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So not this week but last week didn’t go as planned, like seriously crazy busy, I was going to have an update on Sunday but my sons room took a lot longer than I anticipated. I got up bright and early on Friday and started but it still took me 3 days to paint the room and put everything back in. Plus we had to go through everything before putting it back. It came out awesome and he loves it but I was about ready to sleep for weeks but I couldn’t I still had to do my daughter’s room.

This week was even worse. My daughters Cheer Competition was Saturday, so they had practice this week plus we were getting our first snow, just a coating to about an inch..No big deal. Thursday came and the temp dropped lower than anticipated and the snow came. It came so bad that we got about 6.5 inches and the Top half of NJ and NY just completely fell apart. Like in 44 years I have never seen traffic this bad. It took my husband 6 hours to get home. He works an hour away. Kids were stuck on School buses for 3 hours trying to get through TOWN. Not a few towns, like in the town. One local School the buses couldn’t even get the kids and they had to stay at the school. The GW Bridge closed, the Parkway was closed. People were in traffic for 12 hours. It was a MESS! It was like it never snowed here before. Regardless of not realizing how bad it was supposed to be, you would think after all these year you plan for both scenario just in case something went wrong. Isn’t that what the government is supposed to do, plan for both, best and worse case? The Governor of NJ is blaming the weather people, plus those on the road and not the fact that they F’d up completely. There was 441 accidents! Like really. The next day I just kept the kids home since it was still a mess and cleaned my daughters room. That was a nightmare too. Why do kids cut up tiny pieces of paper and keep all of them?!?!? Why??!?! She has little shitty things in her draws and just crap all over. I have never been so happy to say this house is DONE,  I can sleep until New Years!

My daughters competition was fantastic! She did so good and I am so proud of her. She was even proud of herself and she is very hard on herself so this just made me even happier. I am hoping they do more of these next year but I also heard we might do one more before the end of the year.

If you wanted to sign up for COYER you might have to wait, something happened to the COYER website and we can’t seem to get it fixed. If it’s not fixed by this week, I will be posting the sign up here and the kick off post. I will let you all know next Sunday.

Thanksgiving in the US is Thursday! Like WTF! I need to start Xmas Shopping soon!!! Plus decorations go up FRIDAY! Wish me luck, I will let you know Sunday how that goes with the kittens. lol

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What you might see this week:

I am hoping to get some posts done today, so I should have something, just not 100% sure what. 🙂

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I wanted to like A Holiday by Gaslight, that cover is just amazing but the inside just wasn’t working for me. I didn’t like characters and the story just wasn’t making sense and rather boring for me. I was very sad. Starry Eyes is rather cute and Allison is my second time reading and I still loved it. I can’t wait to read book 2.

What I grabbed

My daughter was off election week and took a trip to B&N. She bought me a book and I love that kid! 🙂
I thought I would also get my owlcrate this weekend but only the Jr. came so I will have that book and my uppercase book next week. These two look so cute and Sanity & Tallulah is a graphic novel. My daughter was so excited.

Totally Random:


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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19 responses to “I am seriously, exhausted! ~ WIR & SP

  1. Sorry you had a crazy week, but that does sound awesome you finished your son’s room. That sounds bad with the snow and that it took your husband so long to get home. I like how snow looks, but it sure can be a major inconvenience. I am glad to hear your daughter’s competition went so well and she was proud of herself too.

    I’ll be signing-up for Coyer in tomorrow’s Sunday Post, just in time for the challenge to start.

    That’s great you did a re-read of that Allison book and still enjoyed it. I hope you’ll enjoy book 2 is just as much. Your new books look great, I hope they’re good ones. Have a great week!

  2. That snow sounds awful and so chaotic. I’m glad to hear everyone got home safe and sound! I can relate to how exhausting cleaning a kids room is. My daughter’s room was about 90% paper and she didn’t want to part with any of it! Hope you’re having a great week and are getting some time to relax.

    Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library recently posted: My Classic Movie Essentials - Princess Bride + Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  3. Wow, that snow situation seems insane! I’m glad everyone in your family made it through all that safely at least, and your daughter had a fantastic competition! I can totally understand the frustration of cleaning kids’ rooms. My youngest always has a million pieces of paper and so many random pieces of broken things, etc. It’s crazy! Glad you’re done with it now.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted: Sunday Post: Book Pre-Order Incentives & Giveaways Galore – 11/18/18
  4. Good luck with what’s left of decorations and congrats to your daughter!
    I got Furyborn some time ago but still haven’t started it, I look forward to reading your opinion on it.

