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My first blog tour (I’m so excited)

  and I am proud to present to you…..

Personal Growth

by Chelsea Falin
Willie, despite a rough start, has become immersed in the culture she should have been born into. As she grows in her own knowledge of her ancestral roots, she also grows in who she is as a person. All things are now within her reach, and all she must do is put forth a little effort. With all of this in mind, Willie has decided to dedicate herself towards her own ‘Personal Growth.’
“Our heritage might be bloody, but that’s no reason not to be proud!”-Spike
‘Personal Growth’ is the second installment in the popular ‘Growing Roots’ series by Chelsea Falin, which follows a young Native American teenager as she tries to find herself amidst a whirlwind of change. ‘Personal Growth’ will premiere
on Create-space, Amazon, Nook, Kindle, and Kobo on March 21st, 2013.
The first book, ‘LessThan Humble Beginnings’
 is available at all major online retailers.
For the entire first week that ‘Personal Growth’
is officially on the market
(March 21st-March 28th) 
it will only be 99 cents!!! Make sure you grab your own copy while it’s at this promotional price and save yourself some cash!
(Regular price is only $1.99, 
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Sneak Peek from ‘Personal Growth’ (pages 22-23)

“Aunt Janie?” I asked, finding her at the kitchen table. She was looking over some papers, which I assumed by the calculator were finances. “Are you busy?”

Aunt Janie looked up. “No, no. I could use a break from this anyways. What is it, sweetie?”

“I was just thinking about a lot of things today.” I wasn’t really sure how to broach the subject of heritage or my father with her.

“Like what?”

“Well, for starters… if you’re three quarters Choctaw, was momma that much to?” Aunt Janie nodded her head to say that it did. “So what does that make me?”

“Three-eighths, I think, from our side.” Aunt Janie answered.

Nodding my head to show I understood, I said “Well… I was wondering something else.” I paused momentarily, pondering how best to ask this question. I finally decided the best way to do it was to just be out with it. “Do you know who my father was?”

Aunt Janie’s face took on a slightly pained expression as though my words caused her a small physical blow. “Your mom never told you who your father was?” I shook my head to answer no but remained silent. “Well, yes, I know who your father is.”

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My Review:
I had the honor of being able to read this book, after reading the first I couldn’t wait to find out what happens to Willie and her group of friends. In this book the story continues, this time Willie and her friends are going through some life changes and learning that everything at some point must change. After spending most of her time with boys Willie finds a friends at school Deanna and the two become best friends, Deanna starts to show Willie how to be a “Girl” 🙂 Willie also goes through some changes in this book. she realized she wants to learn more about her culture by learning the language and also gets information about her father. (I don’t want to give anything away so I wont say anymore about it) This book is as heartwarming and passionate as the first, filled with the culture and love of the Native American people. It was like sitting down listening to a friend tell you a story it still had a “real” feel to it. I loved this book as much as I loved the first one.

Would I recommend it
Of course I would….This book is a Novella filled with the same passion as the first!!! Give them both a read you wont be disappointed!!!!

About the Author:
Chelsea Falin is the 22 year old independent author of over ten titles. She began writing her first novel, ‘A Severing of Ties’ at age 16, and first published at 19. Her books can be found at all major online retailers, as well as a few independent bookstores around the US. Chelsea has also been  a professional freelance writer for over four years.

In her personal life, Chelsea is a wife, and a mother of one. She was born in a small west-central town in Florida called Dade City, but currently resides in South Jersey. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, sports, fishing, traveling, and camping

For the entire first week that ‘Personal Growth’ 
is officially on the market 
(March 21st-March 28th)
 it’s available for .99¢
So what are you waiting for go get yourself a copy
 Don’t forget to Pre-order  Personal Growth at Kobo Books
Thank you for stopping by for today’s Blog Tour
and Thank You to Chelsea Falin for letting me host it!!!!
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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me on my first blog tour Michelle! Also, for the lovely reviews!! You've been so helpful, and I'd love to work with you again!