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News at Home: COVID Quarantine Week 23

This week was a busy one! Monday, Dante had his 1 year checkup at the doctor and it went really well. He’s way ahead on his gross motor skills and his fine motor skills. He’s 26 lbs and 30.25 inches – tall and big! I am worried about his communication skills – he scored very low on the survey they gave me to fill out. The doctor said that in her experience (20 years) kids like Dante are so strong in their motor skills that their communication skills just need some time to catch up. And he babbled up a storm as soon as I said how quiet he was. LOL! She said, “see mom, he’s letting you know not to worry!” So we’ll reevaluate at his 16 month appointment in January. And in the meantime, I’ll just keep talking to him and lots of reading like we’ve been doing.

He did amazing with his shots. They did a finger stick and he didn’t react at all. He just kept reading his dinosaur book with me and kind of looked over at it as they pulled blood from his finger, like “what are you doing?” He had to get four shots, which sucks. I brought elephant, his stuffie that he sleeps with, and he squeezed him tight as he cried (to be expected), but as soon as it was over and I picked him up he stopped crying. Like within 10 seconds. The nurse said she was impressed and that was a fast recovery. He earned a Secret Life of Pets sticker for that one. 🙂

The rest of the week was super busy with work. OH! And I forgot to tell y’all that last week we found out that the grant application we worked on back in March & April – the one that we killed ourselves finishing and then a week later they gave us our 60 days termination notice? Yeah, that one — well we got funded. As in we earned the university $46 Million. A grant they’ve bee trying to secure unsuccessfully for 6 years and they just let go the staff that made it happen. It feels like a slap in the face and a giant fuck you all in one.

Anyway, my current position is super busy. We have so many surveys coming up and I was pretty non-stop this week. Thursday I worked from 7 am – 5:30 pm with hardly a break. Just the time I take to take care of Dante. And Friday I was in meeting from 9:30 am – 3 pm. I was SO ready for the weekend. But I do enjoy being busy and feeling needed. So it’s not a bad thing, just a lot.

Yesterday I spent the morning playing with Dante, doing some chores and I got in a workout. After his nap we decided to go out to the park. Once again the swings were a no-go. So crowded and hardly a mask in sight. Pisses me off. Why can’t people understand that by wearing a mask they unable other to enjoy the park too? So fucking selfish. Anyway, took us probably 20 minutes of driving, but we found a bit of park that wasn’t filled with people and were able to let Dante walk around. He’s gotten good at walking in his shoes. And he squeals with giggles when the wind hits his face or the tall grass tickles him. And he loves when he holds mine and Kiko’s hands and we swing him. So it was completely worth the driving.

Today we plan to try and visit Franky. He was in a car accident Thursday coming home from work. His older brother was driving, boyfriend in the front seat, Franky in the back. A lady ran a red light and hit the on the front passenger side so hard the car flipped. Thankfully everyone walked away, although a bit banged up. Franky has a sprained ankle, his brother and his brother’s boyfriend have bruised ribs. But that seems to be the worst of it. Thank goodness. When I saw the picture of the car, I lost my breath for a second. Just thinking what could have happened. I just want to give him a (gentle) hug and reassure myself that he’s okay.

That’s it for us this week! Stay safe!

Blog News

I’m sort of keeping up, but struggling with visiting. I apologize for not getting to everyone, sometimes I do manage to read but not comment. When I’m on my phone (which is how I visit blogs best) Dante gets very interested in my phone and it sometimes reading is all I’m able to manage; a comment requires phone wrestling.

I’m almost done with my Series for the challenge – I started my last book yesterday. So, I think I’ll make it ! yay!

And I’m excited about the Boo-cause Reading’s Spooktacular Michelle and I are doing in October. We posted about it this week, if you want to join us 🙂

How was your week? What are you Reading?


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8 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | COVID Quarantine Week 28

  1. Yay for a great one year check up, blood work, and non-reaction to shots! I like keeping busy too and I’m glad your work week went well. Wow, I don’t blame you for needing to give Frankie a big hug to reassure yourself. Cheering you on in the homestretch of Can You Read a Series.

    Have a good week, Berls!

  2. Well your boys are ok but it was a worrisome week. Kelly was 17 lbs at a year but tall. It’s too bad about them firing those who got the grant approved. It’s good you have a new job that works for you though. I have the same problem where I read a lot of blogs and then I don’t have anything to say sometimes. I just do what I can and hope people know I am reading if I like or tweet their post at least.

    I just don’t get people on the masks. Our neighborhood had its first book club – in person- and I was the only one who wore a mask. At least it was outside and distanced.

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Audio: A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik
  3. That’s good news that Dante’s 1 year checkup went well. That’s so sad to your previous job got that grant you helped on, but they fired you. Luckily your new job sounds like a good one too and it is nice to be busy and needed at times, as long as you’re not too busy for too long. Hopefully you can relax a bit this weekend.

    That’s nice you found a park where Dante could walk a bit. We went out to the dentist this week and I was surprised to see how few people wore a mask and also how many were out and about. It’s only obligatory here in public transport, but even there many don’t wear them.

    That’s so frightening that Frankie got into a car accident. I am glad to hear they got away with only minor injuries.

    I hope you’ll have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #406
  4. Give Frankie gentle hugs from me too. That must have been so scary! OMG.
    Both my kids had delayed speech, while Ryan is a different situation, Julia just needed a little help since we tended to know what she was saying without words so she didn’t feel like she needed to, I guess. The therapist always told us to hold off giving something until they at least try to mimic, even if it’s a babble. To encourage the words. So if he read a book, say book to him until he says it back then start reading. If he hands things to you and you just do it. He doesn’t think he needs words. Eventually, Julia started talking and now doesn’t shut up. lol

    I failed my series in a month but it’s ok, I have been very distracted and knew I wouldn’t be able to finish my chunky fellas but I am loving the first book and will continue into October with it.

    Have a great week, My Friend! Happy Reading! xx

  5. Glad Dante’s appointment went well! And I’m glad Frankie is okay. Car accidents are so freaky. Its so easy to get injured. Glad things at work are going well and I agree about the grant. Its pretty crappy that they got this HUGE amount of money and the staff that got it for them got rifted. That’s just gross.

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: October