Week In READ-view 11/10

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I am praying that at some point this year I am not behind. Wishful thinking I know but I feel like no matter what I do I can’t catch up. This has been going on since September just a little unorganized and I believe I need a vacation or a nap or both 🙂
Blogging and Books…..

This has been a rather productive week in the Challenge.

Finished Alienated by Melissa Landers

You can find the review HERE

I finished The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud

the review will be posted this week 
(maybe Monday if I can get the review finished up)
now I am reading Freak of Nature by Julia Crane
I am hoping to read one more from my Netgalley

Relativity by Cristin Bishara
before I have to read the three books I have for Review Tours.

They are rather long reads so I’m not sure if I will get to Relativity.
I will be continuing with the challenge after it is over reading a bunch more Netgalley in December. I really want to get my ratio up and attempt to get at lest one book from Edelweiss, they hate me. I have never been accepted for a book, not sure what I am doing wrong and suggestions on what I need to do? Selling my kidney is not an option lol
Everyone is doing so awesome on the challenge and I am such a jerk for not being able to comment on everyones reviews like I want to. My kids have been home all week and they hog the computer and I keep hinting I need a laptop. So far it has fallen on deaf ears but maybe Santa has been listening 😉

If you are keeping track of the books I have been reading then you know that the giveaway at the end of the month so far has these three books up for grabs Alienated, The Screaming Staircase and Freak of Nature. Since Alienated hasn’t been released yet (release date is Feb 2014) I can either pre-order it or do a gift card. I am thinking even the review tour books I have to read will also be included even though the review will be posted the first week of December, they will still count.

This week on the blog I have a few Bog Posts and an Author Spotlight

Monday is an open day I had an Author Spotlight but it got postponed until the 18th So should be able to post the review for The Screaming Staircase if I can finish up the review tonight for COYER.

Tuesday Nov 12th ~ Whisper Falls Guest Post
Wednesday Nov 13th ~ Strange in Skins Tour/ Excerpt
Thursday Nov 14th ~ Scion of the Sun Spotlight/Promo
Friday Nov 15th ~ Author Spotlight
Ichabod Temperance (this one I can’t wait to show you it looks like a series that could be so much fun to read)

Saturday Nov 16th ~ Memory’s Wake Review
OMG I loved this book and the Illustrations in it are amazing. Can’t wait to share my review with you all!!

I have been only posting one thing a day on the blog I always thought posting to much would be annoying but I am also starting to realize I think I might start doing more than one. Do you have a blog? Do you do one post a day and more than one? I’m not sure if there is a right amount to post, how much is too much?

What else is going on…..

I am happy to report that I passed my Dreamweaver class and I now have no more Saturday classes. I am actually happy to get my weekends back but starting Nov 19th I lose my Tuesday and Thursday Nights for 4 weeks 🙁 but soon enough it will be all over and I will have a better understanding of how to create a web site and once I figure out how to create one for WordPress and Blogger I can help out everyone design their blogs. I love the blogging community and I have meet so many amazing people and I want to be able to give back by offering my services to design blog sites. Just have to figure out how to mush them together.

So now I am going to read a little and set up my menu for xmas dinner since I just realized today I haven’t figured out what we are having. I do Xmas dinner every year it’s my favorite thing to do and I usually make quite a spread for the family besides reading I LOVE to cook. Once I get my menu done I will share with you what I am going to make. Going to spend sometime on Pinterest looking up side dishes. Hope you all don’t show up on my doorstep Xmas morning 🙂

So how was your week? What did you read?

Let’s chat…

Hope you all have a great week!

Happy Reading!

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