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Week of May 8th 2022

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News at Home

Sunday – Monday

Mother’s Day was a good, but busy day. I woke up with Dante as usual and made our usual weekend breakfast for him and Kiko. Then I ran out to pick up groceries and when I came home I did my meal prep. But Dante went down for a nap – Happy Mom’s Day for sure!! – and Kiko made a special dinner for us. And I managed to get all the work I needed to done and still get to bed on schedule, so a pretty great day. And Kiko got me some beautiful roses, along with a really pretty necklace that says “mom.” This was the perfect gift, as he got me one last year and at some point in the last month or so Dante pulled it off of me and I lost it. I tore the place up looking for it and was really sad about it. So I was really appreciative of him knowing how much it meant to me and replacing it.

Monday was a very busy day. I no longer have down time at work – I’m consistently busy; this is a good thing but I miss the down time a bit. Dante woke up at 2:30/3 am but after maybe 2 minutes of cuddling I lay him down and he went straight back to sleep. And it didn’t take me too terribly long to get back to sleep myself. I got in my workout this morning and Dante woke up just as I was getting out of the shower, so that was good timing. Got him to school well and had a very productive day. I had a therapy session and a friend called unexpectedly, but I somehow managed to get in my assignments for bootcamp today still. Dante started transitioning to the 2.5 year olds class today and I’m really happy about it, as I like the teacher. She’s been there since before COVID which is unusual anymore – so some really good consistency for him. And she told me today that she has experience with Autism, which is also great. He had a great time while he was with her today, so I’m feeling really positive about this transition. Table time is not going as well – I mean, Dante still loves it, but he’s not trying to talk anymore 🙁 I don’t know, I’m trying to be optimistic and hope he’s just processing. He continues to do better about pointing so there’s that. Kiko was particularly grumpy this evening and I think we’re all just tired. I’m glad that I’m on schedule and should be able to get to bed just after we put Dante down!


Today was SO MUCH. Got off to a good start with my morning routine. Then Dante woke up in a decidedly fussy mood. I think he was hungry because he ate two breakfast biscuits with gusto while I got him ready. He was basically ready when I remembered that this morning is picture day and I wanted to put him a nicer shirt than his normal T-shirt. So I had to change him really quick (when he was fussy). That was fun. But we still got to school on time and I got to work on time. Work was busy. It’s nurses week this week, and as a member of the sunshine committee that’s keeping me busy. Plus I have a couple projects I’m working on that have also kept me super busy. Plus I got a phone call around 12 that they wanted to reschedule Dante’s Autism eval from Thursday to tomorrow. The time was actually better for me, but it meant I had a lot of juggling to do with my schedule. Anyway, I got out about 30 minutes later than I planned and headed to my brother’s. When I was walking up from their parking lot to their place I was checking my email and I had an email from the Sam’s Club director I talked with last week, telling me to watch my email, the recruiter would be reaching out to me about the position he wanted me to apply for. And then I found this email (blocking out names and links):

Hi –!
Hope you are doing well!
My name is —– and I will be your partner recruiter moving forward for our opportunity.
I have great news for you! We are currently working on an offer for approval, and we would like to move forward with you for the role. 🙂
For us to proceed, kindly go ahead and apply to this link so we can generate the offer for you: (link)
Kindly complete this as soon as possible.
Thank you so much!

Y’all… I read that and stopped in my tracks. Like, wait, what? I thought I still had to apply and interview and everything? Was that conversation last week the ENTIRE interview? WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I went into Phil’s and showed him the email and he was equally shocked… but also read it that I got the job. So we showed it to Zach and he was “OMG Congrats!” Again, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?I spent the next hour and half applying to the job and responding to the emails. I took me that long because my brain was just spinning. I’m not even done with my bootcamp. My interview involved no technical skills. I honestly still haven’t wrapped my head around it and am waiting to hear that there was a miscommunication and he meant that they want to setup my interviews or something. So yeah, that happened. I’ll see what happens moving forward. I am so nervous right now.

Wednesday – Saturday

Y’all this week was just A LOT. And it’s 11pm Saturday night and I forgot to write this so this will be a super high-level of Wednesday – Saturday.

Wednesday – Dante was diagnosed as Autistic. They are prescribing 20 hours ABA therapy a week to start. Now I’m trying to just figure it all out. Where will he get therapy and how will I make it work with my work schedule? OH and I haven’t heard anything about that job offer yet so who knows what’s up there.

Thursday – I don’t really recall. I know I was super busy at work – meetings back-to-back from 9:30 – 3 pretty much. Like not even a lunch break in there. I did sign up for more information from a few ABA centers. Oh and Dante was in a horrible state this evening – I wasn’t sure if he was tired or sick, he just cried and cried and then he was fine. IDK

Friday – I took off for mental health (called in with a migraine). I spent the morning doing my bootcamp coding and then met Brandee at a restaurant that starts happy hour at 11am (we met at noon). It was EXACTLY what I needed. Oh and while I was there one of the centers called and we have a tour on Thursday at 3. AnywayWe sat there from 12 – 6 drinking and eating… had a sandwich, some nachos, some sweet potato fries, 3 margaritas and 3 old fashioned. I haven’t had that much to drink in a LONG time. Drank a ton of water too – felt great and slept great.

Saturday – bootcamp this morning, first session of my last set of classes (4 weeks… so 3 weeks left). They messed up and put me in the wrong cohort, but same material. I sat there for 1.5 hours and then was like wait, I don’t know any of these people when we got split into breakout groups. So I messaged my team and they were like, “we wondered where you were” and sent me the zoom link. I jumped in with them and actually got some of the instruction twice, so that worked out. Just need to get all my stuff fixed, waiting to here back from the bootcamp admins. I like both instructors, but not a fan of the cohort I got dumped in with lol.

Took Dante to the park in the afternoon – we did our walk and played, but not as long because it was hot. This evening Franky stopped by and we chatted for a bit. And yeah I have done zero work for the week, so I’m going to be busy tomorrow.

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5 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | Week of May 8th 2022

  1. I am excited to hear more about the job offer when you hear back from them.
    I’m glad that you pushed for and got a diagnosis. Now at least he can get the extra help he needs and so can you.
    You are so busy.

    Mary Kirkland recently posted: Apartment Life #304
  2. Another overwhelming week…I hope Dante will be able to get all the support he needs and start making progresses. At least now you have a confirmed diagnosis and can work from there…And I hope you’ll hear back from the recruiter soon…they wanted you to apply in a hurry, and then nothing for almost a week?!?

    Roberta R. recently posted: Kate A. Boorman: "What We Buried"
  3. No it sounds like you have done nothing but work on all fronts this week! But yeah, you meant housework. How exciting about the job stuff. I can’t wait to hear more. In general, I always am excited to read your Sunday posts because even when we chat during the week I want to hear more. It’s early days for Dante so you will figure it out. I hope you have a more comfortable week ahead!

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Series on Saturday: Park Ranger
  4. Jen

    What a week. I’m glad you had such a nice Mother’s Day! I’m also glad you finally have answers and confirmation about Dante’s Autism. I hope you figure out a workable schedule for you all. Good luck with the job stuff… keeping my fingers crossed.