4 star #Review ~ The Vicar’s Daughter by Josi S. Kilpack

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It would be safe to say I would NEVER be able to live in this era. Maybe I would be different from how I am now but too many rules. This book was super cute and at times a bit frustrating. The story was interesting, Cassie wants to enter society but she can’t because of her sister Lenora. The Wilton family only allows one daughter out one at time so Lenora needs to move it along because Cassie wants to get out into society and attend parties. Lenora is shy and keeps to herself, so after meeting a guy at a party, Cassie decides to help Lenora move forward with this guy. Only one problem, Cassie didn’t mean to fall in love with him.

I thought the story was very cute and this is a clean romance so the most you get is kissing which was fine and super sweet. I find stories like this have more of a story/character build. I think Evan was my favorite character, I felt bad for him. He wasn’t born into privilege, his uncle needed someone to take over the household and since he was the only family member left, Evan got picked. He wasn’t sure the correct way to do things and I felt bad for him. Cassie and Lenora enter his life and it turns things even more upside down for him. Cassie drove me nuts but gosh she is a spit fire. She is extremely independent for the era and she really knows what she wants and was outspoken when she felt she needed to be, but still showed respect for her father the Vicar and her mom. I give her credit for tell her parents how she felt. Lenora,I kind of didn’t feel bad for, she sort of set herself up for what happened to her because she was a bit selfish. Again I would not do good in the era because some of the other characters drove me nuts with the way they talked down to some people…like Evan, I might have a crush on him too. 🙂

Overall this was a great book, I enjoyed all the characters (even Lenora at times at least at the end I did) and I liked that it was a clean romance. Just a few kisses and a cute wrap up at the end. I really enjoyed this, Josi Kilpack can write a really great story and very strong characters. Highly recommend and I plan to read more from this author and in this genre. Not sure if this review really did the book justice it’s a great book, trust me…read it! 🙂

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4 responses to “4 star #Review ~ The Vicar’s Daughter by Josi S. Kilpack

  1. I think you nailed one of the reasons I like romances with lower heat – the character development. It’s an interesting way to do a triangle. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have survived long in this time period either. All the rules and the lack of indoor plumbing would definitely have driven me crazy!

    • I love spice but yes, low heat equals more development and I am loving it. The triangle was so interesting that I didn’t even realize it was a triangle. lol I am too much of a rebel to live in those times. LOL

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  2. The story is interesting. Same with you, I can’t imagine living in this era. The love story–the love triangle–sound great. I’m intrigued. 😁
    Anyway, awesome review, Michelle.