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A Monster and Book

During the month of October, I asked a few of my friends, what their favorite Monster is (some are not so scary) and what book(s) they read that they loved that associated with the Monster they picked. The answers are great and the recommendation are even better! Enjoy!



Grim Reaper Love

My monster is the Grim Reaper, and I’m sharing the one who is in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The Chronicles of Nick, which is a YA spin-off series base in her Dark Hunter universe. The Chronicles of Nick follow Nick Gautier during his teenage years and the difficult time in high school. He doesn’t know his heritage yet, as he has been raised by his mom only, and they really don’t have a lot of money, just barely enough to survive on. And Nick gets picked on by a lot of his fellow students, for the clothes he wears, the fact that he’s a scholarship kid, and because he works every day after class…
He is introduced to the Dark Hunter universe, where there are immortal warriors who fight the good fight for Artemis, against Appolyon and his soul sucking vampires (yup, these don’t drink blood). Little by little, we meet other supernatural beings as well, and one of them is Grim… (which always makes me laugh out loud, because Grim is an actual name in Norwegian) short for The Grim Reaper. And he’s kind of a prankster, almost a little bit like Loki. And he loves sneaking up on people to scare them (almost to death) when it’s not yet their time. Grim and Nick have a strained and strange kind of relationship, and while Grim is important to the overall story and plot, he is also often brought in for comic relief, which is needed in this tense universe filled with danger, action, fights and a sense of foreboding.
Here is a link to the Chronicles of Nick books I have reviewed on my blog:
I can’t find any good Grim quotes, unfortunately, as my kindle tells me these titles haven’t been indexed. So I guess you’ll all just have to take my word for it – Grim is creepy, but also fun as no other reaper could ever be. He’s mischievous, a little crazy, and doesn’t have many friends – a little bit like Nick in some ways, I guess.

Goodreads link to series

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8 responses to “Grim Reaper with Lexxie @McLexxie ~Monster and Book Guest Post

  1. Love a good Grim Reaper! Haven’t read these yet, so totally adding them. Have you read soul screamers by Rachel Vincent? Love her take on reapers. Oh and of course there’s Charley Davidson!! You have to have read that if you like reapers. Audio is best for that, Loreli King is fabulous. And then there’s the Alex Craft series by Kalayna Price. So good and great conception of reapers. Lol you gave me 1 series and I reply with 3.*oops. #sorrynotsorry