  5. I checked in with family up north after hearing how bad the storm was. That’s crazy this early! I’m glad everyone is safe. And it sounds like you did a superb job on their rooms. Doesn’t it always seem to take longer than you thought. I just spent all day buffing tile floors and figured it would only take an hour or two. LOL Enjoy those beautiful books!

  6. You did a great job with your kids’ rooms. I don’t suppose you could have done them with a week or month apart? No wonder you are tired. It rained here all week until Friday and was about 40, some days windy. UGH. Then it got sunny and it is almost 60, I am grateful for a week now more like autumn.

    OK when I got out of grad school I was flown to NJ to interview with RCA in Princeton NJ. I’d never been to NJ or anywhere east but FL. I flew in Thursday night to interviews on Friday and then scheduled to fly home on Sunday. They even got me a rental car (with no snow brush / scraper). It snowed 22 inches on Friday. The only people at the office were the ones interviewing me and they left after their interview. I was fine – I lived in Minnesota. I even drove up to the edge of New York City – for fun! – on Saturday since I wanted to see the area. They didn’t have snowplows – they had like bulldozers. *smh* I was the only one on the road and I had no trouble. I had to have my flight ticket re-written like 30 times to get out on Sunday though since all flights were cancelled.

    Awww, the book with the gorgeous cover ended up a DNF. Bummer. Well hopefully you will squeeze in a bit of time to read this week! I’m finally doing something with Read A Series in a Month now that HoHoHoRAT is ending. Anne – Books of My Heart

    Northwoman recently posted: Sunday Post – 18 November 2018
    • I remember the 22 inches and we walked in it and even drove the next day. This was like a complete disaster. I can’t believe how it was handled. We know snow and apparently they forgot after last year.

      It still is a gorgeous cover. I think it was just me but the story just wasn’t meshing very well and a lot of it was very confusing. Plus the MC’s were boring lol.

      The Can you read a series is a hard challenge. I have failed it three times and I might fail it this time too. Bummed about it but just bad planning on my part.

      Michelle recently posted: I am seriously, exhausted! ~ WIR & SP
  7. Yikes! You guys got slammed. Your poor hubby caught in that stuff. We had that one or two inches that were planned.

    Ah, those rooms are probably fabulous. All done and in time for the holidays.

    Hopefully the COYER site will start working again and not being a hassle.

    Bummer Holidays by Gaslight didn’t work for you, but glad you’re enjoying your other reads.

    Have a better, more restful week, Michelle! 🙂

    • I get nervous when he drives since the truck he uses isn’t great in snow. I was so relieved when he got home. The kids were too
      They did come out pretty awesome, I think I posted my sons on instagram, I might have to if I didn’t he loves his room.
      We are hoping in the next 24 hours it will be up again. I hate to write the post over again plus it’s pushing me behind on all out other challenges.
      I was SOOOOO Bummed! I love the cover still! 🙂

      Michelle recently posted: I am seriously, exhausted! ~ WIR & SP
  8. Ugh how can people who live in snowy areas be surprised by snow?!? We got ice so there were some school delays but that was it. But, there are people still without power even today. Hopefully NJ/NY remembers how to handle snow before the next one!
    Have a great week!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: Its Almost Thanksgiving!
    • They need to plan for both worse and best case. Every Storm we ever had before December has kicked our asses. It never works how they think so this should have never happened. It was so bad that kids were stuck on buses and at schools for hours or over night. Just not something that should happen in a place that is used to snow like this.

      Michelle recently posted: I am seriously, exhausted! ~ WIR & SP
  9. I heard that snowstorm was a MESS out there but I didn’t realize how bad! Yikes. 12 hours in traffic- that’s crazy. Might as well not even go home lol. And what is up with Thanksgiving being THIS week? Anyway hope you have a good one, and good luck haha with decorations vs kitties. 🙂

    • Some people had to abandon cars because they ran out of gas and walk. I can’t even explain what a mess it was.
      Seriously I am so ready for Turkey but I can’t believe it’s Thursday.
      I will have a full report on how that goes.I am a little panicked to be honest especially my Nutcrackers.

      Michelle recently posted: I am seriously, exhausted! ~ WIR & SP
  10. Oh my gosh!! One of my coworkers is originally from Jersey and she was telling me all about the horrible traffic! I saw a video on a bridge somewhere where there was a MASSIVE pileup where cars just slid into one another. I couldn’t believe this one little light blue car that was weaving between traffic like a crazy person while most of the cars were stopped.

    • It was the worst I have ever seen. We know how to do this so, this was just a mess. Someone dropped the ball and no one wants to take the blame for it, it’s easier to point fingers. I would guarantee that entire state is worried about the next storm. It shouldn’t take 3 hours to get through town.

      Michelle recently posted: I am seriously, exhausted! ~ WIR & SP