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My ReviewI don’t even know were to start with this book. I enjoyed the first one so very much that when Valerie offered me this one I was over the moon and pretty much dropped everything to read it. I was not disappointed and enjoyed this one more then the first (but I did love the first).

This book made me laugh, cry and need a cold shower (WOW those steamy parts were AMAZING) I enjoyed Jasmine in the first book and was so excited to find out the this book was her story and what an amazing story it is. Jasmine is unsure what to do and after her sister passes away she decided to become a photographer (her sisters dream) on the Radiant Star for some time to heal and think about what her next step will be. It was great to be able to get inside Jasmines head and with the Dual POV it was great to see both sides because West was a dream! I adored him and I loved them together. The chemistry they had and the Bell tower…OH. MY. GOD. the bell tower. I enjoyed these two so much and loved the story they had to tell.

The story was hard; I lost my best friend 10 years ago and have a lot of issues even now dealing with her not being here with me where I think she belongs. Reading about Jasmine and even West’s loss made me think of my friend a lot and made me think about the process I have been going through to deal with her not here. The entire story revolved around Jasmine and her trying to live her sisters dream and realizing that maybe it’s not her sisters dream she should be following but maybe a chance to find what she really wants and to heal. I thought the message from both Jasmine and West were inspiring and I sent a message to Valerie to thank her for writing such an amazing book that had a strong story and lots of strong feels.

I gave With Every Breath by Valerie Chase 5/5 Stars, I honestly loved this book more than the first, I savored this book but I could have easily read it in one sitting. I hated to put it down. I recommend this 100%, grab your tissues and get ready for a lot of steamy sexy scenes. Look out for the Bell Tower and get the cold shower ready ๐Ÿ™‚

This book contains sexual content that is inappropriate to people under the age of 17.

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6 responses to “Review ~With Every Breath by Valerie Chase

  1. I really want to start reading this series after reading your reviews! And it sounds so original to have a story take place on a cruise ship, although I usually get sea sick on boats, it does sound like a great setting for a book.

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #78
    • I am scared I would get sea sick but after reading these I really do want to go on a cruise now they seem like so much fun and from what I have been told about them a lot to eat ๐Ÿ™‚