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Behind the BlogWho doesn’t love to find out more about the person behind the blog. I thought I would give you a few fun fact once in a while. It might be a theme post or just a list of random things about me. I hope you enjoy all these little fun facts about me.


It’s Father’s Day in the US this weekend so I thought for a few fun facts I would talk about my dad.
My dad and I are very close, out of both my parents I take after him the most, I also look up to him. He helps Scot and I always and is so lovable with the kids. He is just the best guy every πŸ™‚

Fun Facts about my dad

  • The art of scaring ~ I would fall for it every time, when I was younger. He would be fast asleep on the couch, you had to be careful waking him up because he might swing so you would stay as far back as you can and just whisper his name to wake him up to say goodnight but he always seemed to know you were there and as soon as you called him for the 3rd time and stepped a little closer we would scream, ARGH!!!!! and scare the crap out of me…EVERYTIME!
  • That one time he thought I was my mom ~ I came home from work on night when I still lived at home and our house had an alarm on it so when you entered you had to turn it off. The house was DARK since my mom must have been still out. So I walked into the house and noticed the alarm didn’t beep, I figured my mom must have forgotten to turn it off (my first warning) I didn’t turn on the light just the light over the stove so I can see into the hall. The house was very quiet and I walked down the hall towards my room. I push the door open and stepped into my room and flipped on the light. My dad jumped out from behind the door with a AHHHHHH!!! and I screamed so loud and started crying hysterically. He hugged me and said “Oh Shit, I am so sorry, I thought you were your mother” I turned to him in tears “WHY would you do that to mommy!” “Why would she come in my room?” He said he was going to just out when she was going into their room but my door moved and she thought she came in there instead.
  • He loves animals…I think ~ When I was younger a couple friends and I wanted to go to a fair the state had at the Meadowlands. So my dad took us all, we walked around with him walking behind us and we came to a small area that had a bunch of farm like animals you can feed. So he said he would stand by the goat area while we looked around. I separated from the group to find him and I saw him still by the goats but he was laughing, I walked up to him. “Dad, what are you doing, why are you laughing?” Between laughs he points to a small little goat on the other side of the pen. “See that goat over there, he walked over here to get a drink from the bucket and I couldn’t help myself, I dunked his head in” he is laughing much harder now. I said “DAD! That is awful poor little goat” now I was giggling. The goat refused to come back by him the entire time we stood there.Β  (no goat was harmed in the original story only a little wet)
  • Flowers ~ Every year I can remember my dad sends me flowers on my birthday, whether I am at work or home, I always get a huge arrangement of flowers πŸ™‚
  • He can do amazing things ~ When my son was sent to the hospital I had to leave my car at his school so I had no way to get back to it. My husband was frantically trying to find a ride but no one seemed available. My dad was in Florida at the time and managed to get someone to pick up Scot to drive him to our car so he can come and get us. All the way in FLORIDA my dad was able to help us. He is always there for us no matter where he is, he’s like my own personal super hero.
  • Sour Patch Kids ~ My dad’s business is in the back of my house but since he retired he still comes everyday to sit in the office and look busy, we know he isn’t doing anything but just wants someplace to go. He wont leave the shop until both kids have come home and he always has a supply of Sour Patch kids for them every day. When Ryan was in the hospital he gave me a small napkin full of Sour Patch Kids for him with a note on it, every time we when. He missed his buddy but wanted Ryan to have a piece of home while he was there.

I am very lucky to have such an amazing dad, someone who is loving and always willing to go above and beyond for us and our kids. He can be a hard ass once in a while but I know that a wonderful man lives underneath that is passionate about his family and loves us all. I love him more than words can express.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you!

My dad with my nephew Max, Ryan and Julia
My dad with my nephew Max, Ryan and Julia


Have a great day!


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