My Review of After Realm by Renee Travis

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I am a sucker for Twisted Fairy Tales or Re-tellings
(as you are all aware of already)
So when I was asked to review one of Mrs. Travis’ Books
I already knew which one it would be since
I am a follower of her blog and
had peeked at the book a couple times.
My Review

Hellebella is not your average teenager. She is a demon princess from the underworld. She does, however, have teenager tendencies. She is outspoken, blunt, funny and rebellious. When a final act of rebellion sends her father into a rage, he sends her off to the North American School of Paranormal Princes-sing where he hopes she can learn to become a proper young lady and do something constructive with her life.

Not the only princess being sent away to the NASPP, Hellebella meets a lively bunch of girls from different paranormal kingdoms, including fairies, a vampire and shape-shifters. But not everything is light and happy at school. The girls find themselves entranced by a secret and mysterious club in another realm. There, they are forced to dance every night, and if they do not the consequences are dire.

Helle, as her new friends call her, must find a way to break them free of the spell holding them hostage, figure out WHO is behind the malicious magic and struggle with her own love for her best friend’s brother. Hopefully she can save them in time, before they become ghosts powerless to stop the magic from harming someone else.

Why I picked this book?
I don’t even know why I am posting this questions since it is obvious…Fairy Tale Re-telling 🙂 My favorites 

So what did I think?
The book follows the story of the 12 dancing princesses but with a twist. They are all Supernatural Princesses. The story centers around Hellebella a Demon Princess who is an average teenager with average teenager issues (rebellious, outspoken and defiant). She is sent to a boarding school to be taught how to become a real princess with a group of other girls with the same teen angst. Helle finds a secret door and together with her friends the story of the 12 dancing princesses emerge. 

When starting this book I wasn’t sure how I would like since the beginning was a little slow as the story builds. By the time I got half way I was all in. I actually stayed up just to finish the book.  I couldn’t wait to see what happened and didn’t want to have to wait till tomorrow. The Princesses were a fun group of girls to read about each with their own personality and written so well. I really enjoyed the story. The setting was great and well described.

The only issue I had was the types of supernatural beings and which one was which. (I had a hard time writing that sentence LOL I’m not even sure if it makes sense) 

Other than that I really like this book a lot. It was a really fun story to read and I believe Mrs. Travis did a great job making the story of the 12 Dancing Princesses her own.

Should you read it?
I believe you shouldif you like a good Fairy Tale Re-telling or Just a really good supernatural story then you will really like this book!!

 You can find all Renee Travis’ books on
After Realm, Princess of Death and Rose Blossom.
Check out her blog at
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