WRAP UP POST: A Week Long Bloggiesta Goal Post!

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Bloggiesta-S15It’s GIGANTIC Bloggiesta from March 23 – 29

IT’S A WEEK LONG! This is chance to do all those blogging things you have been putting off. Setting time aside to work from the start of the day to the end of the day on nothing but organizing, setting up posts or whatever you want to get done. This is one of my favorite motivators and I am so excited to be doing it again.

Ok So I am super excited that this is a week long however, I wont have all day and most of my organizing will be at night. With that said I plan to start two days early (depending on my blog break) so I can at least get 4 fulls days, I might not make it to all the twitter parties but I do have quite a list and so regardless I plan to be overly productive! So lets get to the goals.


Some good organizing:

  • ย Book Spreadsheet ~ I did so well with this last time but I still have a lot more to do, I would love to finish this so this is my first project. It shouldn’t take that long since I have done most of it and just need to input the rest. Also Update Goodreads with any new books I got.
  • ย Organize Reading Schedule ~ Better said than done most of the time but I made a spreadsheet so I think it’s about time I used it. Even if it’s just a guideline, I will feel better seeing what I want to read and this is perfect at least for me.
  • Fix those pages ~ I have a few pages that need updating and some changes. Plus fix the About me, Review Policy and set up my Design Page for Limabean Designs with a contact form so people can start contacting me if they are interested in having a design done by me ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Fix Tags/labels ~ because I stink at them.
  • Fix Picture Names ~ because I stink at this too.
  • Cross Posting ~ I have not been posting reviews on amazon/B&N I need to catch up on that
  • Logos ~ Finish designing some logos and get started on others.
  • Clean out my email ~ It needs a good cleaning

Posts/drafts and more:

  • 3/5 App Review- Set up two
  • 3/4 Top Tens –
  • 3/4 Just a Random Post – Set up two
  • 3/4 Before the Blog Mini Reviews
  • MyTBR List Post for Next month
  • Setup Book Posts so I can pop in the reviews when done.
  • Set-up My Monthly Review Post
  • Set-up the Homework Assignment Post
  • Set-up Bookish Resolutions Post
  • Set-up My Challenge Update Post for March ~ Setting up Tonight

This post will be updated throughout the week so check back to see what has been done!


March 26, 2015 ~ Haven’t done as much stuff as I wanted to but have all day Friday to work on anything and everything I wanted to. This week has been hard since by the time I sit down to really do anything I want to go to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ Going to be a very busy girl this weekend! Very excited and feeling like I will be ahead in no time!!

March 30, 2015 ~ I am happy about my progress but the last couple of days I wasn’t able to continue with a lot of what I wanted to so I plan to spend this week doing a few more things on my list. I think I am at a good point and if I can just shake the lazies I think I will be just were I want to be. I am looking forward to the next bloggiesta and I think this list will be on goingย  since it has a lot of stuff on it I want to do and will do the next bloggiesta!


Have a great week and Happy Reading


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25 responses to “WRAP UP POST: A Week Long Bloggiesta Goal Post!

  1. Kay

    Setting up book review posts so you just have to plug in the review is a good idea. I’m finding a lot of good blogging tips from everyone’s to-do list. I am so glad I signed up for Bloggiesta. Now I just need to get cracking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Blogging!

    Kay recently posted: It's Bloggiesta time!
    • I am hoping to get it done with a list of things I can provide and then add more to the list as I go ๐Ÿ™‚ I can make them but I would need to look up the proper way. I plan to do that also ๐Ÿ™‚ looking forward to the twitter chat later!

  2. Whoa that’s quite a list…but I shouldn’t talk, should I? LOL! I’m sure you’ll knock out lots from this list over the next week or so. I stink at tags/categories/image names, too, so you’re not alone. Good luck & happy Bloggiesta, sweet lady <3

    Reanna recently posted: Sunday Post #15: Has Spring Sprung?
  3. Great list! I need to catch up on my reviews and cross-post them to Amazon and Goodreads. I stopped posting on B&N because they didn’t publish half my reviews, but no one could tell me why. Good luck!

    Terri recently posted: Spring Bloggiesta 2015