The Sunday Post ~ I’m Back….again! ~ Week in READview! 2024

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Week in READview:

On & Off the Blog:

Happy Mom’s Day to those (human and pet moms) that celebrate today!!! 

I keep disappearing and I don’t mean to do that. Life is just taking me in a different direction right now and I am trying to see where everything fits in. With all of Social Media being the new place to share all things. I was starting to think maybe blogging just wasn’t where it was at anymore but I am not an in front of the camera type of person and think I can find a balance between here and everywhere else. So I plan to try and get back into blogging as much as life will allow.

Where have I been? Struggling lol. For a while I have been trying to get back to normal when in reality I need to accept my new normal but with everything happening at once it was hard. However, Cheer is over, we are 5 months in our new home, I still hate my job (but I am looking) and I am finally about to start getting Limabean Design back in business. My end game is for LD to do good and use that as my major income but things have been hard the last few months with everything going in. Now that we are starting to settle down we can focus on getting used to and adjusting to our new normal. With Limabean Designs, I have a few ideas that I want to explore and the end game is really to use that as half my income and find a new job (even part time) to balance the rest. I don’t mind the two job as long as one of them is my own. My dream would be to own my own and be able to live on being a designer for myself….still working on it. 🙂

This was the best Cheer season, my daughter is over the moon to be at her top cheer gym and also was able to go to the Top Comp for Cheer, The Summit. Her team didn’t do great but she was still so happy to be there and we have two more years to try again. I thought cheer was over but apparently tryouts are next week and practice starts on the 20th of May… wallet was hoping for a break. I’m going to need three jobs to pay for the next two years lol

Also with Cheer now over (sort of) I can finally get this house in order. The main focus is to paint the downstairs and also focus on one room each week to finish. I am thinking of starting in my sons room but as far as painting I want to start on the dining room and kitchen. I will post before and after once I get started which will be over the summer/fall. I wanted everything to be more me by December 5th which is our 1 year anniversary in the house. I’m excited because I have so many ideas and want to get started! Also plan to take advantage of Garage Sale season to see if I can find some nice stuff to decorate the house with.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of that! I will probably be back either next week or every other week depending on how things go.

Read & Currently Reading:

What I grabbed this week:

This week I didn’t grab anything, it has actually been a while since I bought a few books, I am WAY over due! 🙂

What I am watching:

I am impatiently waiting for Bridgerton to return, once the first part of the new season is watched I am going to do Queen Charolette.  But I am currently just watching a few let’s play videos on youtube for The Sims.

What to expect this week:

The Next Can you read a series in a Month sign up post will be live on Monday.

Also the second season of COYER is in full swing, check out the link above, if you can’t join now you are welcome to try it out in September for the 3rd chapter.

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Check out what Michelle is chatting about on this weeks Sunday Post! #bookblogger Share on X

So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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10 responses to “The Sunday Post ~ I’m Back….again! ~ Week in READview! 2024

  1. I just replied to your newest Sunday post, but then decided to check this one out to see if I had missed anything. Glad to hear you’re back! I’ve missed visiting your blog and reading your posts. I much prefer blogging over social media as well. And I hope you can really make Limabean designs bigger and a larger part of your income and that you can find a good job to do next to it. Sorry I don’t have as much work for you lately, I’ve been taking a break from the blog tours for a bit.

    That’s great your daughter is doing so well and havign fun with cheer, but it does sound expensive. Good luck with working on your house!

  2. So glad to see you in this sphere! I’ve been following Julia’s cheer stuff on your Instagram and she is definitely keeping you busy. I’m glad she was able to enjoy the experience at Summit even if they didn’t do great. You can’t kill every competition. Glad you’re doing well and settling into the new house. Fingers crossed for the job hunt and LD. I hope you’re having a great week!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m glad your daughter is enjoying cheer. I also feel like blogging has kind of died, but I can’t stand looking at myself on video, so I’m going to keep blogging until no one reads my blog anymore. 🙂

  4. Happy Mother’s day to you too! xx
    Yay for things to finally settle down, busy can be nice- but it’s always better to have some down time, am I right?

  5. Jan

    I be very interested in a quoute to make my blog look amazing. I have a hosted wordpress blog but the host does not do blog redesign anymore just hosting. So i would really like my blog that i had forever to look amaazing. I done some tweeking on it here and there but i really know nothing a bout blog design.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m glad if you will get a break from Cheer season for a bit. I’m sorry the job that started so promising has become a problem. Good Luck with finding something which is a better fit. Excited for #SIAM.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  7. Good to hear from you again! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Ghost Station! I read that one a little while ago and enjoyed it!

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