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Week in READview:

Real life & Blogging: 

Last weekend when I posted my Sunday post I wasn’t feeling all that great. By Sunday morning it felt like I was swallowing razor blades and then my daughter tells me she isn’t feeling good either so both of the girls in this house took a trip to the doctor on Monday. Sunday we basically slept all day and Monday I took a half day to go to the doctor and kept my daughter home so my mom could take her. She had strep throat and I had a viral infection with strep throat. So we both got some pretty good meds and are feeling so much better now. I feel like once we got home from vacation we all fell apart. Which is usually what happens, right?

I sort of feel off the planet for the week since I wasn’t feeling well. My Mother’s day was ok, I fell asleep for most of it but my family got me some pretty awesome books (4 books actually) and two bottles of wine (which I wasn’t able to drink because I was sick) You can see the books I got below! 🙂

While I was at the doctor I also spoke to him about my anxiety and he gave me something that he thinks will help. I am familiar with the meds since my son was on them. Once I am done with the antibiotics, I will start the medicine for anxiety. It is a low dose and I am hoping that will be enough to help get my head in a better place. The last few weeks have been rough with some crazy triggers but I will get there.

Next weekend will be our first weekend going to the shore. I am not sure how excited I am about it, sadly. As much as I love going it is such a hassle to pack everyone up and get a sitter for the kittens and go away but that might be the anxiety talking. We have decided that this year we wont be going down as often since we are trying to save up money and get ahead and that means we need to cut back on some stuff. This world isn’t getting any cheaper and we need to adjust our spending, which sucks because 2019 has a lot of great books coming out that I need!!!! 😉

The blog has been quiet and I apologize for that. I haven’t been commenting or visiting again. I will be spend today writing posts and organizing my next few weeks, like actually making a schedule and I am hoping the meds will help when I start them, fingers crossed it will make my head less chaotic.

Challenges and Readathons:

You still have plenty of time to sign up for COYER and if you are ready the Summer Semester Sign Ups for the Reading Assignment Challenge are live and the Semester begins June 1st.

What I am watching:

I can’t get enough of Rizzoli and Isles, I forgot how great this show was. I am currently on season 4 and have 3 more seasons to go. The last 4 seasons where longer so I am hoping to be finished with it before the weekend but I think I will need another week before I am done. I am really enjoying watching these.



I am doing ok with my reading, I was able to finish two books this week but the audio for my TBR Winning Killing November was NOT working for me at all. I HATED the narrator, like she talked too fast and her voices all sounded the same. I was going to get the ebook but I didn’t want to spend $10 for an ebook. Instead I returned the audio book and got the second winner on the list in Audio, One of Us is Lying, so far that is better but I realize, audio just isn’t for me. I just don’t get the voices people make, some don’t sound different and when it’s multi narrators the voices are all over the place but I am trying just might not do it that often or for a TBR again.

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  • Not sure yet, I will be working on most of that this week 🙂

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So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading


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24 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ I need a do over! ~ Week in READview!

  1. I’m so sorry about you being sick. I hope you enjoy your time at the shore. We would be going there to eat fish. Have a wonderful week! I’m finishing up reading my series this week. I’ve read 3 and have 2 for this week but they are audiobook ARCs brand new! Great for driving. We are driving 9 hours today but we end up in NJ.

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: ICYMI: The Scribe by Elizabeth Hunter
  2. I am sorry about you being sick this week. That is good you had the chance to talk with the doctor about your anxiety and he gave you some medicine to try. I hope it works for you. And if you ever want to talk to somebody, you can always talk to me if you like.

    It’s a shame everything just seems to be getting pricier, it’s hard to keep an eye on your spending at times. I hope you’ll enjoy your weekend at the shore.

    I just realized I haven’t signed-up for Coyer yet, I should do that soon.

    Sorry to hear you struggled with the audio for your to be read list pick. I enjoy audio, but I can be quite picky when it comes to narrators. So far Nicole Poole who narrated Carol Van Natta’s sci-fi series is one of my favorites. And Amy McFadden who narrated Lydia Sherrers Lily Singer series is really good too.

    And yay for new books! Your mom’s day gifts look good. I heard good things about Aurora Rising.

    I hope this week was a better one for you!

  3. I’m so glad you’re getting some help for your anxiety (as well as antibiotics for your throat.) It can make such a difference — been there, doing that. Hang in there; it does get better. And yes, part of that overwhelmed feeling is probably the anxiety talking. (Again, speaking from personal experience.) Hugs to you, and enjoy those new books. I haven’t reread Pippi Longstocking in decades, but they were such fun when I was young. And Sherwood is one I’ve got my eye on.

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Review and Giveaway: Saving Verity by Alleyne Dickens
  4. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! If you need to escape anxiety you have picked the perfect book with Aurora Rising! Sending good vibes!

  5. PIPPI!!! Haven’t seen a Pippy book in a VERY LONG while, but I just LOVE the story. I’ve watched the movie with the kids in my Classroom, can’t find a book anywhere…

  6. Bummer about being sick, but glad to hear the antibiotics are working and you’re on the mend. Maybe you’ll get to drink that wine then!

