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On the blog:

Plan to work most of the day today on Posts to finish out the month completely and start on next month. I have been designing a lot this week so my posts has been pushed aside to get stuff done. I am still going rather slow on the reading but I have decided that since most of my blogging is done on Thurs – Sun. I can use Mon – Wed to just sort of do things I need to do around the house, read and other stuff. If I have time I can do a little blogging. I really don’t want to fall into a slump of doing to much so I need to pace myself and find a middle ground to be able to do things for myself once in a while. 🙂

I also found a cool plug in that helps me manage my media folder better and I have been working on getting it all organized, it’s called Enhanced Media Library. You can set tags for all your pictures and if you are just looking for book covers you select the little drop down window and select Book Covers and all your books covers show up. I find this to be so much easier to find things. Now I just need to get it all organized and set up, that could take a while. 🙂

In Real life:

This week was a rough one, Ryan had a lot of difficulty and we all realized that things need to change a bit for him. The next few weeks is going to be hard on him and us but the outcome of it will be exactly what he needs. We need to set consequences for his actions and now make sure we stick to it. He needs to learn how to listen to what we say and understand that we are the parents, we love him but he has to follow the rules. We have been setting rules for him but it’s very hard for someone with ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) He sadly believes he is, as they say, above the law, when it comes to what he should or should not do. His therapists and I believe that what we are doing now is a step in the right direction and will hopefully make him understand better. This is really the last thing that needs to be done with him. Overall he is doing amazing, still very negative about himself but that will come when he starts to really listen and understand us.

What I’m Watching:

Still liking Emerald City and catching up today on the episode I missed on Friday. A new show with Drew Barrymore starts on Feb 3rd (I can’t remember the name) so this next week I want to try and watch the rest of Fuller House and maybe start A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Last Week on the Blog:

What you might see this week:

  • Cover Characteristics ~ Pirates
  • Task it Tuesday ~ Blogging
  • Review ~ Too Late by Colleen Hoover
  • Bookish Conversation ~ No No Sex
  • My TBR List Review ~ Big Rock by Lauren Blakely

Books read & currently reading:

New on the Bookshelf/Kindle:


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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20 responses to “Designing, Blogging, Oh My! ~ WIR & TSP

  1. Busy, busy, busy seems to be your catch phrase. I hope you can find and maintain a good balance with everything, Michelle. I think it’s hard myself. 😉 I hope things with Ryan get better and better. I think setting rules, giving consequences, and following through are difficult in the best of circumstances but know it’ll be worth it for him and you in the end. {{{hugs}}}

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: Review ~ The Nightingale ~ Kristin Hannah
  2. Sounds like you’ve got a great schedule with the half a week thing. I really ought to figure out a better sort of schedule.

    Sorry to hear about the troubles with Ryan. It sounds like you’re being patient and doing your best to help, so hopefully what you’re trying now will work out.

    The cover for Wanted is gorgeous! Then again, shoes are always gorgeous 😉

  3. Emerald City isn’t on here but I look forward to its arrival.

    And it sounds like you’ve got a bit of a routine in place there with reading, blogging and other stuff. I’m hoping to get into one soon!

    Deborah recently posted: Weekly check-in
  4. We are both doing the same thing today! I realized I had planned on posting a review of a certain book last week, and I didn’t because I never had time to sit down and write it, and I am out of scheduled posts. I’ve had several students labeled with ODD, but none who truly were ODD. It is frustrating, and I hope that imposing consequences for Ryan begins to work things out.

  5. That is great you are ahead on your posts. I was ahead when I started January but now I’m behind. I know work is always going to get in the way of my blogging and reading so I’ve accepted it and make the most of it lol. I hope everything works out with your son. I can’t imagine what you are going through but it sounds like you have a good plan. It will just be hard for Ryan to adjust. I hope you have a good week and I can’t wait to read your review of Big Rock. She’s an author I’ve been meaning to read.

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #116
  6. It’s nice being ahead on the blog right? I think I am done with posts for this month and have some posts for next mon this scheduled as well. That’s great you found a plugin to help you with your media library. I always name covers to the book, so i can just search for the book title if I need to find a cover.

    Sorry to hear this week was a rough one for Ryan, I hope your changes will help him! I think it’s amazing how patient and caring you are with him and working towards what’s best for him.

