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News at Home: Summer, hold your horses!

OMG y’all! How is it already July!? I swear, time does not go this fast during the school year. I would like very much for summer to slow down for me please.

I had a pretty low-key week. On Monday I dropped my car off at the shop – it needs some bodywork – and so far, it’s looking like I won’t get it back until July 9th. Which means I’ve been pretty much trapped at home. I don’t have rental car in my insurance – costs more – and while I do have access to my husband’s car, it’s a high mileage car that we don’t like to drive too much. So I’ve been acting as if I just don’t have a car.

For working out, that’s meant no gym, which is different for me. So I headed out on bike… for the first time since I was 12 or 13 years old! That was an adventure, as I started out pretty wobbly. But I got the hang of it and took a bike ride every day Tuesday – Friday. I’ve been using those Ojo bikes that are all over the place (in Dallas, at least) and just $1/hr. Only they have a promotional 3 first rides free and then a free week. So I haven’t paid anything yet 🙂 And it’s a really good workout – I’ve done between 45 minutes and a little over an hour, at noon, so the sweat has been hardcore.

Big update – on Monday I called the plastic surgeon’s office to secure a date for skin removal. I asked her to double check his schedule to see if he had anything before I had to go back to school, because then I’d have to wait until December. Turns out, she was able to finagle some things and I’m going to be having surgery July 25th. I’m kinda freaking out – because of the cost mainly, but also it’s not a small surgery. And just justifying to myself over and over that this is not a vanity move, that I’ve worked too hard to not get rid of the skin. It meant having to change up my plans a bit – I’m not going to Book Bonanza anymore 🙁 For two reasons. One, I had to reschedule a training that I was supposed to go to August 1st (while I’ll be recovering) to July 20th (during Book Bonanza) and two, I can’t justify spending money on a hotel or air travel when I’m already spending so much on this surgery. It’s a bummer, but you can have your cake and eat it too, right?

Also big update – we got an email from our principal this week that the district decided to move her to a different school. I’m guessing they decided we didn’t do well enough on the STAAR test and so, of course, in the dumb-assery they have decided that creating the instability and general stress of a new principal is the way to fix that. GRRR! Why or why can’t the people running schools have a clue about actually working in them and teaching?! I loved my principal and felt very secure with her at the helm. Now, who knows. If rumors of who is taking over turn out to be true, it’s a real asshat, who would be taking a pretty big demotion to be principal. He has, on more than one occasion, made inappropriate jokes at staff meetings about female anatomy and menstrual cycles. I didn’t report him then, because I didn’t have to deal with him regularly, but believe me, if he’s my principal and thinks that shit will fly, he’s got another thing coming. Makes me wish I’d reported him. sigh For about an hour I considered looking for a new job, but it’s too late in the summer to take on that kind of challenge. And I could easily end up in a worse situation. So I’m sticking, but I’m so not happy. Fingers crossed the rumors are wrong and he is not going to be our principal.

In an effort to make some more money, I’ve started doing transcribing and captioning from home. The money isn’t great, but it’s convenient and it’s a way to get some more cash, since I’m about to be VERY much in-debt.

And that’s about it here. Just hoping to get some relaxation in before this brutal school year starts!

Blog News

So for COYER we finished up the first week of The Twist yesterday – I was doing the Twist, audiobooks only. I did really well for me – I read two audiobooks, and am almost done with my third. This week I’m going to do the List… and here’s my list. It’s the same one I started with, minus the books I have already read and a few in their place from my BINGO Board.

  1. Dark in Death by JD Robb
  2. A School for Unusual Girls
  3. Rock Hard
  4. Fire Touched
  5. The Great Shelby Holmes
  6. Wait for You
  7. And One Last Thing
  8. Reap The Wind
  9. Tall Dark and Dead
  10. Be With Me
  11. The Fiery Cross
  12. The Season
  13. Troublemaker by Linda Howard
  14. Wanted and Wired by Vivien Jackson
  15. The Marriage Bargain

So we’ll see how I do. I have not done well with blogging overall this week – despite the time at home. I’ve been using that time for my transcription and captioning work, trying to make extra money. I’ll try to prioritize some more time this week though.

#FitReaders Update

I feel like this was a good week fitness wise – I lost a couple pounds, ate right, and found ways to work out despite not going to the gym. I realize that working out at home SHOULD be easy, but for me, it’s where I get lazy. I go to the gym because it keeps me motivated. I’m going to try to do some more indoor workouts next week though, because my sun allergy is getting in the way. I’m starting to have some rashes on my arms, despite wearing UV Sleeves and 100 proof sunscreen!

Obviously my big thing right now is just getting myself in the right place for my surgery at the end of the month. I really want to go in there with the areas he’s working on in the best shape possible – he already said he doesn’t see much fat (if any!) in those areas, so I should be good. But I just am anxious that nothing about the surgery be a waste. I’m getting my skin on my arms removed, a big portion of the skin on my legs (he said there’s so much it’ll take two surgeries!) and then a breast lift (I’ve gone down several cup sizes and basically have two very limp tube socks right now lol!). My thighs are the area I’m focusing on the most. But there’s a very real chance that I could come out of surgery hovering around my goal weight!!! I really want to be there by my 1 year surgery date, which is August 9th. Fingers crossed!

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8 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | Summer, hold your horses!

  1. Jen

    WOW! So much going on! I am excited/nervous about the surgery. I’ll be sending my support and healing vibes your way. Sucks about the principal – I know you’ve struggled to find the best in your school. I hope they find a good replacement. xo

  2. Fingers crossed on the surgery and the principal situation! How frustrating about the car but I love how you’re handling it. I haven’t ridden a bike in years and I think I’d be terrified to try it. My coordination is not so good!

    • Thank you Katherine. I was seriously scared to try, but it was great. So far this week I haven’t ridden because it’s just been too hot outside. Maybe I’ll go early tomorrow and beat the heat. Hope you’re having a great week!

  3. Exciting that the surgery was able to be moved up! It’ll so be worth having to cancel the trip, I’m sure. Fingers crossed that the rumors are just that… maybe you’ll get someone good. But if not, I’d report the jerk the first time and every time. No one should have to be subjected to that kind of talk. Ugh.

    • Thank you Tanya! And yes, I will most definitely be reporting him every time he even pushes the line. I will not be subjected to that. Hopefully the rumors are not true 🤞🤞🤞.
      Have a great week!

  4. Oh I hope you don’t get that asshat for a principal! That would be awful. But, congrats on getting the surgery sooner. Hopefully you can enjoy July!

    • I’m enjoying it so far, thanks!! Fingers crossed its a rumor and nothing more! Hope you are having a great week!