”

Me: “Ok let me call you back”

At what point would a mom say, sure daughter feel free to catch that bat? SHE DIDN’T EVEN TRY TO STOP ME!!!!

So we get the carrier but the bat is no where to be found. My husband and I walk around the basement very quietly with the lights on since bats don’t like the light. (see I was good for something because I knew that) My husband goes to the back storage room and I look behind the bar.

Scot: “This is either a lump of shit on the wall or I found it”

Me: “Great let me get the carrier”

GREAT? Seriously, why are we still down here!!!

I get the carrier and give it to my husband, he slowly places it over the top of him, he is against the wall and the carrier is somewhat covering him through the door of it. He wont fall back into the carrier, so I get a piece of cardboard and attempt to push it in the side to see if I can knock him off. Well that didn’t work because he crawled up and started to squeeze out from the space between the carrier in the wall.



We both start SCREAMING and run back into the main basement I slide around the corner and hide behind the garage door that is still open. I look out and don’t see Scot, where the hell is he, 3 seconds later he comes screeching around the corner screaming “WHERE DO I GO, WHERE DO I GO!!!” I yell for him to run half way up the stairs. We wait and the thing flies back and forth on the basement making that ear piercing nose it makes. I look at my husband and look back and it’s stopped. It’s gone again.

I came out from behind the door and tiptoe into the main basement again. I look around and I see him on my dads, mirror picture that has caricatures of the yankees, it’s an old picture and he’s hanging from it. I wonder how attached my dad is to the picture. I use the phone in the basement while keeping my eye on the bat.

Dad: “Did you get it?”

Me: “Almost how attached are you to mirror picture?”

Dad: “If you can get him, don’t worry about it”

Me: “Ok I will call you back”

Still they are not telling us to go home, what kind of parents are they!!!!

My husband gets the carrier and I walk with him close to the picture our plan is to bang the carrier next to the picture and hope he falls in. My husband takes a good pull back and thumps the carrier against the picture and we hear a THUMP! I realize WE GOT HIM! I slam the door closed and lock it. The little bat was gnawing on the bars and making that awful noise again. HOLY SHIT WE GOT HIM!!!!

Scot: “What the hell do we do with it”

Me: “We let it go outside”

It’s now 5:30 we go out the garage door and place the carrier on the ground, my husband stands back, I bang the carrier so the bat falls to the back and I whip open the door and run to stand by my husband. The bat flops out of the carrier and flies away over the house and back to the park, I assume.

We close the garage door, call my parents to tell them the problem has been taken care of and we lock up the house and go home. All in a nights work, plus I saved them $200.

We got home and my husband went to work and I finished getting things clear for the carpet people. We both went to bed the next night very early.

I do think about the bat once in a while and wonder if he remembers the two lunatics that saved his life.

To this day I still am trying to figure what the hell possessed us to think we SHOULD catch it and not just leave it until the morning.

I really have no idea what we were thinking.


Thanks for staying to listen to my story

I hope you have a great day, Bat free!


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14 responses to “What the HELL were you thinking? ~ Fun Facts Friday

  1. LOL I’m laughing so, so hard right now, Michelle!! I had a scare with my bat soon after we moved into our house… My husband had painted the bedroom walls, so he – of course – had opened all the windows in the bedroom. Only a small bedside lamp was on, as we didn’t really need any light in there. I went upstairs to go to bed, checking if the paint smell was gone – I suddenly saw a HUGED shadow on the ceiling. Something HUMONGOUS was flying around in the bedroom, and I screamed like a banshee and hid under the covers. My husband came running, with his baseball bat held in front of him like a weapon in case there was an intruder in the house. He was able to get the bat out really quickly, and to this day, both he and the kids are mercilessly teasing me about my fear. And they’re all telling me that they don’t want me on their team in case of paranormal invasion.

  2. Haha, great story! I would have ran, probably as fast as the cop! Bats don’t play around. lol! Glad you guys got him out though, and saved 200$! That’s probably the best part 😉

  3. Wow that’s one crazy story, but I do think it’s pretty awesome you got that bat out of the house and saved your parents 200$. I do wonder how that bat got inside the house though. And I had to smile when you mentioned the police ran out, I had expected them to help or something, lol.
    We have some bats here that fly around out apartment building and when the window is open I can hear them, it’s quite a weird sound they make.

    • The police said it was probably from the chimney. They don’t have a Fireplace but the chimney goes to the furnace so he probably wasn’t paying attention and fell in. My parents had a screen put on it so no more could fall in.

      They don’t help especially if it’s a bat, I never saw police officers in my town run that fast. He was gone before I could even say Thank you lol