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This feature is for short reviews, reviews of books in a series where it might feel repetitive, or (as Michelle suggested) books I was too lazy to write a “real” review for. Today’s books are all part of the Ice Planet Barbarians Series. I’ve found that these are great books to read in-between others or in the back drop when I’m buddy reading and need some audiobook filler. It means I kinda fell behind on the reviews though! So let’s catch up!

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

🎧  Just a Few Ice Planet BarbariansBarbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon
Narrator: Hollie Jackson, Mason Lloyd
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #2
Published by Tantor Audio on March 20, 2018
Genres: Romance, Erotica, Science Fiction
Length: 6 hours 27 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

Twelve humans are left stranded on a wintry alien planet. I’m one of them. Yay, me.
In order to survive, we have to take on a symbiont that wants to rewire our bodies to live in this brutal place. I like to call it a cootie. And my cootie’s a jerk, because it also thinks I’m the mate to the biggest, surliest alien of the group.
BARBARIAN ALIEN is a sequel to ICE PLANET BARBARIANS. You do not have to read both in order to understand the plot, but the story will be richer if you do!

This series – and most Ruby Dixon honestly – is such a guilty pleasure for me. Look, she makes blue aliens with horns and tails sexy! This one was particularly fun for me because I just loved both the MCs!

Liz is in a bad mood at the start of this book. I mean she’s been abducted by aliens, her escape involved crash landing with a bunch of other scared women on a frozen planet, and now her alien rescuers are telling them that they will die if they don’t take on a parasite – which Liz calls a Cootie. Can you blame her? Not exactly what you’d call your best day. And, of course, her cootie wants her to mate with one of the aliens – one who looks like he’s been through some battles and seems kinda grumpy himself.

Despite her understandable bad mood, Liz is really a loveable character who is smart and manages to see beyond the rash behavior and the visible scarring on Raahosh. And yeah he’s a little grumpy himself — going so far as to kidnap her! — but he has good reason for being the way he is. I loved watching them both get over their situation and their issues to become a fierce couple together. Watching Liz stand up for Raahosh was really fantastic — she wields her grumpy against their opposition with skill LOL!

And the reason this is my guilty pleasure… the sex, of course! I never dreamed I’d blush reading aliens but there you have it. I’d ALMOST trade places with Liz for a Raahosh of my own. There are spurs and ridges you never dreamed you’d wish your partner had 😉

The narration is really great. Hollie Jackson and Mason Lloyd do a fantastic job bringing their characters to life. I’m enjoying listening to this series and look forward to continuing.

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

🎧  Just a Few Ice Planet BarbariansBarbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon
Narrator: Hollie Jackson, Mason Lloyd
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #3
Published by Tantor Audio on April 10, 2018
Genres: Romance, Erotica, Science Fiction
Length: 5 hours 47 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

As one of the few humans stranded on the ice planet, I should be happy that I have a new home. Human women are treasured here, and one alien in particular has made it clear that he wants me. It's hard to push away the sexy, flirtatious Aehako, when all I want to do is grab him by his horns and insist he take me to his furs.
But I've got a terrible secret - the aliens who abducted me are back, and thanks to the translator in my ear, they can find me. My presence here endangers everyone... but can I give up my new life and the man I want more than anything?

I think this is my favorite in the series so far. For a guilty pleasure book, it had an unexpected deepness that I really enjoyed.

I think my favorite thing about this book – above the others – is that Kira and Aehako are attracted without resonating (when their “cooties” chose each other as a mate). Both the previous couples, while they definitely were attracted and grew to love each other, were essentially mated by their cootie/parasite saying they are a good baby-making match. But Kira knows from an illness she had a child that she is unable to have kids, which means she will never be mated by her cootie.

I love that they chose each other, but I also enjoyed the secondary tension that Kira felt about falling for Aehako when he could eventually resonate for someone else. It made their coupling feel more vulnerable and, as someone who’s had fertility struggles, made me really relate to her on a different level.

And on top of that, Kira has a translator embedded in her skull from the original alien captors that lets her hear everything, including that their captors may be coming back to try and retrieve them. That added an element of unexpected action and fear that I really enjoyed.

I’m loving the narration by Hollie Jackson and Mason Lloyd. Their styles compliment each other well and I feel the distinct difference between the human women and their alien lovers! I listen at 2x speed and enjoy it.

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

🎧  Just a Few Ice Planet BarbariansBarbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon
Narrator: Hollie Jackson, Mason Lloyd
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #4
Published by Tantor Audio on April 24, 2018
Genres: Romance, Erotica, Science Fiction
Length: 5 hours 36 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

The ice planet has given me a second lease on life, so I'm thrilled to be here. Sure, there's no cheeseburgers, but I'm healthy and ready to be a productive member of the small tribe.
What I didn't anticipate? That there'd be a savage stranger waiting nearby, watching me. And when he takes me captive, the unthinkable happens... I resonate to him.
Resonance means mating, and children... but I don't know if this guy's ever been around anyone before. He's truly a barbarian in all ways, right down to clubbing me over the head and claiming me as his own.
So why is it that I crave his touch and hunger for more?

This one had a very Tarzan meets Jane feel to it! It amazes me how Ruby Dixon manages to keep these stories somewhat unique even though there essential the same idea… human and alien end up coupling. Sometimes their “cooties” bond first, sometimes the couple does but essentially it’s the same. Even this one repeats a “kidnapping” and language barrier, but it manages to be different in it’s own way. And I am not at all bored…

So Rukh is a very Tarzan like character. This threw me for a minute — I wasn’t sure what was going on. Were we meeting a new alien species on this planet? Nope! Rukh has been on his own (a sad story that makes you love him and feel for him) and as a result he’s both very capable and has this youthful innocence. He doesn’t have any language, but he knows that Harlow is “his” and he wants to learn to care for her somehow. Starting off by clubbing her over the head and kidnapping her wasn’t the best start but…

But Harlow is his mate for a reason. She never seems to be angry about his kidnapping her. She seems to clue in very quickly about his “Tarzan-ness” (my term, not hers) and she is very much his Jane. I think that Harlow has an amazing attitude about their situation, no doubt in huge part because she’d been handed a crappy hand back on earth so this is working out for her okay. I really enjoyed watching her and Rukh connect and they were such an easy couple to cheer for. I loved them both!

Once again, the narration with Hollie Jackson and Mason Lloyd really works for this couple – they bring out the characters and I lose myself on this ice planet no problem. Even at 2x speed it’s a fun easy listen! Looking forward to more!

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

🎧  Just a Few Ice Planet BarbariansIce Planet Honeymoon by Ruby Dixon
Narrator: Hollie Jackson, Mason Lloyd
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #1.5, , ,
Published by Tantor Audio on December 31, 2021
Genres: Romance, Erotica, Science Fiction
Length: 6 hours 2 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

A compilation of four Happy Ever After novellas, from the popular, bestselling series, Ice Planet Barbarians.
Book 1.5 Ice Planet Honeymoon: Vektal & Georgie
What happens after happily ever after? Quite a bit, actually. Georgie and Vektal are mated, but Georgie has a few things on her mind before she settles into her new life...why not have a honeymoon?
Book 2.5 Ice Planet Honeymoon: Raahosh & Liz
Newly-mated (and grudge-holding) Liz wants nothing more than to be away from the tribe that’s exiled her man. Raahosh wants to prove to Liz that he can be a good mate, even if he’s ugly. On a honeymoon, they can get to know each other better. Perfect, right?
Book 3.5 Ice Planet Honeymoon: Aehako & Kira
Kira and Aehako are happily mated and waiting for their baby’s arrival. Everything is great...or is it? Because carefree Aehako has turned into the most hovering of spouses, and he’s making everyone at the cave crazy. Kira thinks it’s time for a vacation...of sorts.
Book 4.5 Ice Planet Honeymoon: Rukh & Harlow
Rukh and Harlow are starting over at the beach, away from everyone else. Newly mated, they’re just now realizing what a monumental task it is to create a home when you’ve got nothing but the leathers on your back. It’s even worse when you can’t talk to your mate. Will misunderstandings ruin everything? ---
Note: These stories are extended epilogues for readers who want a little more of their favorite couples.

Ok first off, Ruby Dixon continues to SLAY in the alien romance category. BUT I’m a dumb butt and read all of these after book 1, not realizing that they were 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5. So, I think I’m going to review just 1.5 and then go back reread the others when they were supposed to be read (which I did)!

1.5 – Vektal & Georgie – 4 stars
It was great to see more of Vektal and Georgie. Definitely just a quick story, picking up quickly after the end of the first book. I really like the way, even with such a short story, Ruby Dixon manages to give a good balance of romance, sizzle, and character/plot development. We get to see a bit of how Georgie is dealing with her unofficial (but very real) role as leader of the humans, as well as the way those she couldn’t save weighs on her. I enjoyed that development, along with the continued sparks between her and Vektal. Definitely ready to read more!

2.5 – Raahosh & Liz – 4 stars
I’m really glad I decided to reread this after having read their story. Not only did it make a lot more sense but I also now love both characters. Raahosh is an interesting character because of his upbringing and resulting innocence. And Liz is very strong willed and speaks her mind without any shyness. They are a fun pair and I enjoyed this little “honeymoon.”

3.5 – Aehako & Kira – 4.5 stars
Yet another one that I did not grasp at all until my reread after first reading Aehako & Kira’s story. Aehako’s fear about Kira’s pregnancy, the separation from the healer, and the worry about dreams made so much more sense, even if it was still comical. I think this pairing is my favorite so far, so I enjoyed their story even more than the others. Can’t help but cheer on their love and her unexpected pregnancy !

4.5 – Rukh & Harlow – 4 stars
Well yeah I had been so incredibly lost by my first reading of this. Second pass with all the details of Rukh & Harlow’s relationship greatly improved it! That said, this was the furthest thing from a honeymoon! It was hard work and learning to understand each other. I enjoyed reading this story though, as it fills in some of the holes that were missing from when they start to settle in and then time skips forward to 1 year later in their book. I liked seeing the decisions and the effort involved in getting setup in their cave, not to mention the miscommunications. Rukh is so loveable for his innocence and how hard he’s trying. And Harlow is incredibly patient. Not a honeymoon, but fun!

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