    I really enjoyed One of Us is Lying! I listened to the audio, too. I had a hard time with audio books at first, but I got used to it after a while. I listen on my commutes back and forth to work and it’s about the only thing keeping me sane in the insane traffic I deal with! Hope you end up enjoying the story. Happy reading! 🙂

  7. Ugh being sick is no fun! Especially after vacation. Glad you got some books and wine though for Mother’s Day. 🙂 And that you’re feeling better!

    Have fun at the shore even if you go less! I hear you on how everything is so expensive now… everything just keeps going up and up!

    Have a super week 🙂

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #298
    • It was all the relaxing I did, the cold caught up to me. lol. I was happy for the books and the wine is delicious now that I can drink it! lol

      It’s amazing how it is going up and up. Last year in March groceries cost me maybe $250 for a family of four (hungry people) now it’s about $350 to $400 for us and I haven’t changed our food or anything. Still the same stuff. I was shocked that no one seems to be talking about it. Its scary and sad.

  8. Sorry you’ve been poorly, Michelle, throat infections are so draining! I’m glad the doctor gave you something for your anxiety; yes it does tend to taint every thought and action but if the meds take the edge off that’ll be good.

    I like the mix of books you mentioned here, Aurora Rising has been mentioned A LOT by many of the bloggers I follow, so I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts.

    Take care and I hope you have a good week. x

    Flora recently posted: Publication Day!
    • Sometimes a cold isn’t bad since you can rest but I hate when it’s throat, swallowing is awful and so uncomfortable. I am so very happy it is gone!
      I was so happy with the books I got this week and I can’t wait to read some of them, Aurora Rising is top on my list of books to read once the kids are out of school. I will have more time to read when they are 🙂

      I am hoping the meds will work, it really isn’t fun to feel so uncomfortable in your own skin.

  9. Ah man, bummer about the infection. The shore visit sounds fun, but I know what you mean about the hassle before a day or weekend trip.

    Aurora Rising! It was fabulous. Sorry your audio books aren’t doing it for you. Maybe the full cast ones will work. That’s how I listened to Aurora Rising. There were six narrators so I got a variety of voices that way.

    Have a better week, Michelle, and hope you get where you want to be blog and caught up in real life.

    Sophia Rose recently posted: Review: Storm Cursed by Patricia Briggs
    • As much as I love the weekends away they are never as relaxing as I would hope but it is beautiful down there.

      I am so excited to read it, I plan to devour once the kids are out of school and it can get my full attention. I don’t know why I have such issue with audio, I think it’s the voices I just can’t get past.

  10. I’m glad you’re feeling better and you have some meds for the anxiety. *fingers crossed* it works. Anna takes a low dose of Sertraline and it’s helped her a lot. Go to the shore and relax. Especially since you won’t be going as often this year. Take the time to unwind and come back fresh and ready to rumble. You got this. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful week, Michelle! XO

    • Ryan was on Sertraline and that is what the doctor game me too. I am glad it helped her. He gave me a low dose also but I am cutting them in half just to see how I react to it before taking the full amount at least the first week.
      I am hoping to be able to relax, I will have to tell you why that isn’t possible sometime and it’s just easier to stay home.

  11. Oh sorry you were sick on Mother’s day! Thats a bummer. Hopefully the anxiety meds work. If they don’t, there are so many you can try! Sometimes, its just trial and error til you get the right one. I take zoloft with ativan for panic attacks (so the ativan I only use as needed-which is good because it makes me SO SLEEPY).
    Enjoy your new books!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: Decisions!
    • It happens but it was still a very nice day
      My doctor gave me Zoloft. I am going to take half the amount since I know what it did to my son and I want to make sure I catch anything and slowly bring it up, I am weird with medicine so I don’t really like to take them. My Son had to switch because we didn’t think it was working anymore because he was on them for so long. I am hoping they work for me.

    • Much better now, thankfully! I always give my husband a list of about 10 books and tell him to pick a few, Aurora Rising had a star next to it with instruction that, that was a must get. My daughter went with him so I knew I would get that one. I also can’t wait to read it but waiting until the kids are out of school.

  12. I’m glad you’re feeling better, even if you still have to deal with anxiety, Michelle! Sending all the good thoughts and love your way <3
    I also got Aurora Rising this week – in audio, because I absolutely loved the audio for the Illuminae Files 🙂
    Here's to next week being better, and the first trip to the shore being a blast! Is it not possible for you to bring the pets with you? We bring Freddy and Hercules with us to Spain – even if Hercules sometimes becomes a bit carsick.
    I miss you much!! <3 Big hugs xoxo

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookworms recently posted: Weekend Wrap-up #278 – Lenny Kravitz in Concert
    • I will fix that soon 🙂
      I am still struggling with Audio, just don’t think it is for me when it comes to reading. I rarely find a book I like.

      Dexter comes with us to the shore but it’s harder to bring cats with you since they are so territorial and moving around too much can cause them lots of stress. Since Calliope has Anxiety and OCD she would pee all over the house. It’s not easy to take them with us. So it’s better to leave them home where they are comfortable. 🙂 Dogs are easy, cats are more complicated. lol

      Miss you lots and lots!