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So Sunday I was so frazzled since someone stole my husbands work van from our driveway, no idea when they did it but I noticed it missing when I went to walk the dog. Then it was like 900 degrees, with a full sun, sitting in the stands watching my daughter cheer surrounded by Bees….YES Bees.  The school must have had a bee hive some place so that was fun plus the sun was so hot I got a unintentional tan. By the time I came home and after dinner I couldn’t wait to go to bed.

The rest of the week was sort of busy, with a huge fight at work between two co-workers (that was exciting drama) and just the weekend of busy activities with cheerleading. Tag Day (which is when the kids stand by stores and fundraise for money, they do cheers and stuff and people give them money), Pep Rally and Pokemon Community Day plus celebrating my Nephews 17th birthday at the diner today.

The weather finally cooled off enough that I am begging my husband to take the AC out of the windows so I can air out the house. We will be in the 60s and 70s for the next week or so. I am PRAYING it doesn’t hit 80 or 90 again. I am really looking forward to the cooler weather!

I am still working on organizing posts and figuring out what I want to do, thankfully a blog ahead is coming soon and I am eager to join in and get some posts and myself ahead again. The next few months is filled with fun events for reading, Fraterfest Read-a-thon hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer on October 11th to the 16th, Dewey Read-a-thon on October 20th and then the HoHoHo Read-a-thon hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer November 9th through the 18th, Sign Ups will be live for this I believe on September 26th.

Sign up for Can you read a series goes live this week on Sept 27th. Hope you can join us! 

Also BIG news coming to COYER. We are adding lots of fun stuff and all our challenges might be in one place soon! Plus we have new and fun ideas for the COYER Group. If you don’t know what COYER is check out the COYER Website and if you know COYER but haven’t participated or used too, you can welcome to join the group.

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I am still slowly reading Illuminae, I don’t love it but I also don’t hate it. I am still very interested in reading it but it’s going a lot slower than I would have liked it to. I might take a break and jump back into Strength or start something else, I think I might want to start reading some scary stories…Tis the season 😉

What I grabbed:

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So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

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15 responses to “And just like that it was gone ~ WIR & SP

  1. Wow, you have had quite a lot going on and not all of it good excitement. 🙁 Sorry about that. Did they find your husband’s van? I swear sometimes people are just awful, Michelle. Grrr. I hope this week is going better. It’s been a busy school year so far for me – well, the kids but me as well LOL – and trying to wrap my head around the fact that they’re seniors. Ugh! Anyway, I’m working at being better at commenting. So I’ll be “seeing” you around a bit more. Miss you!! {{{BIG HUGS}}}

  2. Oh no on the van! How maddeningly frustrating. I hate how bad people doing bad things can cause so much drama for good people just going about their business. I hope they find it soon. I have dreams that it’ll cool down here soon. I don’t have high hopes but I can always dreams! I hope this week is much better and way less full of drama!

  3. I had my work van stolen once out of my driveway also. It was rotten. They drove it about 30 blocks, ruined the wheels by driving over curbs, basically totaled it.

    I look forward to cooler weather also and getting organized and another COYER. It has dropped about 10 degrees since the hurricane, from 90s to 80s. I have the day off tomorrow and am excited to just stay home and get organized. Anne – Books of My Heart

    Northwoman recently posted: Death Is Not Enough by Karen Rose
  4. Woah, someone stole your husband’s work van? Wow, crazy. Sorry to hear that! You’ve had a crazy week. And bees lol- I have no use for bees. Yeah I know honey and all that (and I love honey) but no I got stung cutting the lawn, and… no. Die bees.

    I’m totally loving the cooler weather!

    Illuminae was okay for me, I liked Gemina better because it was action packed AF and it sems like Illuminae they spend all this time flying around bitching about stuff but not a lot HAPPENS? Well towards the end it does. Hope it picks up for you!

    Yay FraterFest!

  5. Man, I wish someone would steal Anna’s car. lol But seriously, people are asshats.

    We’re going to be a bit cooler here, too. Thank goodness! I am sick of this heat. Fuck it. Fuck all of it. I want to open windows and air the house out. Which means Kyle will need to take his allergy meds or be miserable. His choice.

    I hope you have a fantastic week, Michelle!! XOXO

    • We never even imagined someone would take it. It’s just a junk van with knives (like industrial knives) in the back. I was in such shock.
      It’s suppose to cool off and then warm up just a little but I am so over the heat.
      I love the way it reads but just not feeling very connected. I still want to read it though. 🙂

  6. I saw that about your hub’s truck (bennies of FB friends <3). Did they happen to find it abandoned in another city yet? Do you think they will? I'm so sorry that happened – that was a shocker!!!! BTW – your little girl is so cute cheering!

    Awww, bummer that Illuminae is going slow for you. Gemina is slow for me. I started it but I haven't picked it up again. Unfortunately (?) I have the ARC so I'm missing a bunch of artwork. I may have to ask for that book for Christmas!!

    Thanks for the nice summary of events coming up! I saw your announcement about but I didn't see what happened. I'm so sorry!!!!!! I'm glad to hear you're getting a new site!! Let's hope this week is quiet one for you!!! Have a good week!!

    Kristin @ AddictedtoHEA recently posted: Sunday Post #131: Holy Sh*t Balls! I’m Here!!
    • They didn’t find it yet. We are hoping they will in the next town over but nothing yet.

      I like the idea of the book and I don’t want to stop reading it but I am just not feeling a strong character or world connection.

      The person that originally owned the website might have gotten into some trouble and she basically wiped herself off Social Media and took bloggiesta with her. We were going to keep it running but have since changed our mind and will be starting something else just Berls and I. I am hoping to announce that next weekend. I am behind on designing the logo since I am overwhelmed with work I need to finish.