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The one with the yellow

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

News at Home

I had so many possible names for this week’s Sunday Post. I considered:

  • The one with the funk
  • The one with the unpaid OT
  • The one with the attempted mugging
  • The one with the freezing weather
  • The one where winter stole my playdate

Because yes, those were realities of my week this week. I decided to go with the best moment of the week – yellow. It  happened Saturday night, so I’ll explain in a minute. I should also mention that my husband bought Juan Julio and I’m writing this a bit tipsy 😛

So I kicked off the week with an attempted mugging on Sunday at 2pm in the afternoon. I was bringing in my groceries. I saw these two teens coming up the stairs across from me and they were running. I thought nothing of it, even when they came up behind me, because I thought they were going to my neighbors, who have people coming and going all the time. I unlocked my door, prepared to go in and they said something, so I pulled the door shut and turned to them (I hadn’t heard them clearly). The kid in front said, “give us your money” and showed me a gun in his waist band. I did not respond in the smartest way.

I laughed and said, “are you fucking kidding me?”

This confused them. I just couldn’t believe this shit was happening. They said, “give us your money” and showed me the gun again (which he never took out of his waistband and I’m not convinced it was not a toy). I said (truthfully), “I don’t have any money.” and I started to throw my groceries to them, and said something like, ” here take my groceries.”

They jumped back. I really don’t think this was going at all like they planned. They again asked for my money, which I again let them know I didn’t have. They told me to turn out my pockets. At this point Kiko had heard me and thought I left groceries at the door, while going to get a second load as I often do. So he opened the door to bring the groceries in. The kids/teens saw him and took off running.

I tell the story with humor, but in reality, I think it fucked me up this week. My only thought the whole time was to keep them out of the apartment and away from Dante. And this week, I had several alternate scenarios running through my head from what if I’d been at the car or out walking? to What if I’d had Dante with me? The end result was that I’ve felt trapped in my home and, until getting groceries again this week, I didn’t leave the house once. And when I left yesterday for groceries, Kiko watched me get in the car, I had pepper spray on me (I’ve never carried pepper spray before), and I called him when I got home so he could watch me come in. It sucks to be afraid, but I am a bit. I do think each successful outing will help.

But, in the meantime, I’ve been in a fantastic funk. With the exception of my one buddy read with Anne I didn’t read shit this week. I didn’t wake up to work out. I gave a shit about what I ate. I did zero blogging (until today). and etc.

In other news, I started my new position this week and it’s been fine. I did end up working OT, but now I’m exempt so it’s unpaid. Not a big deal and our new me is great so mostly it’s good.

Also, we’ve been getting colder and colder every day and I’m over it. We are going to be in the teens tonight and they’re expecting single digits by Monday, which would break a February record. I get that it gets colder up North. But this is Dallas. We don’t like this shit and are not equipped for it. It sucks. Groceries stores were insane as people attempted to get what they needed ahead of the weather (including me). And I had a play date planned that got canceled because the weather was sleeting. So that sucked.

In positive news – yellow. I’ve been incredibly stressed over the past few weeks about Dante not talking. He’s going to be 17 months on the 18th and besides some momma and dadda babbling, we have no words. I purchased a course to help me help him and freaked out even worse because I realized he didn’t even have most the gestures he should have. I cried about it this week because I realize that in my efforts to work from home while watching him, I haven’t done as well as I should have working on language with him. So I’ve been trying – despite exhaustion and funk – to work with him more this week. And last night (Saturday), as we were in our normal after dinner/before bed routine – me cleaning the kitchen, Kiko watching TV and Dante, who’s playing… he is playing with his nursery rhyme book that has buttons that talk. The book says, “yellow” and Dante says “yellow” clear as day, out of the fucking blue. Kiko and I both stop and look at each other, stunned.Ad then we clap and laugh and Kiko says “well, I guess your first word is yellow.” Not an easy first word. And then he wouldn’t say it again. I’m back to cleaning, Kiko’s back to watching TV, Dante’s playing with his book and  out of the blue  he says”yellow” again.

So the week with all this bull shit and YELLOW.

Blog News

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Last week on Because Reading

Challenge update

This week I finished:

I’m participating in 4 reading challenges this year. Here’s how I’m doing:

Backlist Reader hosted by Lark @ Bookwyrms Hoard: 7 this year (2 added this week)

Library Love hosted by Books of My Heart & Angel’s Guilty Pleasures: 0 this year

New Release hosted by (un)Conventional Bookworms: 0 this year

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2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge
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FitReaders (hosted by Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About & Felicia The Geeky Blogger)

I’m keeping a scorecard to track my fitness goals. It’s something my nutritionist suggested to help me move past my perfectionism. My current goal is to get to 60 points a week – something I can do without doing perfect every day.

Well I was in a funk and it shows. I gained weight this week and am the heaviest I’ve been in years (even more than when I was pregnant with Dante). I’m a little depressed about it for sure, but I met with my nutritionist on Friday and I have a plan.

My focus is going to be vegetables. I KNOW if I ate veggies like I was supposed to the rest of the eating would come together much better. I also have come to the conclusion that I really miss group exercise. Since I can’t see myself going to a gym right now, I’m looking into some virtual LIVE options to improve that. Hopefully next week I’ll have a much better update.

Weight gain/loss: up 4 pounds for the year.

