I am in for as long as I can. 24 Hour #readathon

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It’s that time again…Are you reading to read?

You still have time to sign up if you are interested.
Otherwise feel free to cheer me @Limabean74 on Twitter

This year hasn’t been a very good reading year for me. I have tried so hard to do all the things I love but my anxiety has prevented me from doing so much. That stupid voice in my head that keeps stopping me from doing all the stuff I enjoy doing. I sent the little voice on vacation because I am determined to read on Saturday.  I will have an update or two during the event but I really want to read so I might not be on as often as usual. You can always follow on Twitter because sometimes I like to do sprints.

My daughter has a game in the am that I need to take her to but once that is over I am reading all day. I am trying to decided if I want to dive into a long read or read a few books. Below I listed a few options of books I want to read. I might even read one big one and then if I get tired of read it I will switch to something else.

My TBR List for the Read-a-thon

Aurora Rising was my TBR Winner, the way the week has gone I have a feeling I wont be done with it but I plan to make that my first read and will have the full review up as soon as I am finished, unless I am able to finish it in the next two day (which I doubt)

Are you joining the readathon?

What are you planning to read?

Have a great day and Happy Reading! xx

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6 responses to “I am in for as long as I can. 24 Hour #readathon

    • I’m not reading at all, my day didn’t go as planned. I might read a little later but otherwise it’s a no for me today 🙁 I might do the first 24 in 48 next year. I might be able to do better since it’s not all in one day and I can break up the days

  1. Good luck! I thought about doing this, but I feel like I would be hopelessly unfocused. My life is pretty consumed with caring for Dante these days. And then, when he’s asleep I need to either be taking care of things that need to be done or sleeping. So you’ll have to read for both of us!! Though I will be reading SOME during the day. Happy reading 🙂

  2. Well you have a great selection of reads, ready to go. We have dog training on Saturday morning a double header – the usual + the makeup session from when we were in Iowa. So I may need to nap when I get home, depends on how today and tomorrow go. I’ve always wanted to do this but I want the whole time open so I can just read. With moving this year, I’m listening to more audios and reading somewhat less. Good luck!

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