Bookish Recommendations – Five on Friday #RH! :) Part 1

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You’re not really surprised that the first Bookish Rec on Friday in a while would be an RH, are you?

I am still super obsessed with them and my first 5 star of the year was from an RH. So for those that want to try RH I have 5 books (series because seriously you need to binge these) that you need to read. Some of them the series is complete and others not yet.

Escape the Sea by G Bailey ~ This was a surprise type of story, I wasn’t expecting to fall for the guys as much as I did. Cassandra was ok but I loved the story and this series was just great. It also has a spin-off that I still need to read.

Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning ~ Might be one of the funniest books besides Trickery. I laughed a lot out loud. I will be honest that I love both book 1 & 2 and then had to step back from 3 because I just wasn’t feeling it and felt the jokes were kind of repeated however I plan to continue when the last book comes out, I might have just needed a change and looking forward to getting back to it soon.

Dragons Gift by Jasmine Walt and May Sage ~ This series will always be my favorite since it’s the first RH I read. This book set the bar very high when it came to what to read next. I love the man and I adored the MC. This book had lots of twist and turns and a few cliff hangers which I was glad about since the series is complete. Such a great read!

Allison’s Adventures in Underland by C.M. Stunich ~ I NEVER re-read a book but I plan to re-read this one because OMG I feel like I might want it to be a 5 star but the next book comes out very soon and I want to read the first one again because OMG! Like I can’t even! Alice Retelling and OMG! lol I loved this book. The characters are HOT and the story isn’t sweet, not sugar coating and some gross stuff but good lord the Tee and Dee and Rabbit and the end! This is just a good book!

Trickery by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington ~ Holy Laugh out Loud, I snorted a lot during this book. The MC is fantastic and the guys are swoony. Like this series is a must binge read. I am currently on book 4 and can’t wait to see what happens. This story is a serious slow burn so don’t expect sex in the first few books but expect blue balls because good lord can these ladies write sexual tension.

I haven’t even scratch the surface on RH and have a lot more to explore. In the coming months I plan to recommend some more but if you have one you think I should read post it in the comments, I love suggestions.

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5 responses to “Bookish Recommendations – Five on Friday #RH! :) Part 1

  1. Escape the sea looks badass- I’ve said it before but that cover rocks. And Allison’s adventures in Underland looks like a trip lol.

    • Four psychos is sooo good I love the first two books. The third book went in a weird direction but I’m waiting for book 4 before I go back to it. I want to see how it ends. Plus the guys are amazing.