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This weeks Topic:Β Most prized possession (Freebie)

Since it’s Christmas I thought I would share with you my PRIZE Possession, these are not to be touched by ANYONE but me. I am obsessed and get a new one every year. I have 29 Nutcrackers so far and I put them out every Christmas. I LOVE my Nutcrackers and am still on the hunt this year for the perfect on. However I might have found it by the time this posts. So let me show you my precious collection.

Don't tell the others but this one is my favorite. It's S'mores and has little chocolate kisses on his shoes!
Don’t tell the others but this one is my favorite. It’s S’mores and has little chocolate kisses on his shoes!
On the right side of the Tall one in the middle the two with the black hats are the first Nutcrackers I ever got. It’s when my obsession began. (not sure what year)
This is the other set, I love the big guy in the back and the little guys are just so cute.
This is the other set, I love the big guy in the back and the little guys are just so cute.

I am always looking for new ones and ones that are unique. My kids always ask if they can have them when they get married and I told them as long as I am alive no one can have them πŸ™‚ Maybe they can have one….MAYBE!!!

And that’s pretty much the only things in my house that would cause me to harm someone if broken πŸ™‚

Do you have a prize possession and would break someones finger if they touched it?

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15 responses to “Life of Blogger ~ Most Prized Possession (Freebie)

  1. WOW! I have never met anyone who owns a nutcracker. I see them in stores during the winter season and I’ve always thought they were a bit pointless (are they just statues for decoration? are they for cracking nuts?) There are TONS of nutcrackers left on the shelves after Christmas because not many people buy them. πŸ™ You have some really unique, creative ones in your collection! The S’mores nutcracker is the absolute CUTEST! πŸ™‚

  2. That’s awesome! I have a very similar collection and it’s always so exciting to get out my Christmas decorations because I get to rediscover them. I look for interesting ones all year long. I love your S’mores guy!

    Katherine recently posted: If the Shoe Kills - Review
    • They are so awesome, my husband thinks they are creepy but I think he is creepy so I win and they come out and I make sure they are close to him so he is creeped out πŸ™‚

      S’mores guy was a good find, I found a new one but I have to get to the store to get him. He is so nice. Will post a picture on my sunday post when I pick him up, hopefully next weekend.

  3. I have been I thought all nutcrackers pretty much looked the same but never say that smores one My mom collected reindeers before she died so I keep that up by grabbing a new reindeer each year.

    Besides my books I don’t have anything else that is considered my prized possession.

    You should just tell your kids you will buy them their first nutcracker for the first Christmas they are married so they can start their own…hehe..then you don’t have to give any of yours up. πŸ™‚

    • Not they can all be different, my son has a pirate nutcracker but he stays out all year, these only come out for Christmas because my family make me put them away πŸ™‚

      Reindeer are cute and that is awesome that you still grab a new one. Keeps the tradition going and it’s a great memory.

      I thought of that, I know my son would keep up not sure if his wife would be happy but I have a while before that happens anyway. lol

  4. I love the Smores one. I actually have a mini desk tree with mini smores “snowmen” ornaments on it sitting next to my computer. I must find that smores nutcracker.

  5. Wow I never knew there were so many different nutcrackers! The one with the s’mores looks so cute. Do you actually use them to crack nuts? It’s so fun to see you have a whole collection of them.

    Hmm I am pretty protective and carefull about my stuff, but not sure what I would call my prized possessions. I am really posessive about my books and let no one else touch them. Then there’s a wooden handmade mask of Olidammara (A deity from the D&D roleplaying universe as homeage to a cleric of Olidammara character I once played), it’s custom made and my boyfriend once bought it for me from etsy.
    I also have a custom made Cashmere jacket from China, which is really warm and pretty! And as it’s custom made it fits perfectly. It’s also from etsy, bought when I still had money to spare, I only wear it very sporadicaly though.