Facebook hates me and it probably hates you too.

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I need to vent! I just can’t anymore. I want to be all happy when I jump on Facebook and post something about an authors new book or share something that is on my blog, even just share a giveaway from someone else but nope you can’t because if you even attempt to share anything you only get about 15 views. 15 views out of 1350 followers…seriously?!?! I know I am not a popular blog and I am not going to pretend I am (at least not out loud but in my mind I am wonderful lol), I love the followers I have and like everyone else I would love to have more, more views on my blog, more comments, that would be great. How can I even attempt to get any of those when one of the major places for me to share my stuff wont share my stuff. What is the point of having a Facebook page now? Why do I bother posting anything? Why haven’t I gotten rid of it? Maybe because I hope that at some point they will stop being assholes and help out the little people and change the algorithm back to the way it use to be.


With link in post only 17 views

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 8.31.25 PM

Recently they change it again making even a simple text post not viewable to your followers. They say you can get more followers if you can get likes and comments. Umm how am I suppose to do that if no one sees my post???

Link in comments 56 views

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 8.31.33 PM

Now that’s a big difference but I have 1350 follows, that’s not even half πŸ™

Do you have a page, have you looked at the unrealistic insight page….you know the one that tells you the stats of your sight? Well gee I wonder why mine suck so bad…Oh that’s right because no one can see my friggin posts!!! It shows 49% down likes. How can anyone like me if everyone that is already my follower can’t see me, how will new followers see me? Most of the time people delete a page because they think they are inactive, I am not inactive I am very active I just realized if I post no one is going to see it and it totally looks like I am talking to myself πŸ™‚ Now I do see a lot of people get a lot of likes and comments and they post everyday mostly because they ask people to comment and I have attempted that but I still get no views. So my guess is Facebook really does hate me!! (I wonder how they will feel after this post) πŸ˜‰

Am I completely insane or does this sound like the stupidest way to run a SOCIAL media page? NO I will not pay because even that is unrealistic you want me to pay HOW MUCH FOR A MONTH? I am not a huge company, I am a cute (yes cute) πŸ˜‰ little blog that just want to share my passion for books and my love for the people who write them. Is that so hard to ask for something to help these people out that can bring joy to so many others? It so STUPID!!!!

So I sit and ask myself why bother? Why keep facebook?
I don’t know, I really keep it because when I write a post it goes to my twitter page and you can get more words on Facebook then you can on twitter. I am sorry 140 characters is just not meant for someone who can talk as much as me. So for now I will keep it and hope it gets better but I have a feeling it wont and a lot of us smaller people will no longer be on Facebook or just use it and hope the 15 people who do see it at least enjoy the post.

Rant over πŸ™‚

So what do you thing about facebook?

Thanks for stopping by, this was my first attempt at an original post with original content. I have been a nervous wreck to post it.

Hope it was at least a little interesting

Have a Great day and Happy Reading


I suck at spelling so please ignore all spelling errors and spell check hates me….Thank you

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20 responses to “Facebook hates me and it probably hates you too.

  1. Yes to your ENTIRE post. Luckily or unluckily for me (however you want to look out it). Facebook decided many years ago that my blog is simply spam. Um.. thanks. So my blog has been blocked from facebook since practically the day I started it. Just AWFUL!

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    • OMG That is Awful! I just think it’s so stupid and Kim from Fantasyismorefun.com just did a post about FB and included a Video that explains a lot. FB is just trying to hard to make money and even if you promote your post you still aren’t getting enough views. At this point I think you are better off not having one.

  2. I feel the same way. I’ve only got about 580 followers but I’m finding the same thing that only 14 or something small are “talking about this” or hardly anyone is seeing the posts. I’m trying to grow my blog and I’m having no problems on Twitter as that’s growing nicely and same with Pinterest but Facebook just frustrates me. It all seems to be money motivated now, not fun. πŸ™

  3. I have a fb page but I will admit to not knowing all that much about how fb works. Yeah, not many people get to view my posts according to the tracker. I actually didn’t know that people had to add me to their interest whatever to get to see my posts. What?!? This is all a ploy by fb to make us pay? Is that it? They think we’re businesses?? I’ve been getting the emails from Twitter about Twitter for Business. I’m not a business. I don’t make any money doing what I do…in fact, it kinda bleeds out because I buy so many books! *ha* I ran a giveaway several months ago and had TONS of views. Since then, not so much. Even though I’ve run giveaways again. Hmm, you’ve given me something to think about…maybe fb is not worth the extra time…

