Five on Friday ~ Easter Memories

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I loved easter as a kid, I have so many awesome memories of it then and now. I am going to give you 5 of my awesome Easter Memories.

  1. I remember Easter at our house and wearing those cute dresses and taking pictures outside in the front of the house. After searching for Easter Eggs in the yard. Our baskets were always inside behind the chairs in the living room. I always would check each day before Easter to see if he would come early.
  2. One Easter the “Easter Bunny” left us a note that was a riddle. We had to figure out the riddle to find our gifts (my sister and I) I remember mine was about water running and found my gift in the shower. It was a premie cabbage patch doll. I was so excited! Lillian Louella, she went with my Cabbage Patch from Christmas, Emily Sue.
  3. The block I lived on as a kid had a lot of Italian families, I will never forget the one year a goat truck came to the house next to ours. Us kids thought the goats were so cute. We had no idea they were going to be Easter dinner. My mom quickly made us stay inside the rest of the day to avoid us hear anything that might have scarred us for life, too late, just seeing the truck and now knowing, I am totally scarred!
  4. I was an adult at the mall with my sister. We thought for my mom we would sit on the Easter Bunnies lap for a picture, it would be cute to give her. The Easter Bunny rubbed my butt, it took me a minute to realize what he was doing and I jumped up and quickly walked away. The FRIGGIN EASTER BUNNY TOUCHED MY BUTT!!!
  5. Hiding eggs for the kids is so much fun on year we lost two and it took us 6 months to find them. Thankfully the “Easter Bunny” leaves coins and not candy because ewwwwww…..!!!!!

One more thing, last year I was hiding eggs and my son woke up, he was talking in his sleep but I didn’t realize that he said to me “What are you doing?” I said “Nothing, go back to sleep” he said “What is in your hand?” I put the egg in my pocket and showed him my hands “Nothing” I said, He goes “Ok” and falls back to sleep. I was freaking out only to realize the next morning he didn’t remember doing that. Need to be careful this year since he doesn’t talk in his sleep anymore….well sort of. 🙂

Do you have any Easter Memories?

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!


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8 responses to “Five on Friday ~ Easter Memories

  1. I remember the dresses and the hunts (my brothers in their underwear!). Really, Easter was more about going to church than anything else. We always got a chocolate bunny. Happy reading and have a fantastic Easter!

    • I can still picture the truck with all the cute little goats. It was awful! For days after we thought the kids got goats as pets but they kept them inside. The most I eat from a goat is goat cheese.
      I love baby goats in Pjs. I also want a goat (not for eating) they are just adorable! My husband said no, he’s really no fun! Lol