Task It Tuesday! ~ 2019 Time to get some stuff done! #Taskittues

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Welcome to Task it Tuesday, created by the fabulous Geeky Blogger and adopted first by Because Reading and now by Because Challenges!

What is Task it Tuesday? Task it Tuesday is a weekly meme dedicated to the list makers of the blogging world 🙂 It’s all about being productive and organized – on your blog and in real life (if you so chose). By sharing our lists we get instant accountability partners and also get ideas of things to add to our lists (or sometimes ways to tackle tasks more efficiently). We hope you’ll join us!

Blogging Tasks

So last year I had a bunch of tasks I was working on but some things happened and I sort of just stopped doing them and everything else but I am now back in business and plan to get my butt moving on those things I was planning to do.

  • Reorganize Shelves on Goodreads
    • Make new shelves to better organize my books
    • Create Challenge shelves
    • Add shelves for the COYER Challenge
  • Combine my Amazon Shelves with Goodreads.
  • Go through READ books and make sure I read all those books.

One thing I wanted to do was organize my kindle collections and organize all the books. I started this a while ago and are almost done. I also think I need to go through some of the ones I read and see what I want to keep because honestly if the books was less than 3 starts chances are I wont be reading it again and if it is something I will reread, I will most likely grab the physical books

Secret Project

So last Task it Tuesday I wrote this “I am currently working on something that I want to at the moment keep a secret. I am worried someone will take the idea away from me and I can’t really say to much until I am at least have it half way done which is sort of a bummer since I am sure some of you would have some great ideas but I will ask when I get most of it finished. Just think planner 😉 I will have more details once I get started in a month or two”

I had to postpone a lot of my plans for Limabean Designs last year but this idea is still something I will be working on and I can’t even explain how excited I am about it. The project will take a few months, most likely wont be ready until around June or July if not later. This project is huge! but it could be the start of something that will be useful to so many. I will have details I think maybe on the next posts.

Real Life Tasks

I have a few plans for the house. Right now it is hard because of the weather but I will have a list of things I plan to do in the Spring. This house needs a make-over. 😉

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4 responses to “Task It Tuesday! ~ 2019 Time to get some stuff done! #Taskittues

  1. I did a Goodreads shelf update not long ago. Now I am working on the habit of creating a post as soon as I get an ARC, I mean everything except the review text, so creating the post “shell” I call it. Good luck with your goals. It has taken me some time to get my GR shelves how I want them. Anne – Books of My Heart

    • You kind of know it but it’s going a little bigger. It’s just such a big project it’s going to take a while and I hope I can have it done before the end of the year.