Accidentally Dead was kind of meh… Berls #audioreview

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meh. I’m continuing with this series for three reasons:

  1. I have several of them to read for audio review
  2. I’ve read newer series by this author that I REALLY enjoyed.
  3. Well and it’s not without potential.

The thing is, the humor feels so incredibly forced. Like, I know that the goal is to make me laugh at xyz point. I want to feel the humor, not the effort that brought me to the humor. But I’ve read books by Dakota Cassidy that just make me laugh, no effort felt. So knowing that these books are significantly older, I’m thinking that she just hadn’t honed her craft as much yet in these earlier books and as the series progresses the humor will feel more authentic.

I like the characters a lot – I love stories that have a deep focus on friendship and this series definitely has that. The dynamic between the three friends is really enjoyable and I look forward to reading more of it. And the guys are pretty okay too. I hate the emphasis on swearing – either it’s a big deal and you don’t do it or it isn’t and you do. But in these books they talk all the time about cussing, make up fake cuss words and it grinds on me (someone who has no problem with cussing at all).

This was the vampire book of the series – so far at least, there may be more – and I liked the twist Cassidy put on vampire lore. I don’t love the ease with which someone becomes a vampire (it’s even harder in Twilight and that’s saying something) but besides that it was a fun twist.

The narration is enjoyable and I’m glad I have this series on audio – I think it’s going to make a big difference in me getting through the rest of the books quickly 🙂 Meredith Mitchell does a great job with the voices and I’m able to enjoy it at 2x speed, which is my preferred listening speed.

2.5 stars Meh

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2 responses to “Accidentally Dead was kind of meh… Berls #audioreview

  1. Ah today you didn’t like it, I thought it was funny and Nina is my favorite character! Hope the next one is better for you. I am going to start back up on the series as I am on 8 or 9 Accidentally Catty for A COYER bingo spot! 😁 My big problem is the narrator change up to Holly Jackson but now that I have a few books under my belt with that narrator and the fact its been a while I am sure it won’t be to bad.

    • I’ve read through to book 8 or 9 now (behind on reviews) and it grows on me. I like Nina, a lot. But not in this book, if that’s makes any sense? Lol!