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My Review~

I like books that have never been done before (at least I haven’t seen this done), something original or out of the ordinary, that makes you think and when you finally start reading it you realize it is not what you expected and gives you so much more. Sing Sweet Nightingale by Erica Cameron is an amazing book with strong characters and a story that keeps you turning the page until you realize OMG it’s done I need more.

What a great concept, Getting brought into a dream world with a handsome man you think you are in love with that tells you everything you want to hear and give you everything you think you ever wanted only to realize he might not be what he seems. A hero that gets out of the grasps of his own dream demon and now is trying to save someone that doesn’t think she needs saving. Once I finished reading the synopsis I just wanted to know what this dream world was and hoped he was able to save her. I loved the idea of this book and with a beautiful come read me cover I could not pass this book up.

The main characters as well as the secondary characters are amazing. The book had a great amount of humor, horror, romance and fantasy. Mariella ~ she doesn’t speak in the real world only in the dream world because she made a promise. She is very naive and believes everything Orane (Her dream angel who I did not like, he made my skin crawl he had such a hold on her it was horrifying, he was very well written) is telling her. I really felt for her and you can see all of her confusion as the book progresses. I really liked Mariella, she is one of the few characters that was frustrating because she didn’t listen but not annoying just likable. Hudson ~ I think lives with a lot of guilt and I really loved how all he wants to do is help Mariella even thought she wants nothing to do with him. He is a very strong character and also one I loved following along too. I loved the two of them together but it really isn’t a front and center love story and it is not a love triangle. K.T. is someone everyone would want as a friend and loyal with all she does for Mariella it’s almost heart breaking realizing what a great friend she is. The other characters Horace, Dawn and Mariella’s Parents are just great additions and really bring so much to the entire story.

K.T. sighs. “If you mess with her head, I’ll personally hunt you down, but otherwise, good luck. If you can get her to talk, you’re a freaking miracle worker. Hell, if you can get her to actually smile, her parents might throw you a party.”

I am not even sure how to tell you how I felt about the story. The love story between Hudson and Mariella is so subtle it made the entire story so much better for me. I have seen books that have great potential with the story and they focus too much on the love aspect and it loses so much for the story. This book has such a strong story and the romance is just enough not to interfere with the story but add to it. My only issue was some things could get a little confusing with the explanation of the dream world and what happens. I think it’s a lot of information and I had to re-read a couple sections to get it straight in my head it really didn’t affect the story at all just so much going on and it’s so intense you want to make sure you have all the details.

“…it’s like he’s surrounded by electricity. The closer he gets, the more these static-like zaps run up and down my arm. No, it’s more like my arm is waking up after restricted blood flow. That sharp pins-and-needles sensation makes it hard to sit still.”

I gave Sing Sweet Nightingale by Erica Cameron 4.5/5 stars. I loved the story and loved the romance. Erica is an amazing storyteller and has done such an amazing job creating an original world with unforgettable characters. I can’t wait to read the next book and totally recommend to anyone looking for humor, horror, fantasy and a little bit of romance. Great read!!!

“Black eyes belong on obsidian statues and in horror movies, not on a teenage boy standing in a well-lit, comfortable entryway.”

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5 responses to “Review ~ Sing Sweet Nightingale by Erica Cameron

  1. Lola, I am so glad you enjoyed it as well! And thank you so much for such a fantastic look at the book, Michelle! It is so gratifying to me that people understand Mariella and what she’s going through, especially how she processes it all.

    Thank you so much! 😀

  2. Great Review Michelle!

    I just finished this book a few days ago and I loved it so much! Just like you mentioned the concept is so original and I really liked the characters.
    Although I don’t think that Mariella is really that naive, I think it’s more that she spend so much time with orane and has gotten to known him so well (at least she thinks) that it’s difficult for her to realize that not everything he says is true. Why would she believe someone she just met over someone she knows for so long? And eventually she did began to question his motives. I think it was done very believeable.

    I thought Hudson was a great character! And I liked all the side characters too, especially Horace, K.T. and Dawn. I alos liked that the romance was done so subtly and at the beginning I was actually doubting whether there would be romance at all.

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    • I guess I added Naive because of how easy it was for her to fall for him in the beginning not the entire time I do agree with you I did think she grew as the story progressed. I just didn’t word it the right way I guess 🙂

      I was just talking to someone about a strong story and a subtle romance about how much I like when it’s done that way and this is a perfect example 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