    • I think that’s the major problem it’s if you have a website they think you are a business. I just got an email for Pinterest business but I use Pinterest for personal and sharing. I have been struggling with giveaways and I feel bad because some of the giveaways are hosted by authors but I just can’t get my reach out to that many people. I am also thinking it’s not worth it but at this point I figured instead of deleting it I’ll just use it for now and maybe use my google+ more since I heard that is a lot better then fb

  4. I recently deleted my author facebook page for that reason. I had almost 500 likes and about 10 people were seeing the posts. Of those 10, most were friends who already knew because I’d tell them or post on my personal page about it too. Also, I think FB liked to rub it in because one day I got a notification saying I had no new notifications. It was just really pointless and a waste of my time. (I mean, Twitter can be a waste of time too, but at least it doesn’t hide my tweets. People just miss them because the stream moves so fast.)

  5. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I am always on facebook now it seems like, even posting pretty often but it’s discouraging when it says only “X people” saw my post!

    Have you seen on your personal page, how you “subscribe” to their post? I wonder if that’s why. There are several friends of mine that say you have to subscribe to their post, in order to SEE them, at all. Which is flippin stupid. LOL

    Anyway. I am in the same boat as you. I am not sure if I even want to bother anymore.

  6. I totally get your point about facebook. I used to love facebook, now I stil visit, but my love has disapeared. I still post on my pages, but really for those 15-20 people who actually see it, I wonder if it’s even worth it. I do try to like more posts of other pages, because I know they are struggling too.
    Although there also are some author pages which do a lot of giveaways where you have to like a post and their posts still get seen. Well I can’t afford to do giveaways, I am sad about that and wish I could do giveaways more often, but at the moment I can’t. And actually I think it’s ridiculous that that’s the only way to be seen. Sure everyone loves giveaways, but still it’s a bit sad that pages without them don’t get seen.

    Also they changed the whole design and I think it look ugly now, not everyone has the new design yet. I got the new design last week and the notifcations button is now right instead of left, uhm confusing. I love twitter though and spend a lot of time there. I think most of my trafic nowadays comes from either bloglovin or twitter.

    • The update has not hit me yet but it looks very similar to twitters new profile format, which I hate.

      I think most of my traffic comes from Twitter and I have heard that if you ask questions and get people to comment you can reach more people. The idea is that if they see activity then they know that more people will want to view your page and they up the numbers but problem is it’s hard to get those people to comment. I have done it with questions, likes anything and I get one or two responses or 1 or 2 likes on the post. It’s depressing.

      I love doing giveaways and I get offered by authors to do them on FB but no one is going to enter them because no one sees them. I am even having a hard time here on the blog getting my giveaway entered (Since I am limited to my social media) and noticed but I will still do them because even if 5 people enter that still 5 people that want the book and I know they really want it. (I am hearing a lot of people are ditching FB for Google+, I might pay more attention to that now)

      I’m not sure if FB is worth it anymore but I’ll keep it just because that’s 15 more people that know whats going on, on my blog and may come to visit.

  7. I find it so annoying as well and that annoying pop up asking me to promote my post drives me mad! I’m never going to pay Facebook, don’t you get the message! Still I continue to use it as I like the format. So I hope someday they change back.
    I’m going to go like your page now and some posts in a small attempt to help πŸ™‚

    • Yes the pop up is aggravating. The amount they want you to spend to promote is ridiculous…..Lol thank you at this point it might help but I’m sure they will change that too.

  8. Nyx

    I’m actually one of those hold outs who doesn’t have a Facebook neither for blog or personal. I just can’t stand Facebook, and I only have a twitter account for my blog. I am just not that into social medias I guess and from the looks of things I’m glad I never started with Facebook lol.

    • at this point it might be a good thing because it wouldn’t help anyway. lol Sometimes personally I wish I never have had one only because the drama is worse then High School πŸ™‚

    • Ugh I noticed that! And I just got something about switching my Pinterest to a business account. Nope not going to do it. I hope twitter doesn’t do that but I think it might have to do with what you tweet because it that was just my normal twitter page you mean to tell me I have to pay for my friend to see what I tweet? I have a feeling they can tell what you do by links and retweets.

    • It’s funny because I post the picture showing people that they have to do that (add to interest) and it reaches only like 15 lol