#Review ~ And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

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This might possibly be one of the hardest reviews to write. This book is beyond words. I loved it but OMG it messed me up big time. It took me days…DAYS! to get over it and stop thinking about everything that happened. Even now writing this my brain goes completely blank and I can’t seem to find words. This review is going to be VERY vague, I am not into spoilers of any kind when it comes to books like this and I would stay away from reviews until you read it. You really don’t want ANYONE to spoil how this books ends.

The story is told in Silla’s POV. She takes her sister to an aunts house that is located in the woods far away from people. The house is no what Silla expected but she needed to get away and keep her sister, Nora safe. Things in the house aren’t what they appear to be and suddenly she isn’t safe and neither is Nora. With the help of a mysterious boy, Gowan, Silla’s must battle an unknown force and save herself and her sister. That is all I am giving you. I just can’t….it’s just not possible…I need you to read this book and experience what I did, this emotionally made me a mess. It scared me and creeped me out. I loved the darkness and I was very fond of Silla and reading this book in her POV. I still honestly can’t wrap my head around what actually happened and every time I think about it I realize more and more what was going on. 

This book wasn’t what I expected but it was a lot more. I thought it was so weird and unsettling but once it is all done, I was like a moment of OMG! WHAT?!?! I will forever remember this book and am eager to read more from this author. This is a great read and I highly recommend. You need creepy, weird, emotional and mind messing? Then this is the book for you! LOVED IT!!!

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10 responses to “#Review ~ And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich

    • I STALKED this book at BEA. Like I waited at the booth to get it from the dice game and lost. I was with another blogger and she got it and gave it to me. I could have kissed her on the mouth I was so excited. This was amazing. It was a little slow in the middle but as you get to the end you realize why it progressed like that. OMG it was fantastic.

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  1. Wow, guess you liked it huh? Considering that it messed with you so much I think I’m actually going to skip it. Lol, I know, that’s the opposite of what you want but you know I’m chicken shit. I don’t think I’d survive this book… Great review though!

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