Task It Tuesday! ~ New/Same Goals and Tasks for 2020 #Taskittues

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Welcome to Task it Tuesday, created by the fabulous Geeky Blogger and adopted by Because Reading

What is Task it Tuesday? Task it Tuesday is a weekly meme dedicated to the list makers of the blogging world 🙂 It’s all about being productive and organized – on your blog and in real life (if you so chose). By sharing our lists we get instant accountability partners and also get ideas of things to add to our lists (or sometimes ways to tackle tasks more efficiently). We hope you’ll join us!

New Year, Same old tasks! Last year was a totally life fail but we have a good 360-something days left in this new year and I want to fill it will some fun organizing and designs.

One of my goals this year is to really get my Goodreads shelves more organized and to be able to use them more to help keep track of books. I also would love to make something that helps me keep track of the books I read. I have an idea of how I want to do it, it would just be deciding how to get it printed. I can do it at work but would love to make it something others can use also. I am hoping to get that finished before March.

I signed up for Bookish Resolutions and have my list all ready to get some stuff done. I will share it with you next month, I might feature that challenge on this posts since it has more to do with bookish goals and keeping track.

Blogging Tasks


  • Reorganize Shelves on Goodreads
    • Make new shelves to better organize my books
    • Create Challenge shelves for books I read
  • Combine my Amazon Shelves with Goodreads.
  • Make new Amazon Shelves for different genres
  • Go through READ books and make sure I read all those books.
  • Clean shelves for have shelf and have ebooks (add and delete)


  • Draft a few posts
  • Brainstorm some new ideas
  • Work on Waiting on Wednesday Posts


  • Make a few new images for new post ideas.
  • Book Tracker and Planner?
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Do you have some tasks to take care of?

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Have a great day!


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5 responses to “Task It Tuesday! ~ New/Same Goals and Tasks for 2020 #Taskittues

    • I did it over a few weekends about 2 years ago. I made better shelves. So instead of want to read, I created a have shelf (for physical books) and have ebook. That way I know what I have and don’t have. Now I need to go through the shelves on goodreads and see what I don’t want to use anymore.

    • Two years ago I went through my entire want to read shelf and made a ebook shelf and have shelf. I deleted so many books and put all the physical and ebooks on the correct shelves. So if I get a book it goes to my have shelf and isn’t on my wan t to read shelf anymore. I also have a shelf for audio books I have. Helped me keep organized at least for what I have. Now I need a way to organize challenges and books I want with Amazon since I have a preference when it comes to page numbers.