OH NO! Don’t have sex there!!! Bookish Conversation

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So I was reading the other day…like I usually do…and I came to a part in a book where the couple was about to have sex with each other for the first time. I was thinking ok this will be good. The act started exactly where they were…in a public bathroom…wait a minute…that’s nasty. I read the entire thing think only..EWWWWW!!!! There might be pee on the floor or a backed up toilet! To make matters worse the bar bathroom was in a dive bar. So that made it even more EWWWWWWW! Overall I enjoyed the book but I realized that public bathroom sex in books is a major no-no for me. As hot as the guy or girl is, that idea of having sex in a dive bar bathroom skeeves me out, so much. I realized that Public bathroom sex is not something I like in a book and would actually hope this isn’t something that is done often. I prefer in a room or even a park is ok. However not in the mud, having sex on the ground in the mud also gets me grumpy. All the mud in places it just does not belong!!!

It got me thinking is there a place that you would prefer your couple in an adult book not to have sex? Like do you have a big no no when it comes your book couple and the sex they have?

Let chat!

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18 responses to “OH NO! Don’t have sex there!!! Bookish Conversation

  1. For me, it’s water sex – pools, lakes, oceans, – you name it and I’m like, what:? First off – water is the worst thing for sex… wet, but actually dries up certain ummm important areas to have wet. So that would not be hot at all. Secondly, EWWWWW you think that bathroom is bad. At least they can potentially control what’s going inside their body. But in the water? You want to ram some chlorine (and if it’s public who knows what else) inside you? OR lake fungus? ewwwwwwww

    Great post!

  2. I can see why that grossed you out, that would be a big no for me as well. A park or in a forest can be okay, as long as there’s no mud, but no gross places preferable.
    I still remember a book I once read where they had sex in an alley and the after the deed was done she pulled up her pants again, without clean up and proceeded to walk around in those exact same pants for a day or so more. Which totally grossed me out. I guess no clean up after sex is one of my no’s, especially when they don’t use a condom and go on to have sex or they go on with their daily lives as then I just imagine what happens with all those fluids and where they end up and that’s not what you want to be thinking when you’re reading a sexy scene.

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    • I had to comment on this because oh goodness, haha. This is also funny because I’ve been debating making another one of my realism in books posts about sex scenes, and this was one of the things I wanted to talk about. I also get annoyed about no mention of clean up after sex when condoms aren’t used in books because it’s just not realistic, and it distracts me too.

      Kristen recently posted: The Weekly Update: 2/5/17
      • Sounds like a good topic for a post. Sex scenes definitely lack realism sometimes. And it’s okay if it happens a bit, but no clean up just grosses me out and distracts me from the scene. That’s a big no for me.

        Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #216
  3. I’ve read one where they get busy in during the rain…in dirt…There are a lot of reasons why mud sex is a bad idea. Beaches without towels or even a jacket or something, because everyone knows sand gets everywhere and that’s just not a place I want sand.

  4. Ani

    Mainly for me, it doesn’t entirely skeeve me out, but it always makes me shake my head in the negative when I see a couple having sex in some body of water, i.e. a lake, a pond, a river… I’ve even read somewhere that having sex in a swimming pool should really be avoided, because the chlorine can disrupt your pH and lead to bad yeast infections.

    But yes, public bathroom sex DOES make me wince. I don’t even really like using a public restroom for its main purposes, especially a bar/club restroom, if I can help it. Retail store restrooms around where I live are really bad: they stink and always have some sort of unidentifiable something or other on the floor. So, yes. Ewww!

  5. Ewww is right. First time together in a public bathroom? A public bathroom is bad enough period. But especially for their first time… I just read a book this week in which the characters started getting hot and heavy and then one stopped the other because they were on the hood of an old rusted junker car out in the middle of nowhere and he was just like, there’s no way I’m letting our first time together be here lol. I don’t know if I have any other specific locations that would be a no no for me.

  6. Fuck the Holy Pussy. No. Just no. Either because of ick factor or because I just can’t imagine it, just say NO to:
    public bathrooms
    any kind of water because dammit water is NOT a lube!
    Smart Cars
    barns (have any of these authors ever *touched* hay or straw? WTF and don’t fucking put down a horse blanket because horse hair is itchy as fuck)
    on a motorcycle or horse because really?
    at any point while running from bad guys/life in danger, but shit ya gotta hump that like *right* now
    crack house

    I’m sure there are more. I should start keeping a list of sex scenes that piss me off. lol

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: Wicked Wednesday ~ Hysteria
    • Ani

      I second this list! My main one is any body of water, because that’s just asking for a really bad infection, girls. And I’ve read a lot of romantic suspense where they like to just stop in the middle of running from bad guys and get it on in a river or a stream or something (that’s two from your list, lol). I couldn’t think of any other places, but when I read all of these spots, I’m like, “Yeah. I agree.”

      The hood of a car seems highly uncomfortable as well…

      • Omg, hood of a car, no. Trust me on that one. And a wooden dock. You would think that might not be bad, but it was. It so was. Also, no logs or trunks of trees or forest floors. Ok, so I was adventurous in my younger days. lol

        Speaking of inviting infection, for the love of all my tingly parts, I wish authors would stop putting sweet stuff in or around the love nest. Readers trust them with that shit and I’m like, NO! No, no, NO! No candy canes, no Fun Dip, no whipped cream, NOTHING! Do.Not.Do.It!

        A Voracious Reader recently posted: My 2017 February InD'tale Magazine Reviews
    • They might be, I might have to write a post about sex scenes that are poorly written only because some people can contort into some amazing positions. It’s mind boggling. 🙂 lol

  7. A public bathroom is a no-no for me as well, Michelle, for all the same reasons as you. Ewww! Your home bathroom? That’s fine. 😉 I can’t think of other places I’ve read that grossed me out but I think I would have a problem with the kitchen in a restaurant as well. I do not want to have to think about what could end up in people’s food if you indulge on a kitchen counter. Yuck! Again, a home kitchen is different. Great post, girl!! Happy Friday! {{{hugs}}}