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I’ve grown to like these more and more. I had wondered where the series would go after the three main friends had their “accidental” moments. So we went to Wanda’s sister and she is accidentally turned into a demon. Her realization of her new powers comes when she’s angry at Nina in a pretty funny confrontation, ending with her tied to a chair with pantyhose. LOL! Funny stuff.

Accidentally Demonic progresses a lot of the paranormal lore that is pretty unique in this series. Some of it I liked, some of it felt like it contradicted old lore from within the series. I still don’t understand, for example, how mating with a demon works with the vampire lore we learned in Accidentally Dead.

Overall a really fun story and I find myself eager to continue the series. The narration continues to work really well for me and I’m disappointed to learn that there will be a narrator change later on in the series 🙁

4 stars Pretty Great

Berls is starting to really enjoy the Accidentals. 4/5 stars for Accidentally Demonic #audioreview Share on X

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4 responses to “Accidentally Demonic #audioreview

  1. Jen

    I’ve never listened nor read any Dakota Cassidy, but I’ve always want to try. I loved meeting her many moons ago, but the reviews are read almost seem so-so. Have you tried any of her other series?

    • I met her once as well – before I had read her books – and she was super funny and fun. I’ve read a few of her books now, not just the Accidentals, and for the most part I enjoy them. I definitely think she’s an author who’s gotten better over time. So picking up newer series, like Witchless in Seattle is more satisfying than these older ones.

  2. I know I love this narrator and she works so well. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the new narrator, but now that I have listened to a different series from Dakota Cassidy with the new narrator I think I am use to her enough to go back to the accidentals and give her a try…lol.

    • I know! Why do they insist on messing with narrators? Don’t they get that changing a narrator is akin to changing characters?!?