Ebook or Physical?

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So recently I realized that I am more of an ebook kind of girl. I am also about to shock you, I don’t really need physical books. Do I enjoy reading a physical book? Yes! but….I don’t need to have them. I prefer to get ebooks from publishers or whomever. I wont turn down a physical book and some books I feel like the experience is better in book format, for example, graphic novels I prefer in book format or comic books.

I also see a lot of books they have now like

  • Madeliene Roux book series with the pictures
  • The Illuminae Files

I think those need to be read in book format. I believe it would take away what the author was trying to make you feel while reading the book. I am sure the ebook formats work with these books but to get the right experience I think physical books are better.

Other good books that are just gorgeous to read in physicalย is

  • The Stitch Head Series
  • The Gathering Series
  • Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures

Middle grade books or chapter books are better to be read in book format than ebook only because they always have cute illustrations or pages that looks amazing…like Stitch Head.

OK, all that being said here goes….I prefer ebooks, I don’t have a lot of room in my house for a ton of books but also, I don’t really re-read books. I do have a few I like to display but over all I prefer my books in my Kindle or on my Phone. For me it’s just easier to read and it avoids clutter….I hate clutter. I also hate dusting and big book shelves means lots of dusting.

I love the idea of downloading a book and just reading it, plus they are cheaper, I like to wait until the books go on sale and snatch up a bunch of them at a time. Is that terrible? I love the feel of a book in my hands but ever since I started blogging and reviewing books I realized more and more I prefer ebooks. They are more convenient and easier for travel plus I don’t know I just really prefer them and it make me so happy to get more on my kindle. It’s like a bookshelf just a virtual one and I have a lot of space in my house for that kind of book shelf.

So I wonder what do you really prefer.Ebooks or Physical Books, I know most will say both but in reality which one do you prefer more.

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25 responses to “Ebook or Physical?

  1. I received an ARC of Illuminae and do agree that it is better served as a physical book. And I just bought a copy with some of my Christmas funds as well as Gemina which I need to read yet!

  2. Can’t disagree that ebooks are cheaper and easier to store. XD I’m not a big fan of dusting book shelves either, I must admit; I don’t do it nearly enough. But I don’t get the same enjoyment from reading ebooks as I do a physical book. It’s as much about the ambiance of turning pages, the feel and smell of them, just the timeless quality, as it is about reading them for me. I also love looking at them. Dust or no dust, I sometimes sit back and just gaze at them. ^_^ So I think ebooks are handy for traveling, for easy storage, etc, but my preference will always be physical.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. I love the feel and smell of physical books, but I like the portability of ebooks. They’re easier to keep with you, you can enlarge the print if necessary, and you can read them in low light situations. I also love how ebooks have built-in dictionaries. The older I get, the more I appreciate the advantages of ebooks. Plus, most of my books are in the garage because I have so many, and have nowhere else to store them.

  4. I love being surrounded by physical books on shelves, but the more I read on my Kindle (Pippa), the more I realize that it is easier and faster. Holding the Kindle and tapping to turn pages makes the experience so easily navigated.

    Also…who can argue with ease of download and cheaper prices?

    Thanks for sharing. Great post!

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted: AUTHORโ€™S HOME PAGE
  5. I love real books, but there’s no denying the handiness of ebooks. They take up a lot less space and you can easily bring a whole bunch of them along on holiday without making your suitcase too heavy. I used to only really have physical books, but after moving countries I had to get rid of around half of my collection (it was just going to be too expensive to move them), and since then I’ve not bought any more. The size of my new home just can’t hold them. So now I love ebooks. I can buy as many of them as I want without my partner whining that we don’t have the space for them!

  6. It’s nice to find someone else who also likes ebooks! I mean, I love *having* physical books… but I like reading ebooks better. They’re easier to read since I can lie in bed in the dark to read them and bring them with me everywhere since they’re right on my phone even (I have the kindle app). I also like that I can highlight and then save the highlights so easily. And yeah, they’re cheaper, so I couldn’t afford as many books if it weren’t for ebooks!

    • Exactly, I read a LOT before bed and the ebook is just so easy especially if I fall asleep. I have a kindle and the app on my phone. Makes it easer to read. I think instead of cheaper I should have said more affordable only because it can get pricey to buy regular books.

  7. I love ebooks. The minute I realized I need never to wait in vain for a book I wanted to come out in large type, I never went back. And I finally purged all my dead tree last month.

  8. There is nothing like the scent you get from a physical book, especially brand new ones. I also love the feeling I get from holding one. However, I must admit that since I began reviewing I have come to appreciate the convenience of ebooks. If I love a particular book, then I would go and purchase the physical copy.

  9. For reviewing purposes I like ebooks because I can highlight certain text to quote in my review. However, for my personal reading I prefer physical books. Not only do I like looking over and all my pretties, but I can see all the books I have at my disposal with just a glance, whereas with a ereader there are pages of books that I have to go through to find something to read.

  10. I prefer physical books if it’s a book I really like or want, but the majority of books I buy are e-books. Like you said they’re usually cheaper and more convenient, and I do seem to read faster with an ebook. So yeah the vast majority of my reads are in that format. But sometimes if I really like a book I’ll spring for the physical copy, just so I have it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Greg recently posted: Starfall
  11. I love physical books, but as I get older and the print seems to get tinier I’m switching more and more to ebooks where at least I can adjust the font. Though I already have tons of ebooks for review and I pick up freebies way too often, I still have a HUGE physical book collec tion that I continue to add to and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: A Tale of Two Djinns
  12. Because of blogging and ARC’s, I have way more ebooks than I do physical books. I love the convenience of ebooks, but I will always love my paperbacks. I buy paperbacks of authors I already have a lot of physical copies of, like Janet Evanovich, Nicholas Sparks, and James Patterson. I also buy my cozy mysteries in paperback. I have a signed paperback collection as well. <3