    I am curious about your bookish conversation post for next week and your cover posts! I’ve been enjoying your cover posts so far! I hope you’ll have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #214
    • I am enjoying being ahead but I need to do some work at the end of this week to be officially ahead 🙂 I am happy with my schedule so I think I should be ahead for a good portion of this year.

      Thank you! It’s really hard at times and my patients does gets short sometimes but we do want what is best for him and it takes a lot of time.

      You might have to wait on that post until the first week of Feb since something came up this week and I needed to move stuff around 🙂

  7. It sounds like you really have a handle on the direction you’re going with Ryan though it does sound like it’s going to be rough for a little while. I hope things go as smoothly as they can. I really want to read Big Rock and I’m curious about Emerald City. I’m excited about Series of Unfortunate Events. I read the first handful of books when my kids were young and reading them and really liked them. I like all the casting that I’ve seen so far (of course I love NPH in anything!). Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: This Week in Reading - January 22
  8. From what you told me, it sounds like you’re doing the right thing with Ryan. I think it’s definitely one of those situations where it will get worse before it gets better – but in the end it’s worth it. Good luck 🙂 I’m trying to take care of a million things today! How am I always so behind? {{HUGS}}

    • So far the plug in is doing exactly what i need and have plugged in all the covers which is so helpful since we always have so many to go through when trying to set stuff up.
      I think the routine will work and get me back to reading like I used to otherwise my blog is going to be really bare with no reviews lol
      We have a great team of people that will make sure it works, I have faith.

  9. Working with children with ODD is tough! I applaud you for putting in the work and pushing through the challenges! As a special education teacher, I know exactly what you are going through. You are totally right though-it is what is best for your son and therefore will be worth it in the end!
    Good book haul! Enjoy!

    Samantha recently posted: Sunday Post: January 21
  10. It sounds like you have found you a set routine for your blogging/reading/life. 🙂 Hope it works! I am a little bit ahead with reviews and I hope to stay that way. I hope things work with Ryan, it sounds like this next step might be really good for him.

    Hope you have a great week! Happy reading!
    Stormi oxox

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #125
    • I am trying, I realize I am back to spending a lot of time on the computer and not a lot on everything else. I think I need to set a more routine schedule when it comes to blogging and real life and I think setting days to do things is probably the best otherwise I will get nothing done. It also helps me brainstorm when I am not doing it every single days.

      Thanks we have a good team helping us so I am very hopeful.

  11. I applaud you on getting ahead on blogging. That is one of my goals this year. So far it hasn’t happened. I’m hoping that with things in my personal life slowing down this week that I can get ahead too. Praying for you all and Ryan as you make changes. I know it will be difficult for y’all but remember that the end result will be worth it.
    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Emerald City. I have to catch up. I recorded them and haven’t had a chance to watch them yet. I want to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events too, but haven’t read the books. I’m trying to decide if I want to read them and then watch or just watch. MG isn’t usually my cup of tea when it comes to reading though so I may skip straight to watching.
    How are you enjoying Grin & Bread It?
    Hope you have a good week Michelle 😀

    • I am trying, with the design work it has been very hard to get blogging done but I hope to finish up today what I need to and set up some more drafts so I can work on it during the weekend.
      We have a good team for Ryan and I think we are heading in the right direction.
      I didn’t read the books either and I don’t think I am going to, I want to see the show and maybe after will read the books. I am doing this one backwards lol.
      I just started Truth or Beard, it has me giggling but I am not a fan of guys with red hair, I had to actually google it to change my mind lol. So far it’s not bad 🙂

  12. I’m not as ahead as I was but I’m still keeping about a two week cushion- if I ever get behind though I’m in trouble! lol Good luck with your stuff, and hope everything goes well w/ Ryan too. I knew someone in our family who had ODD and it was a challenge for their parents. I’m curious about Unfortunate Events I see that just hit Netflix and I may have to check it out. I don’t know the books but they loo interesting?

    Have a great week!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #178
    • That is what I need to try and do, at least have two weeks, I do have a LOT of drafted posts just none of them are done 🙂 I’ll be doing most of that today and drafting more.

      Ryan is a kid of many layers and I think we are almost at the bottom. The ODD is so annoying, honestly, it’s like you waste all your energy trying to explain something only to realize they didn’t listen and still do the same stuff all over again. This is just a matter of all of us as a family working together to get him to understand the things he can’t and can do. We have a good team so I am confident this is going to work.

      Me too and I heard it was really good, I didn’t read the books either, wanted to read them but never got around to it because good gravy their are so many books to read. 🙂