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I love a good Fairy Tale Remake 
or as I like to call them Twisted Fairy Tales

Sword fights, handsome princes, rescued princesses and Happily Ever After. 
As a kids that’s what I remember and I wanting so badly to be in a Fairy Tale 
and have a Happily Ever After.

Then as an adult I re-read those stories and OMG!!!! WTF?!?!?! The Huntsman had to cut the wolf’s stomach open to get Grandma out…..Some crazy lady is not only trying to have your heart cut out but then poisons you making you most likely never eat apples again…..And some girl falls in love with an animal something that resembles a Buffalo…..and WTF HAPPENED TO SLEEPING BEAUTY!!!!! cause that is not what Disney said!!!!! (child birth with twins is a hell of a way to wake up after sleeping for 100 years that prince wasn’t really a very nice prince at all)

So begins my love for taking a Fairly Tale and Twisting it all over the place but generally keeping the same idea in a whole new story. (please note that its not because of  the sleeping beauty story that makes me love them its just the idea of hearing the story different cause the real story of Sleeping Beauty is really weird take a moment to google it, I’ll wait)

See what I mean WTF?!?!

Like the show Once Upon a Time the stories are sort of the same but with an awesome twist that mushes all the characters of Fairy Tales together into one amazing story. I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!

From Wicked, Juliet, Princess Novels and the Hero’s Guide to Saving the Kingdom.

Then add in some Victor Frankenstein remake and now Cinder and Scarlet (just to name a few). You can add books I haven’t read like Splintered (Splintered, #1), The Madman’s Daughter (The Madman’s Daughter, #1)or Breadcrumbs

Whichever book you look at they take and original story and change it around giving it new life and it works because the story isn’t real and its doesn’t matter how its done as long as the general idea of the story is still there. 
But here is what I hate, which I think doesn’t work….I would love to be proved wrong on this…(because I might be)
You can take a real life event aand build a story around it but YOU CAN NOT take an event in history and make it a new story using all the same details like you can a Fairy Tale because Fairy Tales never happened. 

Example: Gone with the Wind was a story about the south in war time but the story revolved around a young girls home and living life during the war yet the outcome of the war stayed the same.  

Take Titanic, Jack and Rose were on the boat, the history of it all was happening around them the story itself stayed the same cause it was in the back ground, the history of it stayed the same in the end the boat still sank, Its not taking history and making it new.  Its taking the history and putting it in the background of a new story.  

An Example of it not working the book I read “Ripped” revolves around the story of Jack the Ripper. It’s about a girl who goes back in time to save a FAKE VICTIM (the author added about 2 more victims with the one the girls was suppose to save) and find out who Jack is…Regardless of the outcome of this book you can’t say who he was and adding victims doesn’t make sense since you’re trying to change history especially if you are already aware of the original story. This is pretty much the only book I have read like this after reading this one I have been avoiding ever reading a History Retelling Remake (whatever you want to call it) ever again!!!! 🙂

So you’re thinking what is the point of this blog post anyway?

I have a few recommendations  
If you have never read a Twisted Fairy Tale I would suggest these…..

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

This is a story that is about the Prince Charmings and how they never get any credit for all they did. its HILARIOUS The Chapter Titles had be Laughing out Loud

(Heard this one was on sale for $1.99 at the moment on Amazon and B&N)

The next book in this series comes out this year

The Stepsister Scheme (Princess, #1)

The Stepsister Scheme (Princess #1)


This Dark Endeavor (The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, #1)

This Dark Endeavor (The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein #1)

Such Wicked Intent (The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, #2)

Juliet which is another sort of twisted fairy tale about Romeo and Juliet but the story isn’t a retelling….sort of….its more like what really happened with a Modern twist. This is one of my favorites just when I thought I figured it out I didn’t.

The other two books would be Cinder and Scarlet but I only finished Cinder and I would recommend….Its a fresh take on the Cinderella story using the idea of the story not the exact story.

 That just names a few of ones I already read and recommend to you if you’re interested in reading how awesome Twisted Fairy Tales are. (trust me, you will thank me) 😉

 I have a few more that are on my list of books to read besides the three I added above.

If you have any suggestions of Twisted Fairy Tales that I might be interested in please don’t hesitate to let me know!!!! I Love them and would be happy to read them.

Well….I hope you enjoyed reading about my love for Twisted Fairy Tales….

I’m hoping the next blog update will be my review of Cinder and Scarlet. 

 Until then have a wonderful week!!!


Happy Reading

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  1. Ren

    Something else Disney doesn't mention about Snow White.. In the original story, the queen ordered the woodsman to cut out Snow White's lungs and liver and bring them back to her so she could eat them for dinner..

    Charming eh?

    btw, I love that show too!

    • Ewwww!!!! I didn't know that lol But the original stories are so interesting as an adult. I'll leave that part out when I'm reading my daughter the story LOL.

      I can't get enough of Once Upon a time such a great show!!!