The Sunday Post ~ New Year, Limbo and Productivity ~ Week in READview!

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Week in READview:

Blogging & Reading:

I was going to try and cut back on buy books this year but 4 days in and I already failed. So I guess I will just need to keep on being me and buying books because I do love them so much. For the Reading Assignment Challenge I am doing AuthorLuv and have Madison Faye as my pick for 3 books. I have been wanting to read these books. She was bumped off KU for whatever reason so I had to wait for all her books to be put someplace else before I could get any and she finally has them all (I think) up on other sites. So I am back to reading her books again. I totally love the insta-sex over the top ridiculous reads and they are short. 🙂

Blogging is going pretty well, I am about a week ahead at the moment and getting myself pretty organized. I spent a large amount of time on Friday just getting everything written down and making a new book to to jot down list, ideas and notes. I have a lot more stuff to do today, plus getting back to visiting Sunday Posts.

Real life:

I am still in a weird limbo, I can’t seem to shake it but I am hoping that once we are back to normal this coming week I will feel much better. New Years Eve we went out for dinner, the food wasn’t great, sadly since our normal place closed down. We yelled Happy New Year at midnight and pretty much jumped into bed. The next day was a very lazy day, we hung around and got ready for the work day and the kids going back to school. The rest of the week was great and on Saturday we took all the decoration down which took longer than I expected so my Saturday wasn’t as productive as I wanted but I am hoping I can get done today what I couldn’t yesterday.

I was about to get my planner all ready for the next few months when I realized I only had until April left in my planner….sooooooo…..I went ahead and purchased a new planner that goes from Feb 2020 to Feb 2021. My OCD was freaking out that I couldn’t plan the rest of the year so I got a new planner and I CAN’T WAIT for it to come in a few weeks. This will be just enough to plan the entire year and Jan which is perfect for me because you all know that January is the trial month for the new year. 😉

On the Blog:

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  • My TBR Jan 2020 Winner


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Up above you can find these two challenges. Check out the details and I hope you will join us! 🙂 .


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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25 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ New Year, Limbo and Productivity ~ Week in READview!

  1. Nice book buying spree you went on, you seem to really enjoy those Madison Faye books. I know I can’t resist buying new books, it makes me happy to buy a new book even if I know I probably won’t read it anytime soon.

    That’s awesome you’re a week ahead on blogging already and that it’s going well :).

    Sorry to hear about your weird limbo feeling. I hope you feel better soon and have a good week!

  2. I spent part of the weekend setting up my planner too 🙂 Now I’m ready to be back to work in the new year! Happy New Year!

  3. I live in Texas and I always see these fabulous cowboys on the covers of books, but I have rarely seen them in person. Perhaps that is why I prefer books to real life most days. lol

    Have a great week!

  4. New Year’s was quiet here too. I’ll take it! I don’t care about going out anymore for NYE lol. Glad you guys had a good one. Our decorations came down today too- it’s so nice to have the old house back lol.

    Hope you have an awesome week!

  5. I think Christmas and New Years being mid-week really threw everything off. I can definitely relate to that limbo feeling. It drives me crazy but mine won’t be settled for a bit. I hope everything settles down for you soon. Enjoy your book hauls! I think deciding to just be you is the right decision! Have a great week!

  6. That’s quite a haul. I do more audio buying because I can get more ebooks at the library. I think it has been a really odd week like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well I finally tried to get my bookish resolutions written down but I feel unsettled so hopefully I don’t have to modify it too much. I also linked up my COYER reviews and my first buddy read finally, that’s all December stuff. Have a great more normal week and enjoy those new reads!

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Read-along & Giveaway: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
  7. I’m still on the wagon with book buying, but only because the two books I snagged happened to be on sale and my book credit covered them. I didn’t take any arcs though I wanted to so I guess that counts.
    I was a bit off my game through last week and the weekend so didn’t get as much done as I wanted to do either, but I did manage to get my calendar filled in and some lists made to get me back to organized.
    Yay for getting your holiday stuff down. Nearly there.

    Have a great week, Michelle!

  8. Snap! I was organising myself in my existing planner for 2020 and then started hyperventilating that it’ll run out before the years end so bought a new planner and started again! lol. I LOVE my new planner though. It’s the same as my old one but it’s a nice green colour. 🙂
    Oddly, it’s only for blog-related stuff. My personal organisation is apparently destined to be forever crap… But I’m going to try and change that! 😂
    Have a good week, Michelle!

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #93
  9. Well as I’ve just posted this week an extra long list on all the books that I am awaiting in 2020 I can’t really fault you for falling from the wagon regarding you buying books LOL

  10. I understand falling off the wagon when it comes to book buying. LOL You can always start fresh this week–but what is the fun in that? 🙂 I am hoping to devote some time to getting ahead with my blogging tomorrow after I send my daughter off to school. We’ll see how far I get (or don’t get). I barely turned on my computer over the holidays because I always feel so guilty doing so with company visiting. I hope things start falling back into a more normal routine for you soon, Michelle! Have a great week and enjoy your reading!

  11. Happy New Year! I was so bummed when Madison Faye’s books disappeared off Amazon. Glad they have found a new home looks like I can catch up now too. I have accepted the fact that I can’t stop buying books and don’t even try anymore. I feel like when I say I’m going to cut back buying books I buy more. I’m so ready for school to start so we can slide back into our normal routine. I’ve been planning my bullet journal for 2020 for the last 6 months than I panicked and decided to play it by ear lol. I hope you have a great year!!

  12. Nice new reads! I haven’t bought too many books yet, though next week is the week when I have several books releasing! Although one of them never went on sale in the past 2 months that I’ve been watching it on Amazon. So I sadly won’t be buying that one right away, thankfully I did read it already and this is a just a keeper copy! Lol. I don’t understand why Amazon is suddenly charging full price for books when they never ever used to do that in all the years I’ve been shopping from them. Can easily go to B&N (on the weekend of that week) to buy the book and at least get 10% off.

    Nice new reads too! I am constantly debating over There Will Come a Darkness! I hope you enjoy all the new lovelies!

    Here’s my StS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