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OMG! We are so in love! Meet Auggie and Calliope

These two are so sweet and such good kittens. I can’t get enough of their faces. The reason we fell in love with them is because they were just a little different and in our house we like different. Auggie (orange tabby) and Calliope (calico) are sibling and were found outside in the freezing cold weather in NY. It appears they might have been indoor cats but where put outside. They have a chromosomal abnormality, which is why his face more than hers looks a little different, but nothing that will impact their health. At the moment, Auggie has a shaved face since he had surgery on his eye for an entropion (eyelid was curled in) our Buttons also had that when she was a kitten. He is almost all healed up and only needs a few more meds and the collar can come off next Friday. They are both a little shy and still unsure of us but we have patience and know it will take some time.  We are so happy to be their forever home. 

They also have quite the fan club on instagram, so feel free to follow them if you have IG.

So as you can guess our week has been super busy getting prepared for their arrival but now that they are home our house feels complete again. I do still miss Buttons terribly, it’s been very hard. I was so worried that getting two kittens so soon wouldn’t be a good idea but honestly we are so in love with them. Dexter seems better to have them in the house. I know we will miss her forever <3

Seriously is it spring yet? I can’t take the yoyo weather. It snowed, like it was 61 on Friday and Saturday night it snowed and it’s suppose to be 73 on Wednesday only to drop back down to 48 on Thursday. I’m starting to wonder if this weather will ever be normal?

The blog was VERY quiet this week and we didn’t mean it. Berls hasn’t been feeling well and super busy, I have been busy with design work and preparing for Kittens. I spent the weekend trying to catch up on blogging stuff and getting some design work finished. My goal is to be super productive today plus I have Monday off so I plan to also be super productive as long as the kittens allow me.

Last Week on the Blog:

What you might see this week:

  • We will find out together.

Bookish News:

I am currently 11 books behind…yes 11. Do you know how many I have read? 2…I have read 2 books this year and not because I am slumping but because I have no time. Like every day is filled with something and I just can’t seem to squeeze in time. My daughter and I were reading at night but even that has been put aside because I don’t have time. It sucks…I am hoping if I can get ahead with the blogging, design stuff in the next day or so. I can finally have time to read. Fingers crossed.

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What I grabbed

NOTHING! because I am not reading anything, I have banned myself from grabbing anything.


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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31 responses to “KITTENS!!!! ~ WIR & SP

  1. I can’t imagine a cat in a collar. I’ve seen dogs with them but I think with a cat there would be a whole new level of irritation! They’re adorable and I hope they’re doing well. I know that adjustment period can be rough but hopefully they’re adapting. We have an orange tabby and he’s just such a goof. Have a great week and hope Berls feels better.

    • He’s being very good but a totally different cat when it’s off. He is so sweet. They seem to be adjusting nicely but still run if we go too quickly. They also might be tired of me kissing them all the time. 🙂 They are both pretty goofy but orange tabby’s are super cute.

      Michelle recently posted: KITTENS!!!! ~ WIR & SP
  2. Must but Fallen Empire….I’ve been wanting it since I saw it here. I can certainly understand why you are in love with those kitties and why they have their own fan page.. They are sooooo darn adorable – especially that Auggie! I’m a dog person but I’d have to take him home if I found him.

    You’ll catch up on your reading soon and yes, the weather has been quite nuts!

    Barb (boxermommyreads) recently posted: February Blog All About It - Red
    • It’s soooo good. I am loving this story and hoping to finish soon so I can grab the next one when it comes out, I think in a few days.
      They are cute. It’s makes it hard to tell them no when they are being naughty.

      Michelle recently posted: KITTENS!!!! ~ WIR & SP
  3. Oh, I love the kitties! And their names!!! I’m sure there is so much excitement in your house right now. I have fallen behind on my blog, too. I think it’s the time of year? People are getting into other projects and spread thin. I am also working today and tomorrow fervently to stockpile my posts again and at least get me in the clear through most of March so I can do another round during spring break. I’ve already finished one set of posts, so I’m commenting and then I’ll be on to another this evening.

    Charlie recently posted: Sunday Post ~ Freaky February
    • My husband isn’t either but he can’t get enough of them. Sometimes it just takes a certain cat to become a cat person. lol These two are for sure super sweet and adorable. I just love them.

      Michelle recently posted: KITTENS!!!! ~ WIR & SP
  4. Aww they’re cute! Congrats!!! Looks like you’re in for some fun times with those two. 🙂

    I hate the weather. I’m moving to Hawaii or somewhere where it’s warm and sunny every day. Yeah I bitch about the heat in the summer lol but I hate this. Ha ha have a nice week!!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #233
  5. I’ve seen your new kitten pics on Instagram. They are so adorable! I’m glad to hear that Auggie is healing well from the surgery. They won’t fill the void of Buttons but they will warm your heart with their love. Just remember that. ☺ I am so with you about Spring. I’m ready for it. Have a great week.

    Jenea's Book Obsession recently posted: Sunday Post #31:
    • They have some fans of instagram it seems, the foster mom had them on her page and they got a good following. I am so glad to share those faces.
      He is doing so good and I can’t wait for the collar to be off. I think he will feel more comfortable. Today is the best day with them as they don’t seem as scared. I also agree, it wont fill it but it’s been good to be able to love something else as much as we loved her.

      SPRING PLEASE!!!! Lol!

      Michelle recently posted: KITTENS!!!! ~ WIR & SP
    • Thank you! The little girl is loving the kids and playing with them. Once the little mans collar is off I think he will be better.
      I have never read 2 books but I do still have plenty of time and I am hoping things will slow down so I can enjoy some reading again.

      Michelle recently posted: KITTENS!!!! ~ WIR & SP
  6. I am so happy for you that your new kittens have arrived. They look so adorable and I am sure they have found a wonderful home with you. I know how hard it is to loose a pet, but it does help if you have other pets to fill a bit of that space. I hope they get used to their new house soon and that Auggie’s collar can come off soon. I love seeing all the pictures of them!

    I am also ready for spring, it’s annoying how some days are suddenly very cold and then warmer again and now we had weeks of pretty cold weather again. That is great you’ve been busy, although it’s sad it means less time for your blog. It does sound like you have a bunch of design work to keep you busy. I am so excited you’re starting on my new blog design now 🙂

    I hope you can find some time to read! Have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #270
    • We are hoping his collar will be off on Friday, they have an appointment with our vet to make sure. He is so much more curious without it.
      The weather definitely has issues!!!
      I am sorry it took so long to get to your header. I finally am finished with other outstanding job so I can work on yours and more pre-made covers.

      Michelle recently posted: KITTENS!!!! ~ WIR & SP