Added to My Shelf

I’m trying to be more responsible about keeping track of the books I acquire, so I’m going to start sharing them again. If I share them here, surely I’ll remember to add them to Goodreads, right?

How was your week? What are you Reading?


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15 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | The one with the yellow

  1. I think having a system in place after something like that isn’t you being scared but practical. I’m so glad it ended up okay but pissed as hell that it happened at all. And lord knows this week isn’t being kind either.

    I’m super impressed Dante got out yellow! Kiddos who can string together whole sentences stumble over that one. I think it proves he can; he just doesn’t have a lot to say yet. 😉

    Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter recently posted: Persuasion by Jane Austen {Stephanie’s Review}
  2. “well, I guess your first word is yellow.”

    Oh, but the attempted mugging was scary AF (though I have to admit I pictured you throwing groceries at them in my head, and it was a funny image). Also, what’s with them only being scared away by your husband coming? Are we women still easy prey? I hope they won’t try again…but at least you have pepper spray now.

    Have a nice and uneventful week!

    Roberta R. recently posted: C.W. Snyder: "Goddess of Nod" (ARC Review)
  3. I am so glad you are okay and the situation wasn’t worse, Berls. I can only imagine how shaken up you must have felt! It was around this time 10 years ago when I was home, three or so weeks away from giving birth to my daughter, when someone came to the door and tried to break into my house, kicking at the door. We’d been robbed a month before–when no one was home–and they’d taken our TV and my laptop. It was broad day light. Noonish. And I was scared out of my mind. I yelled through the door to go away and when that didn’t work told whoever it was I was calling 9-1-1. They ran away, thankfully. After the police left, I called my husband at work and he came right home. My next door neighbor told me later I should have called him and he would have gotten there sooner than the police–armed with his shotgun. LOL Seriously though, it messed me up for along while. Luckily we weren’t in that house much longer.

    Yellow is a great first word. 🙂 Your comment about feeling like you haven’t been working with Dante enough what with working from home is something I can relate to as well–for different reasons. We really are juggling a lot, and it goes beyond trying to balance it all. Dante is very lucky to have you as a mom and you are doing an amazing job with him, even though you do not always feel that way.

    I really want to read To Catch a Queen. The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen sounds good too! I hope you enjoy you reading and have an easier week, Berls.

  4. Jen

    WOW!!! I am so glad you and your family are safe and sound. I think I would be having PTSD for quite a while after that – all the what ifs! Please be kind to yourself and get help if needed. You are a strong, wonderful woman, but can mess with you none the less.

    I’m glad Dante said yellow for you. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but my youngest didn’t meet many of the milestones by age two, including speech. We discovered that the biggest reason was because she had persistent fluid in her ears. Never an infection, never bothered her, she was just always “under water” so she wasn’t hearing much of anything. We had tubes put in her ears and worked with a speech therapist for a year and she caught up in no time.

    I hope this week goes a bit more smoothly for you. Stay warm – that Dallas weather is NUTS! It’s colder there than it is way up here in NH!!

  5. oh that is scary! I’m glad you have some things in place to help in the future. With things as bad as they are with COVID, I’m surprised there isn’t more of this. I’m glad the new position is ok so far. My daughter didn’t say many words in her first year, bye and hi, ma and da. But I was lucky she had daycare where they had things and we read to her a lot. I know we took her to Disneyworld when she was 19 months (business trip and my brother lives in FL) and there was this big glass elephant in the back of Main St Cafe where we were having breakfast. We were at the front of the cafe. She kept saying efant and we couldn’t figure it out and finally we did and were shocked she knew that word. Her first sentences were all the same I want juice, I want banana, I want….. but hey, they were sentences. I hope your reading is better this week and I look forward to the next time we read together again.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Series on Saturday: LOVE is LOVE
  6. Yep, that would rattle me for a very long time. I’ve been through it on three occasions when a bunch of punks were wanting drug money. I can’t remember when it happened, but after a bit I went from scared and cautious to mad and cautious. I took self-defense and personal safety classes, too, to make me feel more empowered.
    Yay for ‘Yellow’ and your new veggie nutrition and video group workout plan. You’ll zap those four pounds.
    I got the Particular Charm and Betwixt this week, too.

    Have a good one, Berls!

  7. OMG! I am so glad you are okay and that things didn’t get to bad and Kiko came out! On the other hand what a cool first word…lol. Yellow I would think would be pretty hard to say so he is going to be a smart feller! 🙂

    Have a great week and happy reading!

    Stormi Johnson recently posted: The Week In Review #339
  8. Oh wow. That’s scary! Glad everything turned out okay. I’ve gotten nervous more often when I’m out and about by myself. In recent years I’ve taken to talking to myself. Figure it’s worth a shot if potential muggers think I’m crazy they might not want to bother with me. I’ve had full on conversations with myself, responded to myself, interrupted myself…usually only when I’m in areas that make me a little uneasy or are unfamiliar. Hope that doesn’t happen to you again, I can imagine it making you shaky for days later.

    Nice new reads though! Those are new to me ones! I hope you enjoy them all!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  9. OMG, I’m so glad you are safe but you are so brave! I’m not surprised you’ve been a bit shaky this week.
    It seems Dante cheered you up though, yellow is a great mantra for you!

    Wishing you a great reading week