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Off the Blog:

We did the breakfast with Santa on Saturday at the Rainforest cafe. The breakfast was a little different from last year (still shitty) but we always have a good time and the kids still enjoy it.

So it snowed last Sunday and then it snowed again on Wednesday and then it snowed again on Friday. The good news is it somewhat melted on the road but WTF! It’s not even winter yet and it has snowed 3 times!!! It also going to be about 50 this week….this weather is making me dizzy. I also think it gave me a cold. Not a bad one just something to be annoying for a couple of days. My throat hurts and my nose is all stuffy but I am trying very hard to get a lot of rest this weekend because CHRISTMAS CHAOS starts on Monday. It will be a rush to get everything finished before the weekend because then I spend most of my time cooking for Christmas and cleaning the house. I am so excited for it but it will be rather insane.

Blogging News and Updates:

So basically I am calling December. I am finished with what I plan to do. I was going to do a for Top Tens for 2017 but it’s not over yet and I don’t want to do favorite reads until the year is over so the first and second week of Jan I plan to share all my favorites of 2017 and what I want to/hope to read in 2018. I plan to make 2018 my reading/blogging year. This last year I sort of lost sight of the blog and I miss it. I miss all of you. I want what I once had back and I plan to be a better read and blogger. Even if it means locking myself in the bathroom just so people wont talk to me. 🙂

I am also hoping to get back into binge watching because with the holidays I haven’t had a chance to watch anything but make sure to check out this weeks binge watchers post. I did happen to binge watch something and it isn’t anything Christmasy. 🙂

There is a chance I will have no Sunday post next week since I will be VERY busy, however I will be back on the 31st. So enjoy the holidays if I am not around. I might put up a quick post but wont be around to comment or visit. Not like I have been any good at that this year anyway but thank you all that have still loved me enough to stop by! 🙂 <3

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Last Week on the Blog:

What you might see this week:

  • Binger Watchers Post
  • 5 Favorite things about Christmas

Bookish News and What I grabbed

I was surprised by the bookmail for Princess Pulverizer and then I remembered I asked to be a part of the blog tour. My daughter is interested in reading it too so we might do a double review for it.

Girls Made of Snow and Glass, I am reading for the My TBR List, I am not a fan of the characters at all but I am still rather early in it. So I am hoping it will change, sadly with the way I have been reading if the story and/or characters don’t grab me I will most likely DNF. I am trying not to with this one but the characters are suppose to be 16 and 34 (ish) and they come off as 10 and Teens. It’s just not written as the age they are suppose to be and it’s really bothering me.

Figured I would go chapter books until the end of the year. Sometimes quick reads help get through a slump faster. (don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner)


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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14 responses to “Cold, Breakfast and Chaos~ WIR & SP

  1. I’m not a fan of Rainforest Cafe’s food but the setting is always entertaining and a Santa breakfast sounds fun. You can have my share of the snow – I’m not a fan and and am in no way prepared to deal with it! I love the idea of doing a buddy read with your daughter. That sounds like such fun. Hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Aj

    Haha, sorry about the breakfast, but at least the kids had fun. It’s snowy and cold here, but that’s not unusual. Our first snow was in October. Have a great week!

    Aj recently posted: The Sunday Post #127
  3. I’m glad the Rainforest breakfast wasn’t as bad as last year’s. Our weather has been flippy floppy. It’ll be mildly cool and then drop. We had the snow that one night. I thought we might have some more before Christmas but I don’t think so anymore. It rained all day and night yesterday starting at 2pm. I got Cera out for a 3 mile walk and then couldn’t take Baby out. Study Hall Justice is a good read! I really liked it. The second one is B&W though, so I was slightly disappointed. I loved the color in the first one. I’m being brave and signing up for Reading Assignment and Bookish Resolutions!

  4. My top tens, etc will all post the week between Christmas and New Years. I only count books read and or reviewed in it works for me, Plus that is when I take my bloggy vac . As for kissing December and 2017 goodbye, I am all with you, honey! Let us hope 2018 brings sunshine and joy!

  5. I have had a cold for weeks now. I am ready for it to take a hike! Its suppose to be 50 here tomorrow too. WTH!? We haven’t gotten snow though and I am very sad about that.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Samantha recently posted: Sunday Post: So Close!
  6. You crack me up with your Rainforest Cafe comments! I love the place for the atmosphere but yeah the food is not always… quite so special ha ha. although I haven’t had a Volcanoooooooo in ages….

    I hear you on the snow, but ours has stuck around! Feels like winter for sure, and the temps have been cold. I kinda like it, at least when I don’t have to drive in it. Our roads have been on and off bad all week…

    Hope you’re having a super weekend Michelle!!!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #224
    • We have gone so many times for breakfast I haven’t had a VOLCANOOOOOOOO in ages too. I also don’t mind their Mojo Bones. Those are pretty good! 🙂

      Our too but our snow will officially melt by the middle of the week and then I think it’s suppose to snow again. Oh well, I guess Winter is here. 😉

      Michelle recently posted: Cold, Breakfast and Chaos~ WIR & SP
  7. I can understand Dnf’ing if the characters are the way the they sound. I hope your next book is better for you. Fingers crossed you’re not getting sick, you sound like you have a pretty busy week coming up. Enjoy it. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

  8. I hope your TBR list book will perk up for you, Michelle. But if it doesn’t you really shouldn’t feel bad about DNF’ing it. There are so many books, and so little time, after all.
    I think you’ve been rather active on the blog this year, even if it might have been less than in the past. I want to see you in RL, but I guess blog visits will have to do. For now.
    I’m going to be busy with cleaning and cooking next weekend, too. And I can’t wait to get all the Christmas smells in the house!
    Miss you so much! xoxo

    • At the moment I am going to think a DNF I sat and was really reading it and I just wasn’t enjoying the characters at all. I really wanted to like it I just don’t. I agree, so many books so little time.

      I would love to see you in RL. I just can’t at the moment, no money to travel. I know Berls is coming to visit me in July before Denver. I am hoping she can really do it.

      I love the smell of Christmas! 🙂 oxox

      Michelle recently posted: Cold, Breakfast and Chaos~ WIR & SP
  9. Glad you had a fun breakfast even tough the food wasn’t as good. We also had snow last weekend and Monday again, the whole country always seems to be in a panic when it snows.

    2017 was a pretty good year for me, but a bit less so for the blog, but I am sort of finding a balance. Some weeks go better than others tough. i still have to make my best of 2017 post. I hope to draft it later this week.

    Yay Coyer has started! I am using a goodreads list to keep track of things. I’ll see how that goes.

    Quick reads can really help with a slump sometimes, I hope you’ll get out of your slump soon! That Princess Pulverizer book looks fun, that would be neat if you could double review it with your daughter! Have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #261
    • A few states tend to panic when they get snow because they aren’t used to it but in NJ we get snow all the time so it needs to be at least over 3 to 4 inches before we all start to panic. 🙂

      Now that I have Berls on the blog it will help keep up with posts and it’s nice having her around to fill in when needed. I am not sure I can blog alone anymore.

      I am so looking forward to this COYER. I am hoping to read a lot.

      That is my hope, my current is just not working so I am bailing. I might read the Princess soon so my daughter can read it soon, she reads a lot slower than me.

      Michelle recently posted: Cold, Breakfast and Chaos~ WIR & SP