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Week in READview:

Real life & Blogging:


We are celebrating Mom’s Day in the US today and to all the moms of little people and furry babies. I hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy!

My face hates me! My allergies have been so bad, my face hurts and it’s making me dizzy. All week I felt like crap with a stuffy nose, headache, ears hurt and sore throat. I also acquired an awesome cough at some point at the end of the week which made the muscles on my sides hurt from coughing so it hurts to cough. I tried so hard to be human all day Saturday but it just wasn’t working. Today the family is going to the diner to have Breakfast with my parents and sister and nephew…I am then coming home to rest and read…I might  do some blogging depending on how I feel and will try to visit today if I can, if not it will be tomorrow. I am hoping to wake up allergy free…I can’t wait for Winter! 😉

It’s getting closer to weekends at the shore which means…..

COYER Sign Up is LIVE!

Treasure Map, Readathons, Instagram challenge, Twitter Parties! This is going to be a fun challenge and all books count! If your not busy this summer come and join the hunt!

This week we will also have the post for the Summer Semester of The Reading Assignment Challenge. So you you did great or failed last semester you get the chance to do it again! ;D

What I am watching:

I watched the last few episodes of Bones on Hulu and when the series was over it skipped into the next recommendation which just so happened to be Rizzoli and Isles, so I am currently binge watching because I used to watch bits and pieces of this series when they would have marathons on but that was so long ago I don’t remember them and I have always wanted to watch this series straight through. Currently on season 3.


(Read, Currently Reading & Next)

I was on a roll this week and this series is FANTASTIC! I love how it intertwines and you get to see everything in all POVs. I am on the last book of the 4 original friends before it goes off into other princes but Daddy Duke was not on HOT but hilarious! I laughed so loud, I plan to review all 4 books with a section for spoilers and a last paragraph for those that want to read the series. Sorry I can’t write that without spoilers because it was way too funny.

If you ever plan to read this series, read them in order of number, they are listed as stand alone but I think much better to read in order.

I just started Killing November but might have to listen to the first chapter again because I am totally lost and Daisies and Devotions I am struggling with but I have a blog tour so I hope I can get through today…maybe.

What I grabbed:

Apparently a little girl bird told me I might be getting books for Mom’s Day so I will have them to show off next week 🙂

On the Blog:

What you missed:

What you might see this week:

  • Anthologies Update
  • Reading Assignment Summer Semester Sign Up
  • Review To Kill a Kingdom
  • Blog Tour Review Daisies and Devotion

Just for Fun:


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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9 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ #COYER and Allergies ~ Week in READview!

  1. Man I hope you are feeling better soon. I am really excited about COYER this time around. The last few times I kind of fell off the wagon and just did the facebook discussions but I just know this time will be different. I did see your Mother’s day gifts and they were awesome. I told my Mom I would just combine Mother’s Day and her birthday at the end of the month as I am still not in the mood to celebrate. I did fix her cell phone for her though so at least I did something for her.

  2. Happy Mothers Day! Hope you have a great one. and allergies- ugh. I never used to have them, but now, every time I g outside or a window gets opened I start sneezing. It’s pissing me off lol.

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #297
  3. You and Kyle are both waiting for winter. His allergies are quite annoying. And he hates the heat. He said he wants to live in Antarctica. LOL

    You know, I still haven’t seen the last season of Bones. lol I’ve been meaningto check out Rizzoli & Isles but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    I hope you have a fantastic day and an even better, pollen-free week, Michelle! XO

  4. Rough when the allergies descend. I’m one of the few who are grateful that our spring has been cold and we didn’t get the usual pollen and cotton.

    Glad your saucy royals series was a blast and even better that there was lots of humor in the duke one.

    Looking forward to COYER and the Summer Reading Assignment challenge.

    Have a better week, Michelle! 🙂

    Sophia Rose recently posted: I Should Have Read That Book Tag
  5. My allergies are killing me too. My ears are so clogged I can’t understand anything, my nose hurts from blowing so much, and my face feels like I went 10 rounds with Evander Holyfield. Its not good.
    I’m psyched for COYER this summer!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: Happy Mother’s Day
  6. The Madison Faye books look utterly random… But I’m curious now!

    Allergies are evil. I’m nowhere near as bad as you from the sounds of it but I spent days this week with sticky runny eyes thanks to the pollen… I was so happy when we had several days of constant rain! Now, it’s dry again and it’s starting again. *I’d cry but I have enough water involuntarily leaking from my eyeballs*

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #59