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Behind the BlogWho doesn’t love to find out more about the person behind the blog. I thought I would give you a few fun fact once in a while. It might be a theme post or just a list of random things about me. I hope you enjoy all these little fun facts about me.


School Time

With the start of school, I thought it would be fun to give a few fun and maybe one not so fun fact about me and school.

  • I walked to elementary school everyday with the little girl that lived upstairs. We even walked in the snow and sometimes the rain. We also would walk home for lunch, I think the walk was about 15 minutes both ways. It amazes me how the world has changed that we can’t let out kids do anything like we did as kids.
  • I had a boyfriend in Kindergarten, yes I know I was a little young for a boyfriend but it’s not like it was a “REAL” boyfriend. He use to chase me around the flag pole at school. One day around Easter I came home with two chocolate bunnies, my mom asked were I got them and I told her the boy (not posting his name) gave them to me. She asked if the entire class got one or just me, I told her, all proud, just me. She had to call his mom and ask that he not do that anymore because I was a little young to have a boyfriend.
  • In sixth grade I had a backpack full of homework because I was leaving for Florida the next day for a family vacation so I was going to miss a week of school. We would drive down to Florida and I would do my homework on the way and while I was there at night. When my friend and I left school and started the walk home it was raining pretty good. We got almost half way home when my mom and sister stopped on the other side of the street to wave us over so we wouldn’t get all wet. We didn’t cross at the cross walk but my mom was on the other side. When all was clear and a car was pretty far away my mom waved us over however the lady in the car wasn’t paying attention at all and was driving a lot faster than anyone thought. I was already in the middle of the street when she hit me. She also hit my friend but just clipped her leg. I got the full on hit. I don’t remember anything, only coming too sitting on the ground in front of the car. I had no idea what happened. My mom was screaming and threw me in the car, I only started crying because she scared me and I realized the entire side of my leg was all cut up and bleeding. I went to the hospital and my own doctor said that I had pretty bad road rash, skinned off a good layer of skin and a mild concussion. The doctor said if my backpack wasn’t full of books I could of broke my back….Thank God for Homework.
  • At the end of 8th grade my mom told me when I started High School I really should join something. I hated joining things, but it just so happened that at gym someone came in to talk about the color guard in the marching band at the high school. So my friend and I signed up. My mom told me to join. It was a fun experience and I will probably forever be know as a Band Nerd but I meet a lot of people and my mom even got suckered into being a Band Parent, well both of my parents did. They would come on trips with us and it was actually fun to have them there. I don’t remember any of the routines but I can still twirl a flag or an umbrella which embarrasses my daughter. 🙂
  • I was bullied in school, 7th and 8th grade I had one girl that pretty much threatened me every day. The nurse and I were best friends because I spent a lot of time in her office making up illnesses so I could skip gym, that was the class we were in together, the nurse I think knew something was going on and would usually let me off. That avoided me going into the locker room and I would just sit on the side.
  • One snowy day, I was walking home with my friend who lived in the same house as me. The ground was very icy and one stop we thought we would be cool and try to slide on it. Well that didn’t go so well. First I fell, then when she tried to help me up she fell, then when I got up to help her I fell again. The crossing guard has to come over and help us both up, we were all wet and laughing so hard we could barely stand. We pretty much laughed all the way home almost sobbing.
  • In Elementary school I was a door monitor, I would stand at the door being all cool cause I could open and close the door and let people in. We would gather all the kids and when the bell rang we would open the door. It was a thankless job but it was totally the coolest thing if you were picked.
  • The lunch monitor was a lot of fun also all you did was take all the lunch boxes back to the rooms after lunch so while the other kids were outside playing you and a group of other kids would run around dropping off lunch boxes. Of course we would take our time and spend most of the time running around giggling but it was also a very cool job to have.

I am sure I can think of other stuff but I am sure I bored you enough for one day.

Thanks for stopping by to check out facts about me

Have a great day!


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4 responses to “Behind the Blog ~ Fun Facts ~ School Time

  1. That sounds so fun how you would walk to school and back with your friend! My sister and one of the enighbours used to walk to elementary schhol as well, the school was only a few minutes away, I already went to high school by then. That was after we moved, before that my mother brought us to school with the cra as it was a long walk and we didn’t live in a good neighbourhood, hence the reason we moved.

    And wow that your homework made sure you didn’t break your back, guess homework does comes in handy. I got bullied in school as well, but during the last two years of high school I had a cool friend that stood up for me. Our school tried to stop the bullying and I had to write letter to the principal about the bullying, but they never really did anything about it. I don’t think we had jobs lik door or lunch monitor here. But I do remember that when it was your birthday you got to do special stuff and go past all the other classes and get stickers and happy birthday messages written on a big card, that was fun.

    You sure have some nice memories of going to school!