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News at Home: Still enjoying being lazy 🙂

I had another SUPER lazy week this week and it was great! Monday I worked my front desk shift at the gym (5pm-8:30pm), Tuesday was book club (where I threw up my lunch… that’s still a problem), Friday I got a massage, and Saturday I met a friend at the gym for Dance Club Cardio. After the gym we went to the big half price books and just looked around and chatted a bit. Besides those few things, I didn’t even leave my apartment this week!

I decided to keep binge watching The Big Bang Theory. I watched seasons 5-7 this week and I’m SO ready to watch season 8, but I won’t have those DVDs until book club on Tuesday. So now I don’t know what to watch. I should read, but I’m still kinda in a reading funk – with the exception of birth & infant books.

On the pregnancy front this week wasn’t good or bad. Still throwing up 4-5 times a week… so we’ll see how tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment goes. Really hoping my weight and Dante’s growth will be okay. Monday night I had awful insomnia and ended up not really falling asleep until like 7am. Tuesday night I started having really bad cramping around 3:30 in the morning – much worse than the Braxton Hicks I had been having. So much worse that I started to worry they might be real contractions… but at the same time, they didn’t feel like they were bad enough to be REAL. I pulled out my contraction timer app (what did we do before all these apps?) and started timing the cramps. The app advised that I get ready to go the hospital!!

Y’all that freaked me out because I was 29 weeks 3 days (I’m 30 weeks 1 day today) and while Dante would likely be okay born now, he’d have to spend some time in NICU. Not to mention, we are so not ready. His pack n’ play, which has the bassinet we’re going to be using, just arrived yesterday (a gift from my amazing brother and his awesome boyfriend). I don’t have a car seat yet. So no… there are so many reasons he cannot be born yet!

Anyway, I decided that if they were true contractions and strong enough that I’d be needing to go to the hospital, I’d be way more uncomfortable. So they were probably just practice contractions – there is something called prodromal labor, where you have contractions that are more intense than Braxton Hicks and less intense than real labor contractions and I’m guessing that’s what it was. I took a bath around 5am and drank a bunch of water (dehydration can make contractions worse) and fell asleep around 7am for the second day in a row. I woke up at 11, took Buffy for a walk, put my pjs back on and spent the day on the couch watching tv and napping. I did have more cramping from about 1-4, but never as bad as during the night, so all seems to be good. The bad? I so didn’t really eat that day and when you’re supposed to be gaining weight that’s not great. But I think if I had eaten, I just would have thrown up anyway with the way I was feeling.

Felt great Thursday though and still have the rest of the week, throwing up and nausea continue, but that doesn’t even count in my definition of good/bad anymore. That’s more just the new normal. I have a semi-busy week ahead of me with Dr’s appointments, book club, and even a day at a work training. So I’m glad I had a good long lazy couple weeks!

Blog News

Still haven’t had the will to really do serious blogging, but I’m at least here every Sunday for 3 weeks running now! I did start to update my reading on Goodreads. Once I get that caught up I think I might manage a book review or two! I’m getting there!

How was your week? What are you Reading?

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5 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | Still enjoying being lazy :)

  1. Jen

    Hey sweetie. I”ve been “away” from blog hopping for about three weeks and I”m just catching up some. I hope your appointment went well and you and Dante are both healthy. I’m keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. I probably missed it or have forgotten, but what is your plan for the fall? Sending love your way! xo

  2. I didn’t know you were pregnant! Congrats!

    30 weeks of nausea, yikes. Glad everything was okay. Hope this week continues to be better and Dante holds off a bit longer!

  3. So this is probably TMI but I had gas pains that mirrored contractions when I was pregnant – especially towards the end. They seriously hurt and kind of spasmed but they didn’t feel quite right. Regardless of what they are I know that’s not fun and I’m glad Dante decided to stay put for awhile. We used a Pack n Play for the Tornado and it was perfect. I was so glad we didn’t spend the money on a bassinet because the Pack n Play did the same thing but we got 2 full years of use out of it (we used it as a portable crib and play pen after he got bigger). Get lots of rest and have a great week!