Not quite what you’d expect… F*ck Club: Riley #review

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F*ck Club: Riley was not at all what I expected, but in a good way. I really thought it would be more of an erotica. Don’t get me wrong – we had some GREAT sex scenes, but it actually had a lot more depth than expected.

I loved Riley; he was a complex character, battling his need to care for his family, protect the women he… serviced… and stay out of prison. Not to mention protecting and maybe reconnecting with his high school girlfriend, Bree. Bree was okay, there were some things that irritated me about her – particularly the way she dealt with her son – but, I liked seeing her grow and do a lot better with him. She started off a pretty weak character and she grew into a much stronger one, though I think she still has room to grow as the series continues.

The secondary characters were really likeable as well and I look forward to their stories – particularly Shame’s… though I have a feeling that will be the last one I get.

There’s also a mystery element – someone is targeting the business and customers. But, for me, this was a back drop and I wasn’t really motivated to figure it out, though I think I easily could have if I’d tried.

If you like second chance romances, this is a definite win for you. My major complaint was the end; the last 20% was kind of a whirlwind, where everything kind of came to a resolution super quickly and I would have liked perhaps less resolution for a more realistically paced conclusion. Ultimately, though, I liked it a a lot and was so eager for more that I immediately purchased the next book and started reading it the next day. So, an unexpected deeper story for the win!

4 stars Pretty Great

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8 responses to “Not quite what you’d expect… F*ck Club: Riley #review

    • I agree, if I hadn’t read a snippet on Jen (Twimom) ‘s blog, I never would have picked this one up. And the fact that it’s not THAT erotic and it doesn’t ever mention a F*ck Club, it really is a shock value thing. This was my first Shiloh walker, but I’m a fan now 🙂