5 Star #Review ~ Trickery (Curse of the Gods #1) by Jaymin Eve, Jane Washington

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Thank you all so much for picking this book. It was my first 5 star review this year! This book was fantastic! I loved every minute of it and the characters are soooo much fun.


  • Willa is the MC, she is clumsy, quirky and hilarious! She is the best character, I just how awesome she is. From the beginning of this book I felt like she was going to be a very strong and independent character. She has her damsel moments but she handles it very well and it’s so funny.
  • The Abcurse Boys ~ Yael, Aros, Rome, Coen and Siret. I swoon whenever one of them speaks. I love the banter and I love that they are the boys she is attached too.
  • Emmy ~ Is her BFF, she is strong willed and Independents. She takes care of Willa but sometimes I think they are really there for each other in ways both girls don’t even realize.


  • Sols, God and Dwellers each one serves a different purpose but the shit pretty much hits the fan.
  • I loved how this was set up and it was a little confusing at one point but is easily explained after she reaches Blesswood.
  • World build is AMAZING! Like read this book line for line, word for word, the details paint such a great picture and it leaves you with that feeling of actually being there.
  • Intense moments and just fun all around, at one point I was kind of worried about what was going to happen.
  • Looking for some steamy sex, it’s not in this book, this book is a slow burn that delivers a amazing amount of blue balls, if you had balls, even if you don’t you will still have them.
  • When they all finally have sex, maybe in the coming books, I might pass out because the chemistry is numbing.


This book is one of my favorites, I loved reading as Willa and experiencing her life with her. She is so freakin funny and those boys. They might be my new favorite Harem or at least one of them. This book is great, I can’t recommend it enough to read. Like if you have read RH, why haven’t you read this yet? or if you plan too, start with this book, like seriously this will set the bar so high but so worth it. Such an amazing read! Loved it! oxox

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