Monthly Book Report ~ Month 3 of Year 2020 ~ WTF! 2020.

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I am a huge ball of stress and worry. March was just a crappy month overall for everyone. I did read a bit but not a lot and didn’t barely blog at all. Only because the blog has been acting up and our host is trying to figure out what is wrong with it. So it’s hard to do any blogging when it goes soooooo slow. However I figured at this point I can’t keep avoiding it so I plan to at least try to get one or two posts done so we can have a normal running blog again. This year sucks.

While the pandemic has sucked the freebies has been plenty. I may have gone super crazy, I grabbed 27 books, I am also pretty sure I am not done. I have started to be back to reading at night and setting schedules for me during the day because I can’t just wait around for this to be over. I need to get my life going to a new normal until maybe I can get my old normal back again.

One thing keeping me occupied is COYER being back. If you have joined COYER in the past you might want to jump in again because we are having so much fun. The group has so much going on, lots of activities like book clubs, readathons and whatever we can come up with. This will continue until December and restart again in Jan to Dec. We are so excited to be doing something that keeps everyone’s mind busy during this crazy time. If you evern wanted to join now would be a great time and you can pick and choose what you want to do.

Books reviewed

Blog was quiet this month

All about the books

Book I read

I read one…it was a rough month.

I am planning to post a review for this. I buddy read this book with Mandy from The Reading Diaries
It was ok, I think I was expected a lot more especially from her. I was sort of disappointed but will be reading the next one when it comes out.

Books I grabbed this month

These were all freebies on amazon. Not sure if they are currently freebies now. I have linked the goodreads shelf that are currently hanging out on. If you want to see of they are still freebies.

2020 Challenges

2020 Bookish Resolutions

I will be organizing this for next month. I am so annoyed that I dropped the ball again but with everything going on, I don’t know which end is up.

Reading Goals

  • Finish 3 Trilogies ~ working on it. 
  • Goodreads Goal ~ 60 Books  – 12, 14
  • Read 25 Physical Books already on Shelf (before 2019) – I have to check it out more
  • Read for at least an hour a day ~ Still doing good with this, I try to read for at least an hour a night. 

Blogging Goals ~

  • Have at least 2 posts a week ~ not every week but I am trying.
  • Stay at least one week ahead ~ Will be working on doing this soon.

Personal Goals

  • Write in my 5 year journal every day ~ Yup and I love my journal. 
  • Lose 20 lbs before July ~ NOT YET
  • Eat healthier and clean ~ Slowly changing over
  • meal plan ~ Still working on this
  • mediate at night ~ Totally forgot this was a goal, will do this once things settle down. 

Read these 12 books before the end of the year

  1. The Grace Year
  2. The Ten Thousand Doors of January
  3. The Merciful Crow
  4. The Priory of the Orange Tree
  5. Wicked Saints
  6. The Candle and the Flame
  7. Missing, Presumed Dead
  8. Gideon the Ninth
  9. Kinds of the Wyld
  10. Spellslinger
  11. Furyborn
  12. I hope you get this message

2020 Reading Assignment Spring Semester

Pandemic….Totally stressing me out and March didn’t work for me. BUT I plan to reapply for the Summer and fingers crossed I do better! 🙂

Professor Author Luv ~ Advanced Level – 3 books a month
Madison Faye

Jan ~ Bully ,Breathless and Barely
Feb ~ Bucking Bronco, Long Hard Trucker and Rough Rider

Professor Genre ~ Beginning Level – 1 book a month
Book Box Books

Professor Mix-It Up ~ Beginning Level – 1 book a month

  1. Winterwood
  2. The Girl the Sea Gave Back
  3. We Hint the Flames
  4. Rule



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Have a great day and Happy Reading!



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18 responses to “Monthly Book Report ~ Month 3 of Year 2020 ~ WTF! 2020.

  1. March was definitely a month that sucker majorly… Unfortunately, April doesn’t look like it’ll finish much better! 🙁
    Hang in there, Michelle! It won’t last forever. I have no idea what world will emerge from it all but it’ll be better than being locked in our houses!

  2. I think we all need to give ourselves some grace right now. I know I’m still trying to find my new normal, where I can meet all my obligations and still stay sane and do things I enjoy. The blog was quiet, but we got COYER up and running and I say Kudos to us for that! And I’m so glad we did 🙂

  3. This month has been been pretty awful. Hopefully at some point it will get back to normal, even though I don’t know what it anymore. You really did get a lot of new additions. Enjoy!

    • Thank you! Lots happened all at once. I’m glad you have joined us. COYER is always so much fun and the group has really been such a help with everything going on. I hope you are keeping healthy and safe!

  4. I’ve been on a book buying/requesting/accepting binge! I had tried to limit all incoming books this year so I could focus on books I already own but with this pandemic thing all rules are out the window. I hope April is a much smoother month for you!

  5. Yeah, this past month has been a real corker, but I’m getting adjusted and trying to be productive. Oh my stars yes with all the freebies I’ve piled on. Authors have been so generous putting books up for free or big sales. My reading is down, but I still read each day. Love that you guys are making COYER such a fun, uplifting environment on line.

    Wishing you a good April, Michelle!