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So this happened (my name is the last one)


I was completely SHOCKED and HONORED!

When I started this 9 months ago I was sure it wouldn’t last long. I am a crappy writer who has such a hard time expressing herself into words, how could I possibly write reviews, but then I figured as time went on I would get better (Maybe). I actually think I improved a bit and have gotten better at writing. (sort of) But I never expected to meet such wonderful people. To be on the back of a book and in one is amazing.  I am so glad I never gave up and I hope to be 90 years old and still sharing my love for books with you all 🙂

Otherwise, this week has been rather slow. My next class is on Saturday, HTML and CSS, that class is about 4 weeks (Saturdays Only) then I will have no breaks until the end of the semester, which is on Dec 12. Then my classes start up again Jan 28 and it’s only 4 weeks and I AM DONE!!! At that point I will have a certificate in Web Design! So excited! 🙂 But lets take it one step at a time LOL

Here are the books I read this week

Fractured (Mirrorland #1) by Majanka Verstracte ~ 4/5 Stars

The Final Descent by Rick Yancey (Still reading this one, FANTASTIC)

I think next I will be reading these books next, Maybe in this order

  1. What the Heart Wants (Good Gods, Book 2.5) by Staci Hart ~ ARC
  2. Endless by Amanda Gray ~ ARC
  3. The Devil’s Tattoo by Nicole Taylor

Number 2 & 3 are for blog tours. I want to get them read and reviewed so they are ready for when I post. I have been so laid back lately I feel like I am rushing posts and thats not fair, so I am trying to get my read/reviews done first.

After those three I am hoping to get one more from an Author Sarah J. Pepper, called Death of the Mad Hatter it wont be ready until the end of the month but looks AMAZING!!! I can’t wait to read it and share it with all of you

I actually might read the book I showed you above that my name is on
The Megalith Union by Brad LaMar

Alienatedby Melissa Landers (I got this from netgalley, almost passed out I was approved)

 I’m sure that list will change since it always seems to change on me. 
I can never figure out what to read next because I want to read them all!!

So now I am going to enjoy the rest of the Sunday with a few blogging organizing.

Chili and Corn Bread is already made for dinner and tonight we sit around the TV and watch WWE Night of Champions. Kids are very excited

Don’t forget to sign up for the challenge I am co-hosting rules and details HERE

So tell me what have you been up to this week? What books have you read?
I hope you all have a great Sunday!

Happy Reading!

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4 responses to “Week in READ-View Sept 15

  1. I'm so happy to find someone reading The Final Descent! I've gotten it but haven't started it yet, I'm waiting for a weekend with a block of time cleared that I can read it in one go. I absolutely loved this series, glad to find another fan! Also glad to hear it's fantastic.

    • LOVE the series. So sad it's going to end. This one is rather confusing. It jumps around a lot. I am almost done with it. My favorite will always be the 1st one. Really can't wait to see how he wraps it all up! But I really am loving it

  2. Thank you it's so weird LOL I really wasn't expecting it at all!

    I was really shocked I got the Alienated. I wish I can move it up on my list but I really need to read the blog tour books. I have my fingers crossed for you! It looks like an amazing book but I guess we will see. It better be a good book I was so stressed waiting to see if I was approved LOL

  3. Congratulations!! You've been getting lots of shout outs lately, you go girl 🙂

    I want to read all of the books you have up to read next week, I look forward to your reviews. And I just put a review into Netgalley for Alienated this morning. Fingers crossed, not that I think I have any chance. LOL