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The one with All the Everything

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

News at Home

One day you’re going to visit my Sunday Post and I’m going to say “nothing much happened this week.” Really, I’m looking forward to that week. This week is NOT that week, unfortunately. This week pretty much had a bit of everything. Hence the post title. This week’s post is long because there is illness, family drama, and Dante updates – just too much to condense!


We tried size 6 diapers last night… and still woke up to pee everywhere. I’m so tired of washing sheets y’all! I talked to my friend and she told me that her son couldn’t do the diapers Dante has been doing, they leaked on him. And Dante has really gotten leaner since starting Daycare (more similar to her son’s build), so maybe that’s it? Kiko is picking up a different style today while he’s out for us to use overnight. Fingers crossed!

Today we had our COYER book club chat, which is always fun. I also managed to get laundry finished, meal prep done, cleaned the fridge, deep cleaned the kitchen, changed the sheets, and drafted blog posts for the week (and visited Sunday Posts!). I had intended to clean the bathrooms too, but my back’s been bothering me since this morning and this afternoon I went to use the restroom and I think I’ve got a UTI. It burned and there was blood. I called the nurse line that I have with my insurance and they said as long as I don’t have fever of vomiting I can wait to go the doctor tomorrow. So I’ll be trying to squeeze that in, on top of an appointment for Dante tomorrow.


My UTI was much worse by morning and I struggled to get Dante ready for his Doctor’s appointment. We managed to get there right on time, but while we were in the room waiting for the doctor I had to pee so bad, I finally walked out with Dante in my arms, stripped down to his diaper and asked to use the restroom. I haven’t had a UTI in like 15 years but gah they’re awful.

Anyway, Dr’s appointment went really well. His doctor agrees that it’s time to get him evaluated by a developmental specialist for his speech and general communication delays (he doesn’t point, wave, etc and just now started responding to his name). She said we should hear back by the end of the week about the referral, but that because of COVID everything is backed up, so getting in to the specialist may take a while. I’m okay with that, since we’re just trying to get early intervention, not as if he’s 3 years old. He’s only 21 months.

I called my Dr but she can’t get me in until Wednesday, so while waiting for Dante’s Doctor, I got myself on the wait list for CareNow. And it worked out perfect – just as I was finishing dropping Dante off at Daycare they were ready for me. Turns out, I do have a UTI, but also a Kidney Infection. The Dr was kind of stern with me – apparently my pain tolerance is a bit high because for the level of kidney infection I already have, I probably had the UTI for a few days already. I have a light fever and nausea, which has her concerned and she told me that if I start vomiting or running a real fever, I have to go to the ER. She also told me she didn’t want me alone, she was pretty concerned. So after the appointment I went to my brother’s to work from home. The pain was pretty bad and I couldn’t really manage work much, I ended up clocking out after just 1 hour and basically napping at their place with a heat pad on my back. Every time I finished a water bottle they were handing me another. The antibiotics also made me pretty dizzy, but thankfully I was good in time to go pick up Dante from daycare.

The pain has increased a lot this evening and I basically tapped out on childcare. We didn’t do any toy pickup and I had Kiko pretty much do everything to get Dante ready for bed. I did still read with him, but even picking him up to sit on my lap (while sitting in the rocking chair) hurt. The pain has spread from my back to my pelvic area and down my legs. But my fever is gone and no vomiting. Hoping I won’t have to go to the ER. Kiko managed to burn himself real good while cooking dinner too, so we’re a hot mess here tonight. Dante wasn’t thrilled that daddy put him to bed, but I could not hold him like normal. Going to bed with a heat pad on my back and praying I can sleep.


Sleep was fitful last night, but I woke up feeling a lot better. I still have a lot of back pain, but I don’t feel nauseous anymore and the pain has receded just into my back again. So I think we’ll be able to skip the ER. Yay! Also a bought thee the little inserts to add to Dante’s diaper and it worked, no pee mess. Thank goodness, I really couldn’t handle it today. Took Dante to daycare this morning and I’m working from home. I feel a little guilty taking him when I’m home, but I need rest if I going to be better and able to take care of him tonight.

I heard back from the doctor’s office this morning with Dante’s referral. I called the developmental pediatricians office and they’re going to get the referral process started. They said it could be 3 to 8 months before they’re actually able to see him… though she said that’s what they’re telling people and she would expect it to be faster as long as they don’t hit bumps in the road. I sure hope it doesn’t take 8 months. On the positive side, maybe he’ll progress a lot in that time?!

Today I also heard from Mema (Franky’s grandmother, who’s been family to me for 16 years now). My mom has reached out to her now (because my brother and I have both blocked her) and she claims to be fleeing from Scott (again) and trying to go to a shelter (again). We’ll see if it’s real this time or just more of her drama. I told Mema to be careful, not to trust her, not to give her money and not to tell mom where she lives. The last thing I want is her to get hurt because my mom takes advantage of her. The Drama 🙁

Dante had an amazing day at daycare! He gave his teacher a high five (I saw it!), he ate his applesauce with a spoon all by himself, he napped, and he made some really great artwork (fine motor skills!!). I’m so encouraged and excited. I’m feeling a lot better, but I do think I’m going to work from home one more day.


I woke up this morning to a text message from my cousin, Carly. Because of my family’s religion, I was kicked out of the family about 18 years ago, when Carly was 4 years old. So I was obviously surprised to hear from her. Well, she reached out to my brother via Instagram (he’s only been out for about 8 years, so they knew each other more recently) and they talked a bit and she asked for my number. I am the family cautionary tale apparently, but it worked opposite on her. She saw me making it without the family and thought, “I can do that too.” So she left the church (aka as a cult) in January and has been figuring things out on her own this year. It’s been hard and she’s been so alone but she’s made it. And she wanted to reach out and say thank you for doing it first, so she knew she could do it. She said for the first time in her life, she feels hope. That she can be herself. I remember that feeling so well. It’s devastating to lose everyone you’ve loved your entire life, but you have to leave because the cult is suffocating your very will to live. We shared some text messages throughout the day and I think we’ll start up (resume? is it resuming when she was 4 last time we talked?) a relationship. Tomorrow is her birthday – her first birthday she’ll get to celebrate. I hate that she’s in North Carolina, but Phil and I are going to find a way to celebrate her just the same. Anyway…

I decided that it was best to work from home again today, my back is still hurting a lot and I can’t imagine all day at a desk, plus the drive and walk to my office. So I took Dante to daycare (woke up without pee everywhere again, yay!!), stopped at Target for some more cranberry juice (drive up pickup) and came back home to work. I had a few meetings today but that was about it.  I also had therapy today and we talked about my general drama of a life — seriously who has this much shit in 1 week?!?! — but I feel like I’m actually handling everything fairly well.

Dante had another good day in daycare. I had 0 ounces of energy to cook and Kiko had to work late, so I picked up Pollo Regio for dinner. Dante got fussy after dinner, we decided it was because he was tired, so we did a slightly early bedtime and yeah, he was out so fast. I’m headed to bed early too, because we have a busy morning tomorrow.


Today started really great. Dante had an eye doctor’s appointment, at 9:10 a.m. so I picked up a McDonald’s pancake and egg breakfast for us to share and we had a little park picnic. We went to a park I’ve been trying to take him to since the pandemic began but has always been too busy and it was almost empty. After our breakfast we got on these really cool swings that have the baby swing attached to an adult swing. By swinging myself, it moves Dante’s swing as well. He laughed and was happy and we had a great time.

And then we went to the eye doctor. And it was AWFUL.

First of all, it took forever. I knew it could take a lot of time and came prepared with a toy, a book, and his tablet. But we didn’t leave until after 11… two hours in a doctor’s office with a 21 month old is a lot.

Then they had to do eye drops. First numbing drops, followed by dilating drops. I had to hold him down and he was so upset by the process, it took about 10 minutes to calm him down.

And THEN we had to do the actual eye exam. The doctor did not do a good job communicating with me what he needed from Dante and we ended up me having to wrap my legs to hold Dante’s legs, while I held down his arms. An assistant came in to hold his face and we got the eye exam in while Dante cried and screamed bloody murder. It was so awful. Shots are way better than that.

When we were done, Dante just laid his head on my shoulder and he was awake but worn out.

And the news was not good either. Dante is both near sighted and has an astigmatism. We need to come back in 6 months (and I will be going to a different doctor at the office) to get an accurate prescription for glasses. We’ll also have to do eye drops (which we won’t be able to get from a local pharmacy and will have to pay out of pocket for in hopes that insurance will reimburse) nightly for the rest of Dante’s life, to slow the progression of his near sightedness. The goal is to keep him from getting to like a -12 and maybe stopping at like a -5. My poor baby.

Oh and that hell cost just under $200.

After I dropped Dante off at daycare – where he basically just slumped into his teacher’s lap so beat my poor baby – I got in the car and just cried. And called Michelle (who got me laughing with tales of her child’s doctor visits lol).

I also go a call today that the bacteria culture came back as e coli and my antibiotic may not be fully effective against it. So if I’m not feeling better by Saturday, I need to go pick up a new round of antibiotics.

Work was slow, thank god. I worked from my brother’s apartment – had a couple meetings – and just hung with them for a bit.

Then this evening, Dante was lying on my like he does when doesn’t feel well. And he felt really warm. Took his temperature – forehead said 98.1, ear said 102.3. We gave him Tylenol and he started playing, so maybe he did have a fever. I don’t know, but I really don’t think I can handle my baby being sick on top of everything.


This morning Dante seemed perfectly fine, so I took him to daycare. Today they’re having a picnic, so I had to pack lunch. He doesn’t really eat typical sack lunch foods, so I made him scrambled eggs, apple slices, and cheese crackers.

At work I got a call from the Doctor’s office – they had heard from the developmental pediatrician and they had talked about Dante’s case. They’re going to work on the paperwork to get Dante in, but in the meantime they wanted me to call Early Childhood Intervention, to get things started. So I called them today and they are supposed to call back next week to schedule an initial assessment appointment.

My back only slightly hurts, so I don’t think I’m going to have to switch antibiotics. Thank Goodness. Dante did well at daycare today and had a lot of fun with the picnic. Unfortunately, we think we know why he had a fever last night. I told the teacher I had noticed a rash starting around his face and she said yeah, she noticed one on his hand too… did you guess it? Hand Foot and Mouth has been going around his school and looks like Dante has probably caught it. Not much we can do but let it pass. Give him some Tylenol and pray he has an easy case.

I am So. Done. With. This. Week.


Today I did meal planning for the week, put in a grocery order for pickup tomorrow, and did Dante’s laundry before we headed out to Campbell to visit Franky and family for a 4th celebration. I forgot my headphones, so I didn’t get to listen to my audiobook on the hour drive out. But they needed some ice, so I went with Franky to QT and grabbed a pair for the drive home… thank goodness! I’m going to keep them in the car from now on, just in case.

Anyway, we had called before heading out to tell them about Dante’s Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and they said to still come, it was no big deal. So we were SUPER surprised when gradually more and more people showed up at the house. They have a big house and it sits on 2 acres, so they are setup well to entertain. They invited a lot of people (all vaccinated) but I guess they weren’t expecting everyone to come. But after a year of not being able to socialize, I guess everyone was eager to celebrate. But Kiko, Dante and I are pretty introverted and add to it that he was sick and contagious — we wished we hadn’t come. We just had thought it was just going to be close family and that makes it easy to be warn about his being sick. But when somewhere around 50 people show up, it gets overwhelming.

Kiko and I ended up taking turns taking Dante out to play in unpopulated parts of the property. I will say, we ate some really good food, and Dante had a ton of fun playing outside. Since we were already out there, Kiko wanted to stay to do some fireworks. I am not a fan of fireworks — they’re basically bombs y’all! – but we stayed until 10:30 when Dante was super fussy because he was very tired. Praying he will sleep in tomorrow, since I’m getting to bed just after midnight.

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28 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | The one with All the Everything

  1. Jen

    OH! I’m hugging you tight. What a rough week. SO glad you have a good support network. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

    I wonder – could Dante’s eyesight be a big part of the reason he’s having development delays? I only ask b/c my youngest was delayed and we found out after several doctor’s visits that she had persistent fluid in her ears – she wasn’t hearing us! She had no outward signs, no ear infections, etc. But the fluid never would drain from her ears. Good luck with his visits. *HUGS*

    • Thank you Jen, I appreciate it.!

      So yeah, I was thinking that too. I’m a bit pissed because the eye appointment was so awful I didn’t think to insist that he give us the prescription for eyeglasses and drops then. But now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m not okay with waiting 6 months. If he can’t see and it could be impacting his development, let’s get him glasses now. I don’t want to go back anytime soon and i’m really angry that for 2 hours, hell, and $200 they sent us away with nothing. I left a voicemail this afternoon asking for the eyeglass and eye drop prescriptions. Hopefully they will give them without another appointment.

      Anyway…. hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Berls you had a shitty week. At least it’s over now and you can look forward to next week. You did so good with your kiddo, as one of those kids who had chronic illnesses growing up, I just wanted you to know that your kiddo appreciates you so much (even if he can’t say it yet). He’ll grow up and know that you were with him every step of the way and be so thankful. Stay strong! You got this!! Have a great week 🙂

  3. You could write a book for every one of your weeks LOL. Seriously, how much can one endure? At least you have an amazing husband and extended family, though you had to distance yourself from your closest ones in the process. And aww, poor Dante. So young and so many problems already. I hope they’ll manage to do something for his eyes (without having to torture him again 🙄).

    • LOL yeah I don’t seem to live one of those boring, simple lives, do I? I really TRULY wish I did. Thank you, I hope we’ll get him in glasses sooner than later and that will be the key. *fingers crossed*

      Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. Oh, Berls, what a week! One thing piled on another… I hope this week goes much more smoothly, and the new antibiotic does its job. Don’t neglect yourself — if you still have pain, or any symptoms at all, check in with the doctor. I hope Dante gets over the HFM quickly, too.

    Eye drops for little ones are rough. I had corneal injury at around age 3; according to my aunt, I had to be held down by four adults in the ER so the doctor could examine me. (Everything turned out fine.) I can’t remember it at all. Dante will probably not remember this experience, either, and he’ll get used to the nightly drops — especially if you can reward him for getting them without a fight. It’s good you are pursuing what’s best for him, both with his eyesight and whatever developmental delays he may be having. You’re a good mom.

    It’s great that your cousin has contacted you. I wish you all a better week, with improving health and far less family drama! And a happy birthday to your cousin.

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Sunday Post – July 4, 2021
    • Thanks Lark <3 I did end up picking up the new prescription after all and I think it's finally doing the job. Dante and I are home today but I think he's about done with his HFMD *fingers crossed* we'll be able to send him back to daycare tomorrow or Thursday.

      Thank you so much for that story, it helps. I felt so awful after Thursday's appointment and I still do get pretty upset thinking about it. I just want Dante to have what he needs and I wish the path were easier. We'll get there though.

      Hope you're having a great week!

  5. Whoa! You get the survival t-shirt for last week. Yep, you definitely have earned a quiet, uneventful one. Sounds like good progress on Dante’s assessment process and yay for figuring out a solution to the diaper leaks. So neat you could reunite with your cousin.

    Happy 4th and wishing you a good rest of the week, Berls!

    Sophia Rose recently posted: Sunday Post – 4 July 2021
    • Thanks Sophia! For reals, last week was just a bit much. But yes, figuring out the diapers was a major win. I think if I had continued to wake up to messes that would have been the straw the broke the camels back!

      Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry you were so sick!! That is awful. And I can’t believe you had to pay $200 for Dante to get tortured at the eye doctor. Eye doctors are always so expensive. I am nearsighted with an astigmatism as well. Thankfully, mine has only progressed to -2.5 but I am starting to show signs of retinal detachment. I hope next week is a million times better!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: July 4th
    • I was shocked at the price, considering that specialists on our insurance are usually about $60. And we didn’t actually get anything – he didn’t give me a prescription for the eye drops or glasses. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. *deep breaths* anyway, I hope you have a great week!

  7. OMgosh, what a week! I’ll look forward to you saying not much happened too! I’m glad your cousin reached out to you and is doing okay! But dang, that UTI. I had one a couple of years ago for who knows how long before a doctor caught it, since I already have chronic bladder problems. He was talking to me like I was stupid for not knowing, when we were just discussing that I need a referral to urology to switch my bladder meds!

    • I hate when Dr’s talk down to us – I feel like that’s part of what happened at Dante’s eye dr too actually. Anyway, glad to have last week behind us and really hoping for a nothing happened week soon! Hope you’re having a great week!

  8. Wow. That’s some week you had! I hope you continue to feel better too! And poor Dante! Hope everything continues to get better for you guys!

    Nice new reads too! Those are some new to me ones. I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh, Berls! What a week! I hope you continue to feel better, UTIs are no joke. I hope you’ll be able to take good care of yourself this coming week.
    I’m glad you’ve been able to start the process with Dante – but what a clusterfuck with the eye doctor! What is wrong with them? Even if it was for you, they should have explained each step of what was going to happen. Poor Dante.
    Sending you good vibes for all of you – and for your cousin, too – and wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
    I miss you! {{{BIG HUGS}}} (virtual, so it’s all safe;) )

    Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms recently posted: Weekend Wrap-up #343 – Summer Here I Come!
    • Thanks Linda! I’m on the new antibiotic and I do think it’s doing the job. I’m so torn on what to do about the eye doctor, I feel like they put us through hell and gave us nothing in return. I think Dante needs glasses now, not in 6 months, but I really don’t want to take him back… and pay $200 again! Sending you virtual hugs right back!! Miss